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Resurgence, He Moves [Plains -> Kou]

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1 Resurgence, He Moves [Plains -> Kou] on 13/08/17, 09:59 pm


It would feel empty, knowing that he would be leaving his people again after all this time. He remembered the first time he had set off; it was years ago when the winds were warmer, and fate was kinder. Of course, he had no reason to believe so at the time. Years and years has passed when he was but an Uncrowned Prince of the Sangju people. His time there wasn't wholly unpleasant, but the reality of nomad life left the young boy dreaming of the great expanses of the world.  So many wondrous things, did the world provide. As a nomad, the young noble was able to see and experience so much of it. Yet, during his stay with the tribe, he experienced only but a taste, the surface, of everything that enveloped the existence of life.

He remembered, yet again, the first time he had departed. His father had been...adamant against his initial intentions. After all, an Uncrowned Prince's absence from a faction would surely upscale the balance of power and influence between the three groups;  Sangju, Jeonju, and Myeongju. The again...his father had no choice. Yushin was exiled, for crimes against the Myeongju. He brought shame and disgrace to the Sangju. Their "Yushin" was now simply a degenerate. It was a miracle at all that he was able to find solace under the tent of a well known friend, who shielded his presence from the others...even his own father, Muyeol.

The truth of the matter was that Yushin was in great need of information...or so he told himself. Although he would never admit it out loud, the white haired warrior was homesick. Furthermore, his time away from his people left him with little to no notice regarding the conditions of the state. His only knowledge would extend to the whispers of the travelling whereabouts of the 'forgotten people' but beyond this...his cupboard was dry and barren. It was good to know that he had inside sources, now established in his risky visit back to the nomads.

The ruffling of sturdy fabric sounded quietly as the hooded figure emerged gently from within the outermost tent. His host had been quite determined to place the tent in specific areas away from the prying eyes of snitches.  With his left hand, the exile fully extended the textile opening of the tent to full exposure and swiftly danced around the circumference of the station. With his eyes, shifting ever so analytically in rhythm, Yushin proceeded to back away slowly toward the borders of the encampment. The day was too early for many of the common folk to be up and about, but the constant presence of the border guards was always  a fact to be worried about. Thankfully, the guard rotations appeared to remain consistent with Yushin's memories of the past, and with a nod of prayer in thanks of his good fortunate, he slipped away past the guards into the open expanse of the world.

The nomadic tribe had been travelling as far from the Great Plains near Magnostadt to the outskirts of the Kou Empire, during the midst of great conflict no less. For the most part, he had trailed behind the nomads with his host in secret for the entirety of the journey. He had swiped a pair of purple garments and matching "hanbok" when he has initially arrived, and by feinting illness, Yushin was more or less cleared of all aroused suspicion . Certainly, the fact that he knew the mannerisims of his own people had helped in great effort to accomplish this feat. If he were unfamiliar with the customs and traditions of the Sangju, Yushin would have no doubt been apprehended as a spy.

Once again, he couldn't help but feel a pit within his own stomach as he faced his back against his own people for a second time. Confusingly, he noticed, that the second time around was slightly easier to handle than the first. By all means, this was explainable. Yushin had been banished in his first go, with little to no direction as to where he was headed to. He merely let fate guide him along his paths. This time around, his conviction was strong...he knew exactly where he was going. He was staring at it...Kou...where his ambitions would begin to pick up steam.



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