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Meeting Rima and Jin Xu [Job]

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1 Meeting Rima and Jin Xu [Job] on 24/07/17, 09:22 pm

Job Detail:

Job Name: Mining Problems
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: The Jade Dragon Mountains
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
Due to the growing demand for iron and other ore, both Kouvian armies have begun to reopen closed mines within the mountains to gather more material. But, there has been a problem with mining in one specific tunnel, with miners being attacked by mysterious monsters. In order to help, go in and clear out the monsters so mining can resume somewhat safely.
Enemy Detail:

Enemy Name: Young Mine Guardian x3
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: The Mine Guardian is a strange creature that secretes a sticky substance on the outer part of its body. A young Mine Guardian is known to roll about in the rocks of a mine, collecting such rocks on its body. As time passes, these rocks fuse together through the sticky substance and create a hard shell on the outside of the beast. Depending on the age of the Mine Guardian, it could become difficult to fight. Its fists deal C-tier damage.
Double Smash: The Old Mine Guardian raises its hands in the air, slamming them down one after another in order to impart 2 D-Tier damage on its target, possible 1 C-Tier if both strikes hit the same target.
Rock Throw: The Old Mine Guardian picks up a 5 meter large rock and throws it at an opponent, which imparts C-Tier damage if it hits that opponent.

Enemy Name: Old Mine Guardian
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: An older Mine Guardian, easily told by his hulking body. His fists are the size of the average human head that deal B-tier damage when struck. Due to his size, he is extremely slow, with age weakening the sticky substance holding his body together.
Handclap Slam: The Old Mine Guardian claps his hands together with his opponent between the two hands, imparting B-Tier damage to any opponent who was caught within the clap.
Double Smash: The Old Mine Guardian raises its hands in the air, slamming them down one after another in order to impart 2 C-Tier damage on its target.
Rock Throw: The Old Mine Guardian picks up a 5 meter large rock and throws it at an opponent, which imparts B-Tier damage if it hits that opponent.


Name: Igaut
Tier: C-Tier
Type: Throwing Spike
Material: Black Iron,Leather Pouch
Appearance: The throwing spikes reside inside the leather pouch. The pouch itself is finely crafted together, and with straps to secure it.
Ammunition Material: Black Iron
Ammunition Appearance: The actual item is 15.24 cm, in length. About 1.36 kg in weight. The color comes from the components making up the item, giving its steel black iron look.

Name: Drasil
Tier: C-Tier
Type: Yo-Yo
Material: Fiber Wire/Tool Steel Alloy
Appearance: The yo-yo is extremely durable and heavy, Drasil weighing 50 kilograms, and has a 55.3 mm diameter base. It is constructed with an tool steel metal alloy. Drasil has a Star of David, design on the face of each side. Connected by a 10 m long fiber wire to an armband for better mobility.

It just another day. Working his for clientele, collecting enough huang to support himself in the long run. Saving up spare pocket change, while wondering when it will reach time to leave. Thorsten, found himself walking a dirt path by himself. That path in fact leading to a Inn by the name of ‘BlackThorn Boar’. Such a secluded area for a inn to be located. Shady things seem to be turning up as of lately in Kou. Either keeping on the path, or heading over to the inn to rest, Thorsten needed to make a choice as it came into his pathway. He couldn’t keep from returning back to Kou, but he had a job to do. ” Might as well rest a little. Should probably meet some people to recruit or do this job with… next time I’ll call Aseroth, or that oppai woman.. Diana? Yeah. Diana “ Thorsten, said. Going up to the door of the inn. Thorsten twisted the doorknob. Swinging the door open. A large clatter of noise taking his ears by surprise. Only one to dart their eyes at the boy who walked in. It was possibly the barkeep. ARGHHH Loud argh’s and cheers going up. Beer spilling from tankards, and music playing. Music .

