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The Trembling Canary [ Training | Plot ]

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A temperate breeze gusted through the window; the curtains taking turns inviting it in. It was late. The room was illuminated by the pure white glow of the moon. As the tapestry closed, the room went dark. He could feel the shadows envelop him as if they were trying to consume him. His breath had become ragged. Everytime he pulled himself forward, he could practically feel the bindings grating against his flesh. He dug his fingers into his neck and yet there was nothing there.

The blood that had pooled up at his feet yet it was long from warm. Bodies circled him in a perfect ring of limbs and entrails. His stomach finally gave in, bringing all the fluids up his esophagus. It burned. The watery bile mixed in with the thick fluids below. Blowflies had already began to congregate in the room, buzzing around his ears. His own body was just as enticing to them as those around him.

His ankles were unsteady and his body thin. He couldn't clear his head. As if there was a heavy fog obscuring his thoughts. His body moved on it's own as he dragged his feet out of the room. It was all a blur until he was outside. The streets were empty aside from a few rats that scurried about. He looked down at his hands; closing and opening them to feel the dried blood flake off his fingers.

"The world is... so cruel, isn't it?"

A tepid breath lingered on his ear. The voice was disgustingly familiar. A haunting figure of his past. The one who left him so vulnerable like this. He turned to find the man but only found empty space. His heart stopped as he gazed down the road behind him. He looked around frantically, finding nothing. Yet the warm air still pressed against his body.

"Is that why you killed them? Ha! They scared you that bad, huh?"

"I didn't kill them! It was you! You always do this! Why don't you just leave me alone?!"

Setekh fell to his knees, gripping the sides of his head. He just wanted this nightmare to end. It's not real... He shut his eyes tight in hopes he'd close his mind along with them. Just go away... The more he tried to ignore it, the horror became even more real. Another heartbeat, a ghostly hand upon his shoulder. It crept around his body in a trapping embrace.

"But I am you, aren't I? If I'm not... How can I protect us from this?"

An unknown force pressed against his eyelids, opening them. A crippling fear and rage swarmed throughout his body. He wanted to lunge at the masked figure in front of him but his fear froze him still. The man bent down and grasped his face. His eyes filled with vile pity and a dominating flame. Help me... He called out to him but there was no answer.

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As the man's face came closer, his vision blackened around him. It wasn't the first time he stared into the abyss and he was certain it wouldn't be the last. It was a while before he woke up. He was in his bed back at the dorm. There was no blood or the strong smell of death. Just the scent of burning wax and fresh linens. Was it all just a dream..? A deep breath escaped his chapped lips as the peace of silence came over him.

"Did you honestly expect me to save you after all those accusations? You really pin me for some kind of fool... But no worries, I wouldn't let my lovely self die at his hands."

It seemed his mind was still harboring an intruder. Just ignore it. He took another deep breath and kept his eyes shut. Maybe it will go away. It was the monster sitting at the foot of his bed. He felt the indent pressing down into the mattress; the warmth of it's body. It's voice was clearer than water. Everything about it mocked him.

"Just going to ignore me after you cried so desperately for me? Oh... How wicked of you."

A sinister chuckle flowed out it's throat. The very sound shook him to the core. Setekh turned his body over in frustration, bringing his pillow over his head. Just go... I don't need you. The creature was a burden. He just wanted to live his life away from the masked man; to find any sign of his sister. Or I could... make us forget. You're never going to find her, Setekh. The world is too big. It's voice seemed to follow him wherever he went. But he couldn't deny it was right.

"If you feel so strongly... how about I wake you up a little?"

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A strong feeling of force fell upon him before his eyes shot open. He could see out of them yet he was not in control. His body carried him up and off of the bed, looking at his hands to check if they still worked. He heard the door open and looked back to see who it was.

"Is that you..? Are you alright, Setekh? Where have you been?"

He wanted to speak but his mouth wouldn't open; his voice wouldn't come out. His mouth formed into a smile before turning around. He walked straight passed his friend without a word. Setekh paused in the doorway, holding onto the frame. He turned his head to gaze at the man behind him.

"Just taking a walk."

His voice wasn't alike his own. But it was only slightly different. His friend knew what was going on in that instant. Though he seemed to brush it off as nothing. The notion was horrifying. Setekh wanted control but he felt like a canary in a tight cage. It was his captor, holding him hostage. Just go to sleep, now. You're good at that right? It's not like you do much of anything else. With that, his right to see from his own eyes was revoked. A terrifying thing to be blinded. But he soon faded into a deep slumber.

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It was cold yet warm. His skin felt as if it was burning yet it was numb. He couldn't move nor speak. There was something surrounding him; a tight grip that wouldn't let go. He could barely manage to open his eyes but when he did, something broke. His vision was still blurry. He could only make out vague blocks of a red floating away from him. It was getting warmer. He felt as if he was melting. His body began to tremble as he fell to his knees. A splash of warmth hit his face but it wasn't quite water.

