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Plot NPCS for Jingyi

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1 Plot NPCS for Jingyi on 03/08/17, 12:16 pm

Name: Pheizhi Yu
Gender: Male
A cunning and calculating man, he's the commander of a ten-man squad. He takes the wellbeing of his men to heart, and despite his rather reserved facade, he cares deeply for them.
He sits near the bottom of the ladder, but he's content with his spot within the military. Despite his hidden gentle nature, Pheizhi sided with Gao's faction to make his military family proud. He's rather wise for his age and takes great joy in watching his brothers in arms grow.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey
Height:  178 cm
Weight: 80 kg
While Pheizhi isn't the tallest man, he's far from short. He has long, black hair that he keeps tied back in a traditional hairstyle. He dresses simply with minimal armor and a pair of glasses. His top is patterned with diamonds with the symbol of his clan on the back. He always carries a katana and a wakizashi with him.
When it comes to body language, almost nothing can be gleaned from Pheizhi. He's a secretive man who watches himself and lets nothing loose. His poker face is legendary, and no one learns something from him unless he lets them.
Rukh Alignment: White Rukh
Special Traits: None
Like Jingyi, Pheizhi comes from a military clan, but the Yu clan was larger and more respected in the realm of Kou families. He was raised from a young age in the art of Kenjutsu, and he practices swordplay almost daily in his youth. Pheizhi was fortunate to be born the elder sibling, and when he was five, he was granted a baby sister to protect.
His family was a conservative one that clung to tradition, and as it was expected of him, Pheizhi soon joined the military when he became of age. He progressed quickly through the ranks, partly because of his abilities and partly because of his lineage.
But despite his apparent talent and family backing, Pheizhi stopped climbing at the rank of "Squad Leader of 10 Men". For many years he saw the coming and going of soldiers, all of which he was proud to say grew under him.
When the Kou Civil War arrived, Pheizhi wished to have joined Yoshirou's rank, but under the watchful eye of his family, he remained sided with Gao. He keeps his alignments secret in fear of getting reprimanded or bringing dishonor to his family.

Name: Shi-Qiang Liu
Gender: Female
Shi-Qiang is a woman much like Jingyi; they're both hard-workers who aim to impress their clan by climbing the military. But while Jingyi's smile comes from pure-hearted affableness, Shi-Qiang's is for the thirst of battle. Years in wars and combat had turned the woman into a person who hungers for the thrill of battle. She doesn't care much for her comrades other than making sure that they're alive, and the woman doesn't care much for weaklings. She adamantly believes that only the strongest survive, and is known to be just as harsh, if not worse, than Zhihao Hou.

Shi-Qiang is assertive and bold, and it isn't like the woman to remain quiet with only a single exemption; when in the presence of her superiors, she will be reserved for the sake of respect. But at any other time, Shi-Qiang enjoys to shout and bark, to be loud and ensure that everyone knows who she is and that she's there. Not only that, the military woman demands respect from anyone she deems beneath her (which is almost everyone). To say that Shi-Qiang is bossy and egotistical is an understatement to her personality.
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Purple
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Shi-Qiang is a beautiful woman if you look past the scars that mar her body and the look of blood-thirst in her eyes. She's a lithe woman, athletic and strong. Her hands are calloused from heavy labor and wielding a weapon while her skin is tanned from spending countless hours in the sun. She has beautiful dark blue hair paired with purple eyes with a cross-shaped scar between her eyes.

When it comes to her outfits, it's rare to see Shi-Qiang out of armor. Often, she wears Dingjia armor that's navy blue with golden accents. Though, she does prefer to go without a helmet and simply puts her hair up in a bun when needed. The final thing to note about her armor is that it matches the one worn by her battle horse.
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: Her body is covered in scars, the most notable being the cross shaped scar that covers a part of her forehead and crosses the bridge of her nose.
Shi-Qiang comes from the prominent Liu military family, a clan close to the Sun's. Like many of her family, she's trained in the art of riding a horse in battle. Much of her youth was spent on top of a horse while practicing how to shoot an arrow from a bow or wielding a sword.

She joined Kou's military at the earliest age possible, and her ascent through the ranks was slow at first. For almost all of her life, Shi-Qiang fought in Kou's wars and eventually was acknowledged by her commander. Now, she rests at a lofty position of a military leader. While she isn't that high-ranking, Shi-Qiang is higher than Jingyi Hou and has the connections necessary to promote those she deems worthy.

Name: Zedong Sun
Gender: Male
Unlike Shi-Qiang, Zedong is a reserved man who doesn't say much. He keeps his thoughts to himself and treats many as his equals. He was raised with the decency to keep any thoughts of being superior to himself, something that Zedong practices constantly.

Zedong isn't an easy man to impress, and he's rather known for being a man of little emotion. When he does talk, it's usually in a wry tone that remarks about something the other had said. While it isn't unusual for Zedong to offer some tactical advice to his comrades, he doesn't do it to be friendly. Simply put, Zedong is what many think of a superior, something that makes the man somewhat proud of himself.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Zedong is a tall man with a lean, athletic, and groomed body. He keeps meticulous care of himself, from the state of his hair to any and all wounds he receives. Like many men in his family, Zedong has brown hair that he keeps somewhat long and tied up in a bun. He also has brown eyes and a clean-shaven face.

For his outfits, Zedong dresses somewhat fancy. He typically wears red armor beneath a tunic that only covers the left side of his body and almost reaches his knees. Under both the armor and the tunic, he wears brown sleeves and forearm-hand armor. For the pants, he wears brown breeches with black boots. The final touch is a brown leather belt with an iron lion head belt buckle.
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: None
Zedong comes from a military clan known as the Sun family. Nearly since the Kou Empire's come to power, the Suns have remained as a backer of the country who supported the royal family with troops and talented officers. This meant that as a son of an important clansman, Zedong was trained since an early age to join the military. He was taught everything from swordplay to tactics in the hopes that he would reach high positions in the Kou military.

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