Thorsten going to sit at the bar, he pulled out a stool. ” One lemonade please? Mister. “ He said. Looking around seeing how small the exterior looked to have a rather normal interior that fit many refugees, commanders, and possibly war saken homeless. Sure, Little Man. That’ll be 5 huang. Such a fair price. Thorsten smiled. Pulling out a small pouch. Placing the huang on the counter as the tankard of lemonade slide in front of him. Thank you. Mister. Thorsten, wasn’t paying attention to the people inside the bar as of yet. He just relaxed for the time being before having to return from relaxing to find the mining town. Hopefully he could stumble into people willing to aid him later on in his path. Sipping on the rim of the tankard, looking like a baby as he drank it. A couple of the men eyeing him laughed as they watched, but Thorsten gave them no concern. Rolling his eyes.

Word Count: 403/1,500

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2 Re: Meeting Rima and Jin Xu [Job] on 26/07/17, 11:31 pm

Equipment Brought:

Name: Headless Caster
Tier: A
Type: Magic Weapon - Wand/Club
Magic Type: Abomination - Life|Strength|Heat
Appearance: Despite its name, this wand has a 15cm diameter pumpkin head made from painted metal adorned to its tip. The head is surrounded by a fabric of woven human hair dyed to color and fashioned into a sort of "cloak" that the head seems to be wearing. The entire arrangement is 50cm in length counting the wooden handle which is carved from an execution tree where many innocents were hung by bandits after having their village raided. When one holds this staff on a full moon, it is possible to feel the resentment of those who died on that tree. The pumpkin's eyes glow red for the night and black rukh flutters around the wand regardless of the rukh alignment of its wielder giving it quite the sinister appearance.

  • Grudge Manifest -  Feeding magoi into the wand and pointing it at the ground in front of the user causes a vortex of black mist to appear at their feet. The vortex forms within 1m of the user and is 1m wide. Abomination magic causes local dust, bacteria, and similar small loose materials to gather quickly forming a humanoid shape as it rises out of the vortex. The golem takes on a ghoulish appearance being 2m tall with rotting flesh making up the most of its body. Countless cracks run along the monster's skin that glow with a blue light. Its eyes and mouth produce hot blue flames. The abomination can move at the speed of a normal human and deal B-tier damage with its fists. Either upon destruction or at the user's command by snapping their fingers, the abomination will burst in a 2m explosion of blue flames dealing B-tier fire damage.  10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.
  • Bludgeoning - This wand uniquely doubles as a club and will deal A-tier damage if used in melee attacks. The staff may be used with melee class abilities as if it were a club as well.

Name: Ring of Mauna Loa
Tier: C
Type: Magic Tool - Ring
Magic Type: Lava (Heat + Strength)
Appearance: The ring is made of obsidian and the gems that adorn it resemble the lava that once flowed inside a volcano. The magic circle is embedded inside the band.

  • Circle of Lava -The magic tool is activated whenever the user feeds magoi into it. The user is then able to create a lava pool 2m away from all sides of the user and 3m thick which encircles the user. Anything that touches the pool of lava is set on fire for 2 posts, dealing D-Tier burns. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

baby i'm a sociopath
Rima Fahim
“Blackthorn Boar, ay? Well, whatever they’re cooking in there sure does smell delicious!” Rima would think out loud, taking a whiff of the lingering aroma around the building. She wasn’t entirely sure what it was, but she’s never exactly been a picky eater either. Pork? Chicken? Fish? Didn’t matter to her as long as it was edible. The growling coming from her stomach would only intensify, as the girl couldn’t get food off of her mind now. Luckily, she had managed to scrape up enough money earlier that week to treat herself to something nice for once.

It wasn’t huge or fancy looking, but only a few steps away from her lay a ‘homey’-looking inn. She wouldn’t waste a single second before charging towards the front doors. “In we go!” the magician would shout, pushing through the front entrance at last. As the doors flung wide open, they would crash against the wall placed directly behind them. She didn’t exactly mean cause such a racket, but fortunately for her, no one else seemed to notice. It was loud, but inside the inn seemed to be far louder.

Peeking inside to make sure no one was staring at her, Rima would quickly begin to tip-toe towards the bar placed in the back. Placing herself on a stool next to a young boy, she’d pull out her pouch of valuables. “I’ll take a serving of whatever that wonderful smell is coming from, please.” she’d say, now awaiting for the food to be served to her.

