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[ NPC WIP ] Phobos Corvus

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1[ NPC WIP ] Phobos Corvus Empty [ NPC WIP ] Phobos Corvus on 25/07/17, 11:45 pm

[ NPC WIP ] Phobos Corvus N7Dhdud

Name: Phobos Corvus

Gender: Male

Personality: --

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Red

Height: 116 cm (3'8")

Weight: 20 kg (45 lbs)

Appearance: --

Rukh Alignment: White

Special Traits: He has an unusually large amount of scars on his body for a child of his age.

History: Not much is known nor remembered by Phobos. The only thing known about his past is that he was once a drugged, enslaved child used by the emperor Gao Yuan Zu as a soldier. During the Kou Civil War, he was rescued by Diana Corvus and brought into her care.

( Anyone is free to use him with my permission first; I just want to know what you're using him for. Staff, of course, can use him whenever they want. )


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