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Nuance in Magic [Training | Solo]

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1 Nuance in Magic [Training | Solo] on 25/07/17, 11:50 pm


[b]Tier:[/b] B
[b]Class:[/b] Magician - Cymatic
[b]Type:[/b] Supplementary/Offensive
[b]Range:[/b] Short
[b]Requirements/Drawbacks:[/b] Reed must conduct the flow of magic; say the incantation
[b]Scaling:[/b] Duration
[b]Sustain:[/b] 0
[b]Cool Down:[/b] 3
[b]Cost:[/b] 30 Magoi | 15
Reed wistfully conducts the rukh around him, manipulating both the powers of sound and water to incur concurrent bouts of paralyzing pain for C tier damage up to 3m surrounding him. The spell’s abilities emphasize the paralytic aspect of cymatic magic, leaving enemies paralyzed for 3 turns.

[b]Incantation[/b]: “Maiden of sound and sea who sleepeth in silence, condemn those who would stand against me with your beautiful song…[i]Fugue![/i]”[/list]

[b]Tier:[/b] B
[b]Class:[/b] Magician - Water (Ice)
[b]Type:[/b] Supplementary
[b]Range:[/b] Medium
[b]Requirements/Drawbacks:[/b] Reed was wave his wand in a radial motion; say the incantation
[b]Scaling:[/b] Area of Effect
[b]Sustain:[/b] 0
[b]Cool Down:[/b] 3
[b]Cost:[/b] 30 Magoi | 15
Reed waves his wand around him in effortless motion, creating a tangible, icy field that spreads out up to 10m around him, freezing enemies for up to 3 turns.

[b]Incantation[/b]: ”O wintry winds, fill the air and strike those who defy me with chilling stasis...[i]Madrigal![/i]”[/list]

[b]Tier:[/b] A
[b]Class:[/b] Magician - Sound
[b]Type:[/b] Offensive
[b]Range:[/b] Short
[b]Requirements/Drawbacks:[/b] Reed must focus rukh around him, gathering energy powerful enough to release rukh around him; say the incantation
[b]Scaling:[/b] Cool Down-
[b]Sustain:[/b] 0
[b]Cool Down:[/b] 4
[b]Cost:[/b] 40 Magoi | 20
Reed brings his wand to his chest and focuses intently on the rukh around him, accumulating a collection of magoi before releasing an immense elegy of sound that severely damages all those around him for A tier damage up to 3m around him.

[b]Incantation[/b]: “Great will of the green rukh, if thou deemest me thy proxy, then let all hear thy marvelous dirge…[i]Requiem![/i]”[/list]

A ghastly chill crept within the halls of the academy as the students barreled out from their classrooms. A solemn Reed hurried out behind the rest, clutching his books and other belongings with him, hanging on for dear life as he struggled to keep all of his possessions within his grasp instead of on the floor. Sure, the occasional good samaritan would walk over, very meekly ask “do you need help?”, and walk away with a sigh of relief when Reed ushered them off, confident in his own ability to take care of HIMSELF, as he would so loudly proclaim (in his head). Still, he was worried, frustrated too, but mostly worried. It would not be long until the test to rank into the first kodor was upon them, and much like his second kodor exam, he wanted to absolutely trounce his competition so that he didn’t have to sit with the nagging and gnawing feeling that perhaps there was someone better than him. Though, he laughed at the thought. Someone better than Reed Harper? Hah! Unfortunately, he had little to back up that claim. While sound and wind magic came naturally to him, he seemed to struggle mastering more than his inherently learned two types of magic, leaving him plummeting to the bottom of a short list of students that would be selected to participate in the exam. He DID NOT suffer through an awful childhood and a (in hindsight) very melodramatic escape ploy to go learn magic like he’d always wanted. He drudged his things to the library and collapsed at a table by himself, the noise of his books slamming against the table and floor echoing throughout the entire library. Sometimes, he felt, as a natural sound magician, he should be able to drown out unwanted ruckus, but I guess then that would defeat the purpose of nice sound? Ever a philosopher, that Reed.