About one minute would pass, when they would finally bring out Rima’s food. “This is actually tonight’s specialty, miss. We like to call it...wait for it...RUM HAM!” The aged man would say, balling his hand into a fist and placing it into the air. The portion was absolutely massive, as it was clearly from some kind of massive species of pig.

Upon taking a gander of the meal now placed in front of her, Rima’s eyes would grow to the size of dinner plates. Her tongue would run across her plum lips, as she grabbed her nearby eating utensils and began to dig in. She wouldn’t even question the possibility of it containing actual rum, as she was far too hungry to ask something trivial like that.
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3 Re: Meeting Rima and Jin Xu [Job] on 27/07/17, 06:08 pm

He'd been walking around for some time now, wondering where would be a good place to eat. He wanted something new, that he hadn't tried before, but most of all, he wanted beer. Yes, beer. He was thirsty and the only he craved to quench his thirst, was a cold tall pitcher of the finest ale they had around.

Soon enough his jaunt took him to what seemed to be a pub of some sorts called Blackthorn Boar. It wasn't one he'd been to. Red eyes gave the place a quick once over and Jin shrugged his shoulders before strolling in. It wouldn't kill him to try it, or would it? Either way by now it was much too late to turn back. The young halfling pushed open the doors to the pub and emerged into a more rowdy environment.

The establishment was filled with lively people chatting, eating and drinking. For himself, he just happened to be here for the last two options. He was walked up to the bar, taking a seat on the right side of a young boy drinking orange juice. Jin reached into his pocket and pulled out some money and put it down on the counter.

"Hello, you're finest ale and I'll have an order of duck and rice with that as well. Thank you."

The ashy white haired young man glanced around the room, taking in the venue and it's clientele. Old, young and in between. Some were drinking, some were eating, others were doing a little bit of both, but mostly everyone seemed to be in pretty high spirits and having a good time. Jin wished he could say the same for himself, he was little bored as of late. He'd been conscripted into the Kou military for a year now and hadn't really done anything but stand guard, what with him being a foot soldier and all. He was never sent out to fight any battles or visit another country for any reason and it was killing him, but this was the first step towards his true goal, so he had to bear it.

The sound of a plate hitting the counter in front of him dragged his attention back to the bar. "Here you are." The bar keep said as he placed the meal and drink before Jin. The halfling gave him a smile and a nod in return, "Thanks," he said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the money owed for everything. After doing so he proceeded to dig into his food.

Word Count and Stuff:
Word Count: 428/1500


Name: Lóng Zhī Zhaô

Tier: D

Type: Polearm

Material: Tempered Steel

Appearance: The shaft of the weapon is about 1.2m in length with the blade being 0.91 meters. It has one single sharp edge and is all black besides the sharp edge. It is normally sheathed be black wrapping and worn across Jin's back

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4 Re: Meeting Rima and Jin Xu [Job] on 28/07/17, 03:02 am

” Aye Little Man, You care to order any food? We currently have a special going on. If you don’t like that there’s always something else we're’ cookin’ up.” The barkeep said to Thorsten. He wasn’t totally focused on him. Sipping the rim of the tankard. Glancing his eyes from head, to personal items, to another head trying to see what’s the catch in the inn for a good steal. ” MmmHhhMmm “ Thorsten, let leave his mouth as lemonade filled his cheeks. Thorsten, turning his head a forty-five degree to have his eyes widen. A lady next to him had ordered the special. The aroma hit first. Than his killing intent leaked for a second, than the hungry lust took its place. ” Madam, if you look to your left you would see the barkeep giving you the lovely side eye. I think he might want your affection? “ Thorsten, was sly. If what he had said worked, he’d slide his right hand across the wood of the table swiftly to take a small portion of the entree the woman was eating. If not, Thorsten would simply tap her and turn to the man behind him on the other side. Starting up a random conversation to quickly make it seem like she felt air.

