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The Kung Household: Hone a Noble's Blade [Job/Solo]

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Job Name: Train a Warrior!
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 15,000 Huang & 200 xp
Job Prerequisites: Trently Only
Job Overview: Requiring the aid of a Warrior, a noble boy asks for the help of Trently to learn the ways of a sword. Detail how you train him in the arts of a Warrior. Prepare him for the battlefield of a Civil War and fight an elite to validate your expertise before taking him under your wing.


Enemy Name: Elite Soldier: Ai-Bao
Rank: B-Tier
Needed damage to take down: A-Tier
Description: An Elite Soldier that is seasoned by the battlefield, a veteran and bodyguard for a noble family.


  • Strike - Ai-Bao lifts his blade and slashes at the his opponent either horizontally or vertically; it does B-Tier.

  • Defend - Ai-Bao lifts his shield and wards off any action done to him; it shields up to B-Tier.

  • Feint Attack - Instead of the traditional strike, Ai-Bao acts as if he is about to strike an area to then slash his opponent in a different spot.

On a day in which the clouds of the sky blanketed Kou from the harsh sun, there'd be a note that'd be sent via a pigeon to a camp of Gao Yuan Zu's. As it'd enter the camp, the pigeon would scour around for a boy whom was garbed in orange and green. Once it found the boy, the pigeon would try to tuck the note into boy's pocket. "Huh!? Aye Bud! Whatcha doin!? A note?" Yet, the boy caught the sneaky pigeon and sat it down on a crate as he'd grab the note from it's talons. Upon taking a look at the note, the boy would take a seat, a tad interested in what it had to say.

Dear Mr. Yanaihara,

Our eldest son, Kung Ru, is in need of a instructor that can help prepare him for the war. If you'd be interested in tutoring our son, please come by the Kung Household as soon as you can.


Kung Fu

"One Sec! Let me pen a note for you to take back to your owner!" Combing through his bag, Trently'd grab an ink pen and inscribe a note of his own. "Aight! You're free buddy!" Tying the note to the pigeon, the pigeon would look at the boy for a quick second, then once the boy was done, the pigeon would set out flying. "Ehehe!" Now, the boy just had to get to the Kung's Household but he'd have to ask his Guard Captain before doing so, or else he'd end up in big trouble.

As he made his way toward the Guard Captain's tent, Trently'd be stop by Shian, a comrade of his. "Oi, Trently! Where ya goin?" Shian would ask his mate. "Have to ask the Guard Captain for consent in leaving the camp for a a day or two, got to go tutor the eldest son of the Kung Household." Is what Trently'd say to Shian. "Ah! Good luck then, Trent!" Shian would respond.

Once the boy was given consent, he'd head out to the Kung Household on foot as it wasn't too far from the camp he was designated. As he'd near the Kung estate, Trently'd enter an awe state as he laid his eyes upon the noble mansion before his very soul. "Woah!" Amazed, the boy would step up to the mansion's gates. "Stop there! What is your name?" A guard would ask the boy in a loud tone of voice. "Ah! It is Yanaihara! Sir! Torento Yanaihara!" As he'd respond back, the boy would meet the guard face to face, the guard atop the estate's gates. "Oh I see, you're that boy aren't you? The one that we requested help of! Welcome to the Kung Household, you may enter!" Upon the gates being open, the boy would enter and there, he'd meet Soh Mei, a maid for the Kung Household estate. "Are you Mr. Yanaihara? If you are, it is a pleasure to have you here. You've been asked to come here in order to tutor young Kung Ru, he is about the age of you so you two should get along. Yet, before we get to that I have to ask that you prove your blade's work against our head guard, Ai-Bao. Come, Mr. Yanaiahara!" Then, the maid, Soh Mei would escort the boy over to Ai-Bao who'd take care of the boy from there on out.