The properties of magic, blah blah, each magician’s inherent type has a remarkable aptitude for a type opposite it, blah blah, ...where does it tell me HOW TO USE IT!” Reed bellowed, his hand slapping the table in frustration. A few older magicians vigorously shushed him, one of them even drawing out their wand to do whatever it is that magician was going to do, Reed didn’t have time to wax what-ifs in his mind right now. Seeing as though there was no possible hope, Reed decided that a bit of practicum was always the best way to learn something. If you can’t do it, then obviously there is no sense in learning it, right? So, taking what he learned, and reading that he should have a remarkable aptitude for the second-type, water, Reed should be able to tinker with the rukh with little effort and create some sort of waterfall or rain spout or even pour a glass of water for himself, because Reed always felt a little thirsty whenever he got frustrated (must be a carry over from his sisters’ methods of calming him down whenever he had a temper).

Ah...uh...w...ater?” Reed stammered, flicking his wand around, hopefully releasing a burst of water from his wand. Instead, a fluttering of rukh twirled about him and made a cute little jingle. How amusing! Even the rukh were jeering at him, probably talking to each other in whatever language rukh understand and pointing fun. “Oooh, what a loser!” they probably said as they floated around, their little wings farting out magical dust in the wind. It seemed to be that something so simple--allegedly simple--should not be this difficult. But, where would Reed be if the world wasn’t full of unforeseen obstacles that he was to navigate. Sometimes, he felt as though some divine being was constantly trying him, nagging at his nerves, so that one day, when he’s had a good run, and he’s staring the barrel of a mildly difficult-to-read textbook, trying to learn a new magical type, he is completely and utterly dumbfounded by how to do so. He was absolutely sure that this experience was so oddly specific that it wasn’t even remotely related to his troubles right now, not one bit, it just so happened to be the same situation.

You know...perhaps you’re not quite getting it...because you’re trying too hard,” A exasperated voice sighed from behind Reed. He turned around to find at him, his face covered by large, owl-rimmed glasses. He spoke with a tiredness that only someone who was absolutely the laziest person would speak with and clutched a big grimoire to his chest. He set his hulk of a tome down on the table and offered to help. “I...would like to study in are...disrupting my peace…
Reed stood there, mouth agape, at the audacity of this boy, yes, but he was more put off by the sheer amount of time it takes this young man to get through a sentence. I mean, SERIOUSLY!

Well, uh, Specs? Can I call you that? How do you suppose I learn this do that I don’t...disrupt...your...peace…?” Reed was never nice when he was frustrated. Yet, it didn’t deter the boy; he merely adjusted his glasses and smirked, taking his face to Reed’s textbook and examining the pages at such close proximity, Reed was sure the boy was trying to go inside of the page.

You are a sound...magician yes? I...have an...idea…” The boy ushered Reed away to a smaller section of the library and pulled out a massive hunk of paper and fabric and threw it at Reed, “This...should help…” Leading Reed back to the table, he ordered Reed to open it and go to a certain page. It revealed all sorts of secrets of taking on multiple magic types, and how to be more proficient in more than just the magical type you identify most with. “Your issue...Ogre? Can you...Ogre? Is that you are already a skilled magician...cast...skilled magic…” And just as surprising and slow-burning as his insult was, he turned away, grabbing his book and glasses and readjusting them before walking off. “For name…is...Asher…

Reed was sure he made a new friend, that much was obvious, but for now, he was going to complete this stupid task so he didn’t have to embarrass himself tomorrow in front of the whole class. Reed toiled all night, finally tapping into the masterful magicking abilities he knew he possessed before falling soundly asleep, proud of his accomplishments that day. Oh was he excited to show those numbskulls in his class just how talented he was!