While he tried to play off stealing or tapping, he would begin a conversation. ” I see you’re going into your food at the moment. But could you pull yourself together for the moment, and sip that ale you got. Listen to a little boy request, and maybe you’ll see your food again? “ Thorsten, said. His eyes resting right above the man’s brow. Finishing the sentence off with a straightforward way of saying he’s going to take the food. ” Please don’t bother the other customers while their eating, Little man. You feel me? If you don’t I can have others change your current location to outside. “ The barkeep said. He seemed to be watching, Thorsten’s actions as he unfolded them. He felt a threat coming from the tone. He didn’t like feeling threats in the least, nor did he need to show the barkeep anymore respect. ” Kindly out of curiosity. You know where the mines are? Vague question ya’know. It saves me the trouble of kicking yer’ arse for your lame threat. Mister Barkeep. “ Thorsten, said. Leaning in towards the barkeep face. He’d hope the two between him would overheard. Placing his cheek into his elbow while holding his ear out at the keep. ” Little Man, you’ve got some balls to threaten me. But that threat is far worse from what the nearby reports have said. Theirs one of the miners who works the caves over there. Talk to him. But talk to me like that again, I'll show you some ass kickin’. “ Ending his sentence by pointing to a dusty old man sitting in the chair. ” Thanks for the lemonade, Barkeep. Also you couldn’t kick my ass, if I had one hand tied behind my back. So keep the talking big to yourself. “ Thorsten, said in response. Getting up from his seat to walk over to the old dusty miner.

Old Man:

The smell emitting from the miner stayed near him only, and it clouded up in a musty aura. He looked to not bathe in days, and had no socks. ” I heard you may know of the problems in the mine. I’m here to be that solution to the miners problems. “ Thorsten said to the old dusty man.

Word Count: 1,007/1,500


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5 Re: Meeting Rima and Jin Xu [Job] on 30/07/17, 06:34 am

baby i'm a sociopath
Rima Fahim
She simply couldn't believe it, the food that had been presented to her was like none-other she's tasted before. The sweet and smoky flavor that lingered in her mouth after each bite, the mouth watering aroma, it was absolutely divine. She must have looked like some sort of cretin while eating it too, since she wasn't holding back at all and was tuned into full-on eating mode. As she scarfed the delicious meat off of her plate and into her mouth, she would be surprised to hear a young-sounding voice that was trying to get her attention.

“Hmuh?” She'd mumble out, mouth still full of the succulent meat. What was the kid trying to tell her? Should she care? All she truly cared about right now, was the food placed in front of her face. “D-Did you want some too?” She'd sincerely ask, swallowing a good portion of it down with struggle. Without waiting for an answer, she'd rip off a decent-sized portion of the tender meat and offer it to him. She didn't mind sharing, especially considering how amazing it had smelled. Who could be blamed for falling into it's aroma-trap? As she did.

“Oi, Miss! That's a kid right there, he shouldn't be having anything infused with rum like that.” The bartender would cut in, pushing a pint of brownish liquid towards her. “Take this If you're gonna eat so recklessly, at least having something to wash it down with so you don’t choke. The man would say, chuckling at the scene. Whether or not the kid actually took her up on the offer was entirely up to him, as she would keep the offer going for at least thirty seconds before diving back into her platter, despite the bartender's warning.

“R-right, I forgot about that. Thanks for the free drink..!” Rima couldn’t help but feel a tad bit nervous about it, though. Though, her nervousness about the free drink would fade quickly, as she would just simply rationalize it to 'Why worry, since it's free?'

At first, Rima would attempt to only take a small sip of the drink given to her. It was bitter, and not very tasty. She hadn't actually drank alcohol before, but was this all it actually was? She wasn't really that big of a fan seemingly, though the kind of alcohol her food was cooked it, she could only wonder what it actually tasted like.

