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Night Guard [B - Repeatable]

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1 Night Guard [B - Repeatable] on 10/06/17, 08:06 pm

Job Name: Night Guard
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
The town has enlisted the help of experienced fighters to help protect the citizens against a group of bandits who have been raiding the town at night. Stand guard at one of the border openings and await the attack. Once the bandits are spotted, engage them and defeat several of the lower ranked goons. The leader may be among their ranks, and his defeat will bring a bigger reward.

Enemy Name: Bandit Leader
Rank: B-tier
Needed damage to take down: B-tier
Description: The bandit leader is dressed in fine clothes and leather armor. He wields a sword that deals C-tier damage and a bow that deals C-tier damage. In his arsenal, he also has some bombs.
♦Bomb!: The bandit leader throws one of his bombs 5m in front of him at an enemy before backpedaling 5m. The bomb explodes, dealing C-tier damage to any foe within 5m of it.
♦Ranged Attack: The bandit leader concentrates as he aims an arrow at an opponent. He then releases the arrow, hitting a vital point in his opponent's body and dealing B-tier up to 10m away.
♦Viper Strike: The bandit leader desperately uses his sword, attacking his enemy and dealing C-tier damage before retreating and putting distance between him and his foe.

Enemy Name: Goons x5
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: Men dressed in dark robes and masks, they wield daggers that deal C-tier damage.
♦Shank: The goon sneaks up behind an enemy and shanks them with his dagger, dealing C-tier damage.
♦Flying Daggers: The goon throws two of his daggers at a foe, each dagger dealing D-tier damage for a combined total of C-tier damage.
♦Close Combat: The goon gets into the face of an opponent and rapidly attacks them with their dagger. They strike them multiple times, most of their attacks missing due to their momentum. Those that land end up dealing a total of C-tier damage.

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2 Re: Night Guard [B - Repeatable] on 20/07/17, 09:34 am

Goons and leader defeated with the help of Oliver!


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3 Re: Night Guard [B - Repeatable] on 20/07/17, 02:58 pm

Approved. Don't forget to post for your XP rewards!


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4 Re: Night Guard [B - Repeatable] on 02/09/17, 05:11 pm


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5 Re: Night Guard [B - Repeatable] on 23/09/17, 07:50 pm



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6 Re: Night Guard [B - Repeatable] on 28/09/17, 11:49 pm




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7 Re: Night Guard [B - Repeatable] on 29/09/17, 04:10 pm

Approved and rewarded.


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