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Arrival of a berserker. (social/open)

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After the cover of night had fallen Jacklyn of whom had been waiting for this moment slowly left the ship he was on. Much like a ape Jacklyn walked as if he was born raised with said beast. Whenever a person got to close to him Jacklyn growled at them. Soon making some few afraid after a while they started to learn he is feral. As such they reported him a wild beast that was loose in town.

Not long after the local authority showed up abut by then Jacklyn had ran. Keeping to low population area so he feels safe enough not to to growl at others . The best thing Jacklyn thought of was to go the worst smelling place he could find and lay there. Hoping that if he acted like those he heard called 'poor' he would be left alone. At least that was his plan as he seen many others be kind to said folks but cruel also he was wanting the former.

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