Whatever the case, she'd continue her full-course meal without stop, along with the occasional mouth-full of the brew that had been given to her. However, she'd begin to slow down a tad bit, since she wanted to also keep an eye on the strange child next to her. She wasn't entirely sure what it was all about, but he had began asking someone about a miner, or something along those lines.
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6 Re: Meeting Rima and Jin Xu [Job] on 02/08/17, 10:31 pm

Jin looked up from his meal when he heard a sudden commotion beside him. The barkeep was speaking to the kid on his left, if you could call him a kid. He was pretty mouthy and seemed to think that he could simply just take Jin's food. Still Jin wasn't upset, far from it actually, he found the boy amusing. "Well, you're right, you could attempt to take my food, or take what's being offered behind you," he said pointing at the food the woman sitting on the other side of the boy was holding out towards him. Turning back to his own meal, the halfling took a sip of the beer in his mug, allowing the bittersweet liquid to wash back the food he had consumed before and quench his thirst in the process.

Truthfully Jin probably would've ignored the kid for the rest of the time if he hadn't started asking about the old mines. From his attire Jin could tell that he wasn't from the Kou Empire, so why was it that he was concerned with the happenings around here? This caused the white haired male to pay more attention to the conversation, slowing his eating as his food suddenly became second priority. From what he knew the mines weren't open to the public currently, so an outsider asking questions seemed a little odd to Jin. Still, it was something happening, which was a hell of a lot more than he had going for him currently. Grabbing his tankard he brought it to his lips and slid of his bar stool as he took a sip, leaving his meal unfinished he walked over to the table where the kid was talking to the old man. Though as he took his first step he paused turning back just for a moment to grab the food. He approached the table, dropping the food in front of the kid as he pulled out a chair, spun it around so that the back was facing the table and sat down.

"There, you can have that if you want." He gestured to the food as he took another sip of his beer, "Now, why don't you tell me what business a kid like you has with the Kou mines?"

Word Count:

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7 Re: Meeting Rima and Jin Xu [Job] on 05/08/17, 11:32 pm

Thorsten, was getting sick of the bartender getting in his way. He wasn’t a pleasant man to be around, when thinking up mischief. Maybe he wanted to watch out for him. Thorsten, however didn’t care if he did or not. ” I didn’t want to actually pay for food, so I thought to ask people around me. But since you’ve enjoyed blocking me from that, how about you throw up something for free? “ Thorsten, smiled. Caressing his forearm. Thorsten, held his head high and laughed. ” Ahhhahah “ Some true overconfidence. ” You have a small audience, Little man. Stop with this pity show you present. Now if you don’t have business here, maybe leave. I’d personally enjoy throwing you out, Huehue. “ The bartender, said after his comment to Rima. Placing her fresh brew of intoxicating beverage. Thorsten, was ready to grab for her food too, but he’d second guessed himself and had a block. Since he had a blocker, and couldn’t continue his offense. Thorsten, turned around staring at Jin.

"Well, you're right, you could attempt to take my food, or take what's being offered behind you," Jin, said. Thorsten, wiggled his fingers like he hadn’t even listened to him. Oddly enough, he hadn’t. Thorsten, only held interest in the man’s food, and not his words. Opening his own palm, Thorsten tapped two fingers. His index, and middle together against the center of his palm. ” Honestly, I hadn’t listen to what you said. Not trying to be rude, but honest. Well it probably came across rude, if I think about it more. Eh. Hahaha. “ Thorsten, had a dull express. Thorsten, proceeded to cause his sense of trouble by insulting and threatening the bartender. Dripping like water out his seat. Walking to the miner.

Miner In The Middle:

