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Lets do the right thing! [Job/Solo/Dylan]

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Job Name: Fishing Time!
Job Rank: D-tier
Job Location: Shu Fang River
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites:  N/A
Job Overview: Some of the war refugees who is taking a shelter near the river are struggling to feed themselves and the weather to catch some fishes is just too harsh, making some of them end up eating leaves. Help them to catch some fishes in the river despite the bad weather and they will reward you.

Clouds rolled along, matching pace with the gentle sea breeze. Ripples of the ocean reaching the coast, rocking the ships on the waters and docked. However, despite the normally ideal weather conditions, the sun was beating down like a pulse of fire. Those who were nearby were doing their best to stay cool, but it had seemed futile. Straw hats and wearing the skimpiest clothing available, amongst both genders, such as wife beaters or mid-riff exposed tops. Everyone was drenched in their own sweat, easily visible across their garments, weather they were laboring or not. Dylan raised his head. His nostrils flaring, and beads of sweat crawling down his face, his brows only a mild deterrent.

The pangs of war had reached even here. He couldn’t compete with the struggles of war and the pain of the daily life. His words would never reach their ears, but he knew what he could do to ease their pain and possible gain their trust for the future. The farmers and fisherman up the river and down at the mouth, everyone was struggling.



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Dylan’s mind was still plotting three steps ahead, and was willing to take the long road to accomplish his goals. His goodwill was merely a device to take him to the next step further down the road. All he had on hand was his Desert Prophet, a powerful tool that he still hadn’t been able to tap into. However this situation didn’t seem to warrant such excessive strength. The red head had gone across the coast over the rivers bank as he spoke to those who had taken refuge under the shade, their bodies decaying from the lack of proper sustenance, definitely a culture of people who had depended on the plentiful fish of the area.

Dylan began to speak to each and every one of them individually, as he began to get a bigger picture of what the town was like. Farmers, who wouldn’t trade with the fisherman because there were no more fish. Everyone in the village was suffering, but none more so than these anglers. It was clear that if he could fix this, the whole community would be in his debt.



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