"What... is this..?"

Setekh lifted his hand slowly. Red. These episodes always ended in his blood shed but it was different this time. Something heavy was attached to his abdomen. Can you see it now? He gazed down at his abdomen, his vision becoming clearer with time. A large shard was impaled straight into his stomach but it spread all over his abdomen. Ice..? The formation looked similar. He had cast this spell before. It took a bit before the pain finally settled in.

He screamed out but no one could hear him. For once, he was alone. Do you want to live now? Setekh tensed his face, cursing through his teeth. He could barely lift himself up but he knew if he dropped fully to the floor now, it would be over for him. Help me. Setekh gazed at the ground below him. He stared at the blood dripping from his mouth and onto the damp dirt below. His life was slowly fleeting out of his body.

Every beat of his heart pulsated the blood through him. He felt it flow through his veins. His vision blurred slightly as he began to lift himself up. The pain was numbed through the chill of the ice. Only you can help yourself. Hints of sapphire and violet light glistened in his view. These particles fluttered gracefully around him. He had seen these before. They were things that no one else but they could see. Rukh. Thoughts raced through his head. He was told that they only gathered during death or the casting of magic.

The purple rukh reminded him of his beloved sister. In the academy, they are taught to symbolize life. Perhaps they were trying to tell him something. He reached out for them. They began to gather on his hand, melting into a thick, sticky substance. This was then lightened by the blue rukh that brought water from the melting shard. Blood..? It traveled down his arm and up to his mouth. The taste of iron touched his palette. He choked on the sensation but after it was done, his body felt warm and clean.

The bleeding was temporarily stopped but as the crimson shard melted, he continued to bleed. What are you trying to teach me? He wanted an answer but he had none. The taunting voice had gone silent. He had gone silent. Through the agonizing pain and weakness, he knew he needed to save himself. Without a facade of emotions, he needed to be strong. He dragged himself to the edge of the lake and fell into the shallow water. The ice crackled and broke off in the warm water. His blood flowed out of him and traveled along the ripples.

He ripped off his shirt, tying it tightly around his waist. Most of the skin was either dead or had been preserved by the frost. The pain that followed the thawing of his abdomen was unbearable. He spent hours writhing in the water, screaming to the wind. Sweat poured down from his brow. After it passed, he lied in the mud for a while. The sun had come up and the water levels had went down. Keeping him company were the bits of rukh surrounding him. Threads of commands seemed to flow through his mind as he reached out to them again.

"Would you help me, again..?"

Blood trickled down his body, staining the cloth around his waist. Yet the pain subsided and there was nothing left but a scar. He looked down at his stomach and frowned. How ugly... He was exhausted. His head landed back into the soft dirt before he allowed himself to sleep. Perhaps for one last time.

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His eyelids fluttered open, capturing the gentle sunlight within his pupils. The ceiling was of stone instead of endless skies. Walls of curtains surrounded him in a small space. A gentle hand pressed itself against his face and another forehead touched his own. Warm tears dropped from her cheeks onto his. There was a silence between the two. You always seem to find me, don't you? His brows furrowed and his heart felt tight from the guilt that burdened it. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. She brought her fist to his chest with force.

"How are you going to explain this one?! You're... you're so stupid! Do you know that?! You worried me sick..."


Her head moved from his head down to his chest and she wept into his body. He placed his hand upon the back of her head, stroking her hair. It was brown but had a beautiful golden shimmer as if it was laced with golden threads. The way she cried was also beautiful but sad. It reminded him of how his mother would cry. No matter how mad or upset she was, she would always hide her face and weep. She was the only one who stuck around despite his behavior. The others wouldn't speak to him ever again. Not after everything he has done. But she still found room in her heart to forgive him.

"I'm alright. It's alright..."

"You always say that... Why don't you just let me help you..."

I have to help myself... It was an answer he couldn't give her. Not now. With time her tears subsided and she rose up. He couldn't bare look her in the eyes. It was the same each time he did this. She left for the day but he knew she would be back the next morning. He had spent a few days in the medical center but was soon released back into the school. It was odd. No one had discovered any bodies. Nor had anyone gone missing except for him. Yet those around him still avoided his presence. He finally got back into the normal routine of classes.

In his spare time, he played around with his new discovery. Blood could be manipulated much like water. It could be frozen and thawed, even boiled. When heated it turns into steam, yet leaves an organic residue. When taken from the body, it leaves fatigue or death. There was a valuable lesson he learned of life. That blood was something almost every living thing had. It was essential. It flowed just as water flowed. A river wouldn't be a river without the oceans and lakes they come from