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[Travel] Kou to Riem [Solo]

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1 [Travel] Kou to Riem [Solo] on 14/06/17, 06:03 pm


"When your castles of sand crumble into the ocean, will you stand by that which you held in splendor, or will you fade like the beautiful lie you lived in?"

The girl sat on the precipice of the cliff, her feet dangling over the air as the sapphire expanse of sea spread before her. Her mind was placid, something recently she'd begun to appreciate. It seemed as though things made sense to her now, and the simple, rebellious girl she had been before had grown, bloomed into something that she was meant to be.

She gazes out at the small flock of seagulls that spiral beneath her before standing tall, her back to the wind, hair flowing around her neck and shoulders. She drummed her fingers gingerly across the golden ring atop the oak rod, the metal vibrating slightly after she had finished.

"It's time." Her eyes looked behind at the young man accompanying her. "Are you ready?" Her gaze is resolute, and placid, yet somehow soothing instead of intimidating. She turned, stepping to the edge of the cliff, seeming almost to glide on the subtle breeze around her.

She raises her staff, the golden ring encircling the sun in her view. "Awaken, slumbering power, and bring forth the means to change this world."

And there was silence.

"Is that it," the boy asked. "This is the capability of a ma-"

A sudden rumbling cuts the boy's words from his tongue. The azure gleam of the ocean, stained amber with the rays of the setting sun, was in motion. a gentle stirring at first, soft movements of currents and swells. The boy watched on in skepticism.

The waves would crash over each other, pulling the water into a basin as hues of emerald and amethyst began to pull across the water's surface, drifting amorphously beneath the opalescent foam. The water dipped and caved, a basin of the brine forming before the boy's eyes.

The magi's hair had slowly risen from her shoulders, seeming to float lightly as she held her staff and continued the channel, the raven locks fluttering gently. The basin seemed unstable, waves crashing about every which way inside of it until a jade spear breached the surface. The basin seemed to stretch as the spire rose more and more, it's base flaring into tiles that descended.

The boy's jaw dropped. He'd never expected her words to be true, much less prepared for it, and yet here she was, raising his fate before him.

Amaya closed the book with a sigh. It was a fanciful tale, if anything, but the presence of a magi in the modern era was something she doubted she'd ever get to witness. Still, the look of excitement on the young boy's face in front of her was enough to keep her reading the story to him. That and the fact that this was her ticket into Reim. The caravaneers had been gracious enough to allow her to accompany, provided she could entertain the children that were there. She was reluctant, but it was free passage that she could otherwise not afford. At least she wasn't without materials. The juvenile books that had been stored away had proven more than helpful to the young assassin, and she most likely would have drowned without them.

In spite of this, she was both exhausted from the long entertainment schedule, and still rather irked that she couldn't be afforded a proper time to rest. She would have much preferred to be the caravan guard, rather than the inept, muscle bound buffoon they had sitting at the helm, but by this point, she was too agitated and tired to care. It beyond certain that her initial actions upon reaching Reim would be to find the nearest inn and promptly sleep for several days.


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