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While I'm still going to be here... I really should take a break.

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On top of this site being a bit stressful to run, a lot of problems in my life have been popping up and I have a bad feeling that it's just going to keep getting worse. So, I need to focus on getting myself over this obstacle in my life the best I can. I can only hope for a good outcome in the end but I don't know when the end will be exactly.

As for the current reason why I'm doing this: Many of you know that my mom has been sick on and off for the past month or so. She woke up yesterday with really bad pains in her body and bared with them the whole day. Early this morning, we decided to call an ambulance and she went to the hospital. If something happens to her, whether she has to stay for a long time or if the worst care scenario happens and she dies-- I will have to do a lot of... moving because even if I worked, I can not support myself in this apartment.

From what my cousin, the person they've been informing for some odd reason, told me: She has a hole in her stomach which requires surgery to repair. Apparently, when they took her blood, it was a complete mess (whatever that is supposed to mean). She's being transferred to a hospital which I'm pretty sure was the one that neglected her in the past and caused her to get a really bad bed sore. My unsympathetic log of a cousin just HAD to give me the worst feeling of anxiety known to man by telling me that she is the one who gets to choose if my mom dies or not if she ever goes on life support. On top of that, pretty much just told me that my mom might die. So... yeah.

I tell people that I'm taking a break a lot but I actually don't really take much of a break. Which will most likely be the case but maybe posting this will give me some sort of release to let go for a while. Please, whether if you care about my health or not, just be sympathetic. If I owe you a post and I don't get it out right away, I'm sorry.

I will try to get out posts when I'm feeling up to it. However, I will prioritize proxy posts above everything else because it's my job. While writing can be relaxing for some, it's become a bit of a chore as of late because I have to make my mind work harder to push out posts.

Please, try not to contact me about questions or concerns. This excludes new members and staff. If you need an admin, Rima is more than capable to answering questions and making decisions. We keep in constant contact. So, if she needs me, I'm there for her.

TL;DR: For those of you who don't care to read the huge wall of text. I'm going to try to detach myself from the site for a bit. My mom is sick in the hospital and might die. Please, do not contact me about questions, comments, concerns unless it's not site related. If I owe you a post, please be patient and sympathetic even if you don't care.


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I hope and pray for the best, Diana.


While I'm still going to be here... I really should take a break. BQdy5Kr
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Update : I bring incredibly unfortunate news, as Diana's mom passed away earlier today.

As not only her co-admin, but as her best friend, it hurts me dearly to see something so terrible happen to both her, and her family. While I didn't know Diana's mom on a personal level, she always seemed like a genuinely nice and bright person to be around. Every time she messed with Diana while we were on VC, I couldn't help but laugh hysterically.

That being said, I can't give any sort of date on which she might return. As of right now, I can only assume it's going to be a decent while before she's able to come back, since she not only needs to relocate to another house, but also deal with grief. She's also told me personally that she wishes to apologize to everyone she's threading with, but I'm pretty confident everyone here will be able to understand the kind of situation she's in. And even if you don't, like she stated in this very post, at least try to show some sympathy towards her.

If you're currently in a thread with her, feel free to count it as "invisible". Which basically means, it won't count towards your total thread limit at all. This is mainly just a precaution thing, since I truly can't say how long she'll be gone for.

With that also being said, I would like to announce that I will temporarily be taking her place as admin. We both love the site far too much to let it die, even when something like this happens. Despite everything she's been going through within these past couple of days, she still asked about the site's well-being. If that doesn't show love and dedication, nothing does. Anyways, this basically means that if you have any questions at all, direct them towards me. While I'm going to be dealing with grief myself, I need to stay strong for Diana and keep this site rolling.

As for anyone who is currently having plot dm'ed by Diana, please give staff some time to figure all of this out. I promise that we will try to figure out how to go about it, and still carry on the plot given to you.

I hope everyone can understand, and sorry for the wall of text. (Though, I'm not as kind as Diana to give a TLDR.)


While I'm still going to be here... I really should take a break. BgH0fcQ
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My thoughts and prayers are with Diana and her family as they grieve this loss. I don't pretend to understand the level of pain they must be going through. There is nothing i can say that will ease any of this, but i hope Diana knows we are here for her. I'm so sorry.


While I'm still going to be here... I really should take a break. TEMcyWS
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