Reed...Reed Harper. Come show us an additional magic type today; you will be graded on: proficiency, content, and the quality I…” The professor ordered, beckoning Reed to the front of the classroom. With a sheepish grin, Reed merely waved his wand around, his movements almost equivalent to dancing, as he recited the incantation for the spell: “O wintry winds, fill the air and strike those who defy me with chilling stasis...Madrigal!” Suddenly, a blast of cold enveloped the room, releasing a wave of ice that overtook many of the students’ (who did not use their borgs) bodies. All that was left was the professor, a few overachievers, and Reed, smiling at the power of his spell.

The professor gave a quick, single clap before mentioning to Reed that he passed...for the day.

~Training Complete: Madrigal~’re all...wrong” A tired voice explained, the vision of a young man with glasses pointing at a makeshift chalkboard in his room. If it weren’t for his enthusiasm in trying, you would never assume that this man was interested in anything.

I just...I don’t understand, alright? It seems perfectly plausible to unveil some sort of “new magic” by doing something that’s only been invented by me! It seems silly that I either have to learn another type of magic or use combination magic. This is clearly targeted at kicking me out of school! I hate this professor, man, he sucks!” Reed slammed his book on the table, pacing around his bedroom in frustration as his companion merely rubbed his nose underneath his glasses. The friendship between Reed and his new friend, Asher, was a quick one, but Asher always seemed to be within arm’s reach whenever Reed was particularly in need of help from an intellectual. “I don’t even know how I did it last time--I had Lyra’s help, but she’s gone, and I was inspired by something, you know? All I have are constant distractions and you speaking at the speed of a frickin’ snail telling me what I need to “focus” on. You might think you’re a like guru of magic but you really only got lucky that one time!” Asher merely sighed and sat down, staring at Reed with tranquil fury as Reed could only imagine the dark, disturbing thoughts Asher was cooking up, planning on disposing of his nuisance and getting back to his studies.

Reed...most magicians your age...know...several magic know...three…” Asher explained, adjusting the frame of his glasses before standing up again, “You are untalented, clunky, and have the general skill of an oaf, so I’m here to set you straight, alright?” Reed noticed the lack of exasperation in Asher’s voice and was purely intrigued...was he faking such a useless vocal tic? Why would anyone even fake that, to begin with? Reed’s residency in Magnostadt Academy was on the line, yes, but this was just far more interesting to him than learning. In fact, this could very well be the inspiration he needed! He had no idea how this would relate to magic, but boy was he interested in finding out!

You, uh, you spoke normally, Asher…” Reed sang, tip-toeing closer to his companion, “You, ah, have something you’re not telling me?” Reed edged closer to Asher, until he was right in his space, with only a hair’s breadth separating the two of them. Asher nervously gulped and inched away, only for Reed to inch closer to him. Reed learned that physical proximity was the best way to make someone uncomfortable, and when someone’s uncomfortable, they start acting like their true selves. His father used this method on him when he figured out that Reed was gifted with magic, and his sisters used it on him whenever they needed a favor. There was something about Asher that Reed observed in this moment--perhaps it was his eyes, or the way sweat trickled down his brow, but he found himself more than just intrigued with him at this moment. The green magician quickly snapped himself away and returned to his couch, ready to listen to Asher’s lecture. “Uh, um...well, I guess...continue? You were saying something about how clunky and oafish I am, ha ha...ha…