"Hm? Who do we have here? A boy aye? Puny he looks, ya sure he's the guy we asked for help?" Is what Ai-Bao would ask Soh Mei, in an unsure tone of voice. "Ah ye.. That's me.." The boy'd say as he touched the back of his head. Then show me kid! You look puny! Ahaha! As he'd taunt the boy, Ai-Bao would unbind his blade, then, laugh aloud as he did so. "Come at me boyo!" Said Ai-Bao whom would then aim his blade at Trent. "Here we go yet again!" Exclaimed Trent as he'd draw his blade. "Hia!" Soaring above his foe, Trently'd jump, hoping to force his way into Ai-Bao's defenses. Then, as he loomed above his foe, the boy would abruptly slam his blade down, using the force of gravity to help him in destroying Ai-Bao's guard. Yet, Trently'd be met by Ai-Bao's shield, instead of the man's blade. As Ai-Bao would defend using his shield, he'd draw his blade in his other hand and slash out at the boy whom dared to take him on from above.

"Shiet! Once Ai-Bao would slash, Trent would jump back and use his foe's own shield in order to do so. Now, the boy would unsheathe Meinu, to then take on his foe using both blades. Taking on his foe, head on, the boy'd exchange a few clashes then, dodge his foe's blade and as he'd dodge, he'd cut his foe's leg up a tad. "Giah!" Is what Ai-Bao would shout. As he'd yelp in pain, the man would reign down his blade, testing the boy to see if he'd be able to dodge this. "Gotcha!" The boy would exclaim, swaying his head out the way, though the blade did catch his shoulder. "Hia!" Lunging his katana into Ai-Bao's arm, Trently'd end the match there.

Under a tree, Kung Ru sat, as he'd observed the match from the start to end. Once Trent won, Kung Ru would go to congratulate Trent and ask of Soh Mei to patch Ai-Bao up. "Can you take care of Ai-Bao, Soh Mei?" The young red head boy would ask of Soh Mei. "Ah! Yes! As you wish! Soh Mei told the young lad as she'd go to patch Ai-Bao up at once.  "Anyhow, you must be Torento, it is a pleasure to have you here! If you can, are you able to start tutoring me today?" Looking to start improving his blade's work as soon as he can, Kung Ru'd ask Trent if he'd be able to start today. "Uh! Sure! Happy that Kung Ru is so eager to start, Trent would accept. So, later on that day, the two boys would start to spar and train for the war they'd both soon partake in.

"Hm? So what is you need help in? Or is it that you don't know how to use a sword period?" Trent would ask Kung Ru, curious to what the young boy needed help in exactly.

"Ah, I've used a sword in the past but I lack the strength to use it how my dad does whom is renowned in the way of the sword. Dad would have taught me but he's always busy so I was never able to learn how to use a blade from an experienced veteran directly. Sure, I've had tutors too but none of them could truly help me." Kung Ru asked Trently, praying that the Yanaihara would be able to help improve his swordsmanship. "Then you've came to the right guy! Ehehe! Here, catch!" As Trent'd say that, he'd pass Kung Ru a wooden katana. "Ah, Okay! Gotcha!" The red locked boy would say as he'd snatch up the wooden katana Trent threw over towards him.

"Let us head out then Kung Ru! To catch us a monster! I heard its in the woods! Ehehehehehe!" The young tutor of Kung Ru would say as a smirk would begin to take form on his face. "Huh.. ?" Kung Ru'd say, pondering on what his tutor meant by "Monster".

Before we spar, you have to experience true strength and what is out there in this world! That is how the Trent would prepare the boy known as Kung Ru for war, by taking him out to see what's out there, out there in this cruel world. Tho, Trently would of course spar alongside the boy for a few days once they were done taking down the beast. The Yanaihara did whatever he could in order to prepare Kung Ru for war, from physical, to mental, Trent would construct this noble's blade from sand to glass and glass to stone, then stone to diamond and so on.

How Trent'd train Kung Ru is as so. As a warm up in the morning, they'd go spar for four hours. Then, from there, Kung Ru would have to undergo physical labor. This ranged from doing just simple chores, to hard core sit ups or push ups. Trently'd take part in this too as they'd both, Trent and Kung Ru would need this, more so Kung Ru but it wouldn't hurt trying it too alongside Kung Ru. The duo would eat lots of food to ensure they gain muscle and not burn more calories than what they want to burn. At the end of the day, the two would spar again for hours, going at it as if it's their last day on earth. By the end of their spar, they both would be drained of their energy, so Trent and Kung Ru would stop there, to only then pick up again the next day.


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