” I heard you may know of the problems in the mine. I’m here to be that solution to the miners problems. “ Thorsten, said. Shrugging his shoulders. The miner flipped up his hat. Scanning to see who was talking to him, he’d grunted lightly to himself. Patches on his knees, and bandages wrapped around his legs and arms. The miner was old and dusty. Thorsten, was about to make it obvious. However, he thought for a second. ‘ Maybe, If i’m not too impolite, he’d share more information. ‘ He thought. Thorsten, pulled up a small chair next to him and got close. “ Young man, Um… Personally space for this whipper snapper? Eh. “ The miner said. Thorsten, moved back a little, and the man from before walked over also. His demeanor seemed to have changed, and pique interest in what, Thorsten was doing. " Now, why don't you tell me what business a kid like you has with the Kou mines? " Jin, said. Thorsten, mouth watered lightly. He was touched at the man’s kindness. ” Before you offer your food up. What happens to be my food providing, and interest holder name? “ Thorsten, said. The miner had sort of put his head back down. His expression made him look ill, and his skin seemed to be drained of color. Like he had almost lost his life. “ You can’t go to the mines, if that’s what you’re planning to ask. “ The miner, said while trembling. Thorsten, just smiled like it was no big deal. ” To answer both of yall. If not just answering this red haired man. My goal here is to clear out the mines… but I can’t seem to find em. I could care less about the rest of your worries, Ahaha “ Thorsten, is a rude honest. But he hadn’t much of a teacher. ” Either way, I don’t have much time left today. I want to return back to the city before two days time. So if you’d like to accompany me Red-Haired Man, or Mister Miner, would you care to give directions? “ Thorsten, said. Picking up the plate, and take one small portion of the food. Placing it back on the table and pushing it towards the Jin. Thorsten, wasn’t really rude. It’s just his upbringing that made him rough around the edge. Now he just waiting for their responses, at this point.

Word Count: 1,725/1,500


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8 Re: Meeting Rima and Jin Xu [Job] on 24/08/17, 03:46 am

baby i'm a sociopath
Rima Fahim
A strange warm sensation started to build within Rima. With each bite of her food, with each sip of her beverage, the sensation only seemed to grow. The pork she had been shoveling into her mouth was absolutely delicious, yet with each portion she devoured, her sight grew more blurry. With each gollop of alcohol she ingested, she only seemed to crave more of it. This was unlike her. She had always been a little gluttonous at times, but this was on an entirely new level. It wasn't just about the food anymore. It was the fact that with each mouth-full of either thing, her mind seemed to fog up. While it sounds like it would be quite scary, it actually felt extremely pleasant to her.

Gulping down the very last of the brew, the magician would slam her tankard onto the bar table. Placing her dainty hand upon her full stomach, the gentle-looking girl would let out a gaseous belch. "Ex-excuse me!" She'd yell out, with no regard at all to the volume of her own voice. She'd begin clutching the table, as her feet would hardly support her as she tried to stand up. Where had that boy gone? She must have lost track of him as her senses were blurred by the alcohol, which Rima still hadn't pieced together.

"Man, I feel kind of funny.." The magician would mutter to herself, practically tripping over her own two feet towards the miner's table behind her. Luckily, she was able to catch herself on someone's shoulder, someone whom was much shorter than her. As her eyes focused on what was in front of her, she'd finally come to realize that it was the strange young boy from earlier. "Oh hey, that's where you went!" She'd yell again, letting out a hiccup that would echo throughout the inn. At this point, Rima's face was extremely red. A clear sign of how drunk she actually was.
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9 Re: Meeting Rima and Jin Xu [Job] on 10/09/17, 06:27 pm

Clear out the mines? Was this kid a mercenary? Either way, it didn't matter to Jin it sounded amusing to him, sure why not? He'd take the kid up on the invite. He'd just been about to answer him, when the drunken lady walked up on them suddenly yelling out, "Ex-excuse me!" after a loud belch. Jin turned his silver mopped head to look at her, his gaze one of impress and surprise.

He stood and held out his seat for her, offering a chance for her to sit. "That may be because your drunk, here you should sit." He said in response to her statement of feeling funny. Looking back towards the kid he began to speak again, "The name is Jin Xu, Jin Xu Lóng, but you can just call me Jin."

By now Jin had already been pulling out another chair of his own and bringing his drink to his lips once again, allowing the cool beverage to run down his throat. He sighed as he finished swallowing, "Ah." It was a smooth ale, went down easy and it wasn't too bitter. "I'll accompany you to the mines. You'd probably have an easier time getting in with me there anyways."

He swirled his drink around once, twice and then downed the rest of it, "I do imagine though we should probably be leaving soon if you're that short on time."