Asher sat down for just a few more moments that Reed would’ve expected, gathering himself before standing up again to face Reed and help him stay in school. The rest of their session was about as awkward as you would expect two men who got nervously close to each other would go and Reed accomplished nothing in that time frame besides learning a little bit too much about himself. Something he certainly never thought about. I mean, he thought about it, but never it detail like that. Still, if he wanted to schedule more sessions with Asher, perhaps to learn as much as he could from the young genius, he’d try and do his best and feel inspired by something in order to stay in school. It was impossible to learn an additional magic type at this stage, and considering the professor was not going to be happy if he showed up with a half-assed attempt at magic after ‘accidentally’ freezing the entire class for the duration of the period, he had to put out something absolutely spectacular or else he’d be canned the minute he stepped into the lecture hall. Reed flopped himself on his bed, staring blanking at the glass of water beside his table, as he filled his mind with a cacophony of anxious thoughts about getting kicked out of school. What if he wasn’t good enough? What if he couldn’t do it? What if he couldn’t see Asher again? What if...why did he care if he saw Asher again? There it was again, the thoughts trickling into his mind like very persistent ooze that permeated every single object it came into contact with--ooze? Where the hell was Reed’s mind at? He quickly shook himself from thinking about a subject entirely off-subject, but his brain kept going places he didn’t want to go. In an effort to free himself of that, he let out a hearty yell in his room, screaming so loud the glass in his room shook a bit...only to be hit with a not-very-subtle wave of inspiration. Reed screamed again, this time a bit more controlled, and observing the water in the glass as he yelled. A few students knocked on his door, wondering if he was okay, but he ignored them, merely looking at his experiment. His yell...made the water move. Not wanting to waste the moment, Reed sprinted to the nearest body of natural water the academy had to offer, a small pond used purely for decoration, and whipped out his wand in front of the pond. Ingenious! How could he not have thought of this before? Someone had to, I’m sure, otherwise the entire world would be full of really dull people! Reed began to manipulate the sound rukh around him, intensely vibrating and thrashing the water just with the power of sound.

Ha….hahaha! Incredible! Alright, let’s try this…” Reed shouted, purely full of joy at the advent of his new creation. He pointed his wand at the pond and commanded the rukh to give sound to the depths, jumping with absolute glee when the water spouted and slashed in the air, almost as if it was escaping the sound itself. “Well...I got it! Time for bed...really wish I could’ve shown Asher though…” A genuine hint of regret in Reed’s voice surprised him as he felt disappointed for not coming to the revelation when Asher was in his presence. Still, he was excited to show his classmate tomorrow. Who knows what the future would hold?


Alright, Reed us your “awesome new magic” that you so proudly proclaimed would be so at the start of class,” The professor spat, slamming his book in frustration. It was not very long before Reed did not have to take a class with this jacknut and he could finally tell this pompous ass off.

Alright, so, first I’ll need some water…” Reed explained, gathering five containers and filling them to the brim with water, in the front of class. He did a sort of “ta-da” when he filled up the water, as if pizazz to his presentation was going to net him brownie points. After all was said and done, he stood in front of the glasses and waved his wand, whispering softly to the sound rukh to manipulate the air around each of the glasses, each with a different frequency of sound. “Like you see here, if you just apply a bit of sound magic...and apply it with water can affect this liquid vibrating it to varying levels, causing varying degrees of harm to one’s body! But...for the grand finisher, I suggest you all put up your borgs now: “Maiden of sound and sea who sleepeth in silence, condemn those who would stand against me with your beautiful song…Fugue!” The class gasped, and Reed was sure one girl cheered. Even the professor was thoroughly impressed with Reed’s studiousness. Though, not without a bit of sage advice.

Well done, Reed. However, do be careful where you use this...goi, magicians, Fanalis, Imuchakk...we’re all made up of a little bit of water you know. This can be very dangerous if used recklessly, boy!” Reed took his advice to heart and merely skipped off, pleased with his ability to be a kickass magician still.

~Training Complete: Fugue~

Alright, now, has been a very tough year. Many of you have excelled beyond even my most wild of expectations, and many of you sorely disappointed me. Still, none of you dropped out! You’ve passed the basic necessities required to start training for a first kodor entrance exam! Give yourselves a nice pat on the back for doing such a wonderful job this year--and for that, I want to congratulate each and everyone one of you. Now...each year, we select a handful of students to participate in the most elite of the selection process to enter into a first kodor exam. These small group of students are tutored personally by a professor and given rigorous and intensive independent study. You may choose to accept, though I don’t see why you wouldn’t, and I have the honor of offering this program to one of my very own!

