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Jingyi's Profession [Reworked/WIP]

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1 Jingyi's Profession [Reworked/WIP] on 17/06/17, 01:38 pm

When I first made my professions, they weren't that good, and now I realize how useless it is. If it's fine, I would like to rework them.

Primary Profession
Related Class: Warrior
Profession Title: Zhuhou - Warlord
Description: Zhuhou, otherwise known as warlords, are military commanders who control a single region. They oversee a legion of troops who they direct and fight alongside with. Unlike mercenaries, a Zhuhou and their band are aligned with a king of some sort and protect the region for him.
Profession Perks:

  • Retainers: As Zhuhou, Jingyi has retainers who manage the recruitment of soldiers. Her tier dictates the number of soldiers and retainers under her control. If they are killed in combat then Jingyi must complete an assignment to restore them.

    • D-tier: At D-tier, Jingy may have a single retainer whose rank is D-tier and x-amount of soldiers.
    • C-tier: At C-tier, Jingyi may have retainers whose rank collectively adds up to C-tier and x-amount of soldiers.
    • B-tier: At B-tier, Jingyi may have retainers whose rank collectively adds up to B-tier and x-amount of soldiers.
    • A-tier: At A-tier, Jingyi may have retainers whose rank collectively adds up to A-tier and x-amount of soldiers.
    • Ω-tier: At Ω-tier, Jingyi may have retainers whose rank collectively adds up to Ω-tier and x-amount of soldiers.

  • Recruiter: The job of the Zhuhou is to serve their king and supply him with resources and, more importantly, soldiers. Jingyi is capable of recruiting or drafting more men to join her force.

    • D-tier:
    • C-tier:
    • B-tier:
    • A-tier:
    • Ω-tier:

  • Military Influence: Zhuhou are leaders with much influence in the military realm. Using her title, Jingyi may gain favors from NPCs depending on her tier, the request, and the word-count.

    • D-tier:
    • C-tier:
    • B-tier:
    • A-tier:
    • Ω-tier:

Secondary Profession
Profession Title: Weapons Expert
Description: Weapon experts are people who have an eye for all types of weapons - such as swords, spears, axes, shields, and even gun-powder or magic-based ones. Jingyi, during her extensive career in the military and being surrounded by weapons, has developed an eye for them.
Profession Perks:

  • Consumer:
    As a weapons expert and a frequent customer, Jingyi is capable of purchasing high-quality weapons for a reduced price. However, she may not be able to buy beasts, ranger-weapons, trickster weapons, or staffs for a reduced price since they are out of her range of specialty. The perk does not apply to weapon upgrades.

    • D-tier: 6,000 Huang
    • C-tier: 12,000 Huang
    • B-tier: 36,000 Huang
    • A-tier: 70,000 Huang

  • Field Expert:
    Jingyi has grown capable of examining a weapon and determining information about them. This includes their material, damage, weak points,
    and center of balance.


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