Word Count: 1067

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10 Re: Meeting Rima and Jin Xu [Job] on 27/09/17, 07:05 pm

Thorsten, turned his head to face the woman he tried to steal food from. In that general direction was the barkeep also which made him frown upon sight beyond the woman. It would seem that she yelled at him and Jin, maybe wanted Thor's attention, or Jin's? Who's guess to make." Hmm... Yes, drunken lady? " He let from his lips. He wasn't upset, cold, or rude while saying it. He said it with such a high pitched tone maybe you would think he was really just a kid whom stuck his head  into a bar. Thorsten, could clearly see she was drunk, he sees it too often while with the caravan. He wondered if Jin took notice as well. " Care to follow.. Drunken lady? Follow dear ole me... Teheee. " This made him sick to his stomach sort of. Trying to add to his company, while giving the expression of cheery and child-like. Why? Because she seemed like she could still hold her own while under the influence. Again though, Thorsten wondered if, Jin had taken notice to his behavior and thought to see if he would play along into getting a extra to join they cause in taking out beast in the mine.

The barkeep began to stare now. " Aye! Get out of here Kid, you've done your business now, SCAT! " He hadn't the patience for Thorsten's presence anymore. Neither did Thorsten either. So he would hopefully lead Jin, and the newly added? Drunken Lady with purple hair. " Excuse me.. I need to take a leak. Y'all head to the mine ahead of me. " Thorsten said. He could've used the out house in the bar, but the barkeep was a hassle already. So he ditched off into the tree lining a little bit afar from the two. There he would actually begin walking away. Thorsten, had thought about the mine issue, and than thought about just going home to eat candy. Candy had won that battle. " Farewell...Candy has won... " Such a odd excuse to ditch them with the ole 'I gotta piss' line. Thorsten, had strolled off back to the main city to return to the caravan and eat some candy.



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11 Re: Meeting Rima and Jin Xu [Job] on 05/11/17, 02:51 pm

rima fahim

"I'm not drunk, I feel great!...hic!" An intoxicated Rima would stutter out, stumbling her way to the nearby chair. As she started to sit down, she noticed her stomach started to feel a bit queasy. "O-Okay...maybe I am drunk." She'd quickly turn her head to the man next to her and give him a quick look-down.

"The strange boy looked like he might of been a bit stronger, but I see that you're able to hold your own as well." The drunk magician hadn't a clue of what she was talking about, as her ability to scope out a person's strength was horrible. However, she was in-fact getting a strange sense of blood-lust coming from the boy before he rushed to the bathroom, a blood-lust that this man did not have.

"Come on, let's head out to go clear those mines. I might be a bit drunk, but I should be able to fend for myself. I really need the money...especially after tonight." She would say, reminding herself of the delicious meal they had brought out to her earlier. She couldn't help but lick her lips at the mere thought of it.

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12 Re: Meeting Rima and Jin Xu [Job] on 23/12/17, 02:30 am

rima fahim

“Fine, I’ll just go by myself.” Rima would say, staggering to get out of her chair. She had been waiting for the red-haired man’s response, only to get ignored. The alcohol in her blood was raising her level of agitation no doubt, but before she was given a chance to unleash her fury upon him, the man had disappeared entirely.

Sneering at the man’s empty seat, Rima would take a deep breath to recollect her intoxicated thoughts. “Alright, where did that old miner guy go?” She would say, swiveling her head back and forth to look for him. After a couple of nausea-inducing head turns, the drunk magician had finally found him.

Waltzing over to his table, Rima would slam her hand down to get attention. The purple-haired girl had an unusual smug-look on her face, gleaming with confidence. Confidence wasn’t something she often felt, proving clearly just how drunk she actually was.

“Take me to that mine, I need some extra money.” She would bluntly state, the blush on her face changing to an even darker red. Despite her not inducing any more alcohol in the past twenty or so minutes, her condition still seemed to be getting worse. While it was good for the girl’s morale / confidence, it might prove to be an issue for her if she is forced to take up arms.

The Old Miner would simply laugh at her pitiful drunken state, pressing his short stubby legs into the ground. With a sharp-sounding snort that came from his nose, he would open his mouth to begin talking. -- “I don’t know how you plan on doing anything while being that drunk, but I might as well show ya what you’d be up against. You’ll most likely take a run for it before you get into some serious trouble, or at least I hope. I wouldn’t want more innocent blood on my hands because of this whole thing.” He would laugh, his small body now carrying him towards the front entrance.