Reed stirred in his seat...this was absolutely made for him! He knew he was going to get it, he nearly knocked the socks off of every single student in class by being able to create new combination magic. He was a prodigy, he was sure of it, the blood of his mother’s ancestry runs thick in his veins. He was a magician by birth, never a warrior, and his destiny was to become a premiere mind in magic around the world. After his first kodor, he could travel anywhere: Reim, Kou, Balbadd...the world was his oyster! He waited with bated breath as the professor unwrapped the letter, almost painfully slowly, as if he was trying to try his hand at drudging up some overwhelming suspense.

Reed...Reed Harper--I know you’re frustrated now, I was crumpling this piece of paper on purpose. Please come here and accept your invitation,” Yes! He knew it! He sprinted to the front of the class and snatched the letter from his professor, cheering in delight as the professor merely sighed at his immaturity. The rest of the class dismissed themselves as they prepared for their next round of rigorous studies while Reed went to collect his belongings from his seat. “Reed! There is more information, so I ask you just sit right there for now…” Reed stopped his collection of items and sat down in his seat, sitting to listen to this professor mumble about something probably unimportant. “ aren’t yet assigned a professor, no students are. They aren’t very much educators so much as they are researchers, so they have no idea of your abilities or, you attend this sort of shmooze, you mingle, you charm, you do...whatever it is you do that somehow convinces people to help you…at the very end there is a show of magic, so to speak. You must perform master level magic with perfect proficiency. If you don’t, you are uninvited from the program and risk being cut from participating in the first kodor--that is sort of the “but” of this deal...I’d still like for you to attempt this, however. You have unbridled potential, it seems you need a bit of a push to access it…

C-cut from the first kodor? I’d be expelled!” The professor merely nodded in agreement after Reed blurted out his fears. “Well, master level magic? I mean...I read about it...I can’t even tell you if I’ve seen it before? Lyra never managed to be able to cast one...are you telling me I have to get something down in…” Reed stopped to examine the letter, only to bang his fist on the table in anger, “...I have to learn this magic in THREE DAYS!? Are you FREAKIN’ KIDDIN’ ME MAN?” Reed quickly said goodbye to his professor and grabbed his books and wand and rushed out the door, heading straight to his room to formulate some kind of game plan or way to go about this business. He threw his stuff on the ground in front of him when he reached his room and started darting around, pacing back and forth, just shouting out ideas to the room in hopes he’d remember them later if like some latent sound thing was occurring and he could use the sound rukh to remember it? That would be pretty masterful, right? That’s full-on sound memory right there. Memorizing sound? Now that’s something of a spectacle to behold. Still, Reed felt it wasn’t good enough. No, it had to have pizazz! It had to have oomph! It had to make every person in the room drop their pants because they were absolutely RIVETED by his performance. If he was gonna get the best, he had to be the best. His mind suddenly jumped to Asher. Asher? Perhaps Asher was already in the first kodor. He seemed far too intellectual to be a student. Perhaps he could ask him for help? But he didn’t know what room he lived in? Oh well, he’ll show up in the library probably, speaking to other people in such a slow, tired voice that anyone who was being loud would be bored to silence. Reed continued to brainstorm, however, until he fell asleep in the chair in his room, awakening suddenly to the sound of bright daylight and chirping birds.


F--SH--GRR! I only have one day left! What am I gonna do! This is ridiculous--I can’t come up with anything! Nothing I’ve tried even comes close!” Reed yelled, slamming his hand down on his book in pure desperation. He would continue yelling if not for the slow, rhythmic knock on his door. Reed stood up to open it, forcibly ripping the door almost out of the frame and giving a flat (and annoyed) “what” to whoever disturbed him.

Oh...I’ll come back...later…” Asher responded, turning to sulk and walk away. Reed apologized and merely dragged him into his room, hoping Asher would be his muse once more!

