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A feral beginning -Open-

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1 A feral beginning -Open- on 13/06/17, 05:36 pm

Jacklyn new to living in a town or for that matter with anyone besides his father who last he seen impaled him. While he knows full well why his father did so the fact he left Jacklyn alone said everything. Search for a home Jacklyn went walking slowly as he always does. Trying to find any food related smell other than fish was a trial. Yet while he loved eating the first week after being found fish was all he eaten. It wasn't like Jacklyn didn't like fish he just wants a little variety is all. When suddenly the wind picks up coming from the north as it blew south. The scent was that of bread freshly baked and it sent him wild with a passion of pure love (for food that is) he could never control. Running like a dog but as fast as a horse Jacklyn followed the scent ending up a single block away at a bakery.

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