“Well? If you're coming, drag your ass over here!”

[Timeskip: 30-Minutes Later]

After a short walk into the woods, the duo had finally reached their destination; the mine. At first glance, it seemed like an ordinary cavern. However, with further inspection, the cave seemed to split off into three paths. Two of which were clearly accessible, while the one of the right was blocked by a large wooden sign, bearing the symbol of a skull on it.

“I’m assuming that the tunnel with the sign is where I’m supposed to be heading, is that right?” Rima would ask, her head turning to face the short old man’s. He would simply give her a nod, laughing to himself yet again.

“The creatures inside are quite slow, so you’ll be able to get away fairly easily. Even in your state, you might have a shot at taking down one of the smaller ones. However, make sure to book it once the big ‘ol one shows itself. A fragile drunk-out-of-her mind girl such as you, against a hulking rock beast? The odds aren’t exactly in your favor. Anyways, just don’t get killed.”

The man’s words stung somewhat, bringing a vein to Rima’s forehead. She wanted to speak her mind to him, but the booze must have been wearing off somewhat, because the strange confidence of hers from earlier seemed to be fading away. Even though it wasn’t entirely gone, a clearer mind would indeed help with a mission like this.

With a simple nod of understanding, Rima would walk around the danger sign to enter the dark and dangerous cave. Strangely enough, this task was oddly familiar to something she had done in Reim a while back, or at least she thinks. Her memory wasn’t the greatest, so it might have just been a false memory or something.

[Timeskip: 5-Minutes Later]

As she furthered herself inside of the cave, any trace of light from before was completely gone. The only way she was able to see where she was going now, was the faint light from the candle she had been given before entering. It wasn’t much, but it was enough.

Pressing onward, Rima would eventually reach a dead-end. Or that’s what she thought it was at first, right until the wall suddenly began to shake. The magician wasn’t given any time to react to to this, as two large stone-hands collapsed around her.

Unable to properly defend herself, her borg would save her at the last second. As the hands clashed against her barrier, it would immediately shatter and send the girl flying back into a wall, knocking the lit candle out of her hands as well.

With the fading light being the only thing guiding her vision, Rima would try to move quickly. Her unsteady hand would pounce for her wand, which happened to be tied at her waist at the time. Grasping her Headless Caster now, Rima would quickly point it in the direction of her assailant.

Grudge Manifest | A vortex of black mist would suddenly appear before her, absorbing and collecting any nearby bacteria, dust, rock, until it had obtained a semi-humanoid form. The newly-formed creature would suddenly let out a ghastly howl, blue flames erupting from its ajar mouth

Upon the abomination’s complete creation, Rima would need not even give it a command. It would simply flail its body in the direction of the Old Mine Guardian, clashing its hardened fists against the construct’s stone body. -- As if the Old Mine Guardian’s body were made out of paper mache, it would quickly begin to crumble to the ground.  

However, the fight was not over just yet. As the Old Mine Guardian collapsed to the ground, three smaller versions of it would arise from its rubble. If Rima had not been expecting the smaller rock guardians already, she might have been in trouble. However, the old man has warned her of these smaller ones beforehand. With this knowledge placed in her mind, Rima would simply snap her fingers in response.

Grudge Manifest : Explode | As soon as Rima’s snap went off, her abomination would ignite itself with its own blue flames. As the fire started to slowly expand, it would suddenly combust entirely, creating a large 2-meter explosion of blue flames. This attack was enough to finish the Mine Guardians off, leaving nothing but a burnt pile of rocks.

[Timeskip: 5-Minutes Later]

After having cleared the mine and walked back, Rima would exit from the entrance. A smile was plastered on her face as she paced herself to the old miner, her hands out to receive her reward.


magoi ( 370 / 380 )stamina ( 80 / 80 )
word count ( 1500+/1500 )notes ( text / here )


Traits Points: 0/8
Shards of Solomon: x2
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