Look...I have less than a day now to come up with something that’ll get me in with the snazziest professor here or else I get kicked out of school in what seems to be a very targeted ploy to try and challenge me to the point where I either succeed or fail miserably...can you help?” There was no refusing Reed, especially when he was as charming as he was honest. Asher couldn’t help but agree and merely set down his things and began discussing the possibilities of what Reed could do in order to pull off some sort of master level magic for the world to see. For every roadblock they seemed to overcome, another would sprout up just as quickly, and Reed was forced to go back to square one in thinking of a new way to come up with this sort of magic. All the talent was there, Asher would even remind Reed (very periodically of his talent), the green magician just needed to access it somehow without relying on the heat of the moment, or pure spontaneity. Magic always was and always seemed to be borne out of spontaneous interactions with nature for Reed. The first time he used it, for instance, was after he was so so so mad to the point that he let out a burst of sound so LOUD it could not have possibly come from a child. This memory panged like a dissonant in Asher, and after hearing of Reed’s childhood, was wrought with inspiration.

That’s it! Reed! All...along!” Asher shouted, going up to write out some academia bullshit on the chalkboard he divined up somehow (always, always with a chalkboard) in order to explain it to Reed simply. Which was...Reed should focus on the spontaneous, on the surges of emotion he feels whenever he is pressed to the wire. It was why the professor was so hard on him, and why the professor recommended him for this role. Most magicians would crumble under the pressure and not even follow through in attending. Only the super confident were able to make it as career magicians. But Reed, Reed prospered under pressure. Pressure was his hidden strength and it was where all his talent came from. Asher theorized that perhaps it was his upbringing as a warrior that allowed him to work well under pressure but Reed dismissed it more as a character quirk. To each their own, they guess, correct? With proper planning in the works, Reed went to bed, ready to attack the mission with zeal and success.


The mixer was frightening--so many elite magicians, many of whom were graduates of Magnostadt Academy after only one year of study. They were certainly juggernauts, the masters of the magical world, and Reed had a chance now to be among them. He was sure one of the researchers was a family member, but he couldn’t quite place a name to the face.

We call to action, Child of Sound, Reed Harper...please step to the center…” Wow, Reed was picked first. If that wasn’t particularly disarming and anxiety-inducing then nothing probably was for Reed, right? Reed slowly walked to the center platform, where a slew of high level of magicians watched and waited to observe whatever the boy cooked up.

Uh, ahem,, I will be performing master level sound magic..please, if you are sensitive to sound, um, cover your ears? Or put up your borgs...or...ah...I’ll just go ahead and get started…” Reed explained, mentally kicking himself for acting like such a dweeb. Reed hummed quietly, bringing his wand closer to his chest, the pure force of magic encircling around him radiating the area with an almost blinding green light. As the magic began to swell and envelop the ground, causing the center platform to crumble and crack, the sound waves becoming too much for the old stone to bear as Reed’s power continued to surge within and around him.

Great will of the green rukh, if thou deemest me thy proxy, then let all hear thy marvelous dirge…Requiem!” The spell was released in a blinding flash of green as the burst of sound formed as a haunting melody, bringing pain to the foundation and tables around it. Many elite magicians put up their borg, not quite sure the severity of the magic that Reed had managed to unleash. As he fell to the ground, slightly exhausted from the amount of magoi he depleted casting this spell, he stood up, brushed himself off, and looked around to see a room of applause and looks of bewilderment and wonder. He sat down and watched as all the other candidates went, their spells just as amazing and magnificent. He had hoped to find Asher in this group, but perhaps it was best he wasn’t competing against his new friend. After all the prospective students went, the announcer from earlier merely sent everyone home, saying deliberations would take a few days.


A letter! A letter finally came for Reed! He wondered who his tutor would be! He ripped the ribbon off the scroll and opened it up, eager to see who picked him:

We would like to congratulate you on your marvelous performance at the preliminary dinner to be accepted into the Advanced Magic program. Due to your proficiency in sound magic and clear focus on magic that incorporates your family’s history as a family of warriors, we found it dutiful and prudent of us to sort you with one of our most auspicious of magicians, and perhaps a familiar face: Alto Harper, your grandfather!

His grandFATHER? What a surprise for had to be on his mother’s side, right? But still, his name was Harper.

~Training Complete: Requiem~
magoi ( 260 / 260 )stamina ( 085 / 085 )
word count ( 3500+ / 3500 )ooc ( All three done at once! )


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