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The Wheeling Corby ( Solo Plot/Training)

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Cyrus walked up to the house where his sister now lived. The Lee’s estate was humungous. A beautifully manicured garden welcomed him and Rokusai in as we went deeper into the grounds, He would see Ariana’s husband Wei-Hao greeted him halfway between the entrance to the main house and the gate to the estate. “Well, Cyrus, it’s been a long time I see you decided to take your sister’s advice and get a mount,” after expecting it further he would shake his head disapprovingly, “you just had to be different couldn’t you take a horse like everyone else” “But what’s the fun in that? Rokusai has great utility and I’ve trained him very well.” Cyrus smiled a wry smile, “test him if you want, he could use the training.” With that, the other beast tamer summoned his crow, “Alright then Cyrus, I shall use one of my old friends, Kara” the crow flew down swooping at the orange haired vagabond Before flying back to his master. “You shold get some more training in before we have our little duel I can tell the that deer of yours is not ready to take me on.” Cyrus decided to train on the far corner of the estate near the servant’s quarters. It took about a week and a half before he was finally ready to spar against Wei Hao. He had to learn how this new form of Rokusai worked it was not like the winter form that could freeze with its antlers but in the spring it could leach health from its antlers among other things. Cyrus was ready to fight Wei Hao the other tamer called his bird and the crow flew down at the deer. Rokusai stepped in and rebuffed the crow, Kara cawed before sweeping down at the deer with his talons Rokusai caught the bird in his antlers unfortunately being spring, his antlers couldn’t freeze the bird which would have ended the battle there but it was spring time now and his antlers were not weren’t going to help him. Holding his ground Rokusai would charge at the creature even though it flew into the air. The deer would lock eyes with the crow as if to think about what it wanted to do. Cyrus screamed, “Take it down with that thing that you learned in the forest!“ The Deer obeyed concentrating Rokusai would oscolate his head back and fourth like a snake under the spell of a charmer he followed, hypnotized by the deer’s head movements. In the creatures state he flew down to eye level which was perfect for Rokusai “This is it Rokusai charge it now!” The deer went to charge it and it expertly floated away. “Its going to take a bit more that that to get to my crow.” Affirmed Wei Hao. “Up then under” the crow shook out of its trance and flew at the creature again Rokusai taught it in hits horns but this time he was able to entangle it enough to slam it down onto the clay earth. It got up with relative ease but he was not easily defeated. He flew up and stuck the deer hard on the body. Which was left open after the previous attack. Roaring in pain the creature charted at the crow using an ability that he had practiced only recently with his tamer. The stag jumped with such grace and speed and with his horns he then ensnared the crow with its antlers brought the crow down and beat it into submission with its steel like hooves. Battered and beaten the beast returned to it master. “Well I’ll be damned” He returned the wry smile ”it seems that you know what you’re doing well that mount of yours should do fine” Cyrus won with a sigh and a look of disinterest Cyrus would begin to walk away “you’re so young and you’ve got a long way to go but I can see that you are doing well” Wei Hao said. The two walked together to the door of their house. “Your sister has been anticipating your arrival, be prepared” and in almost an instant he disappeared. Cyrus walked in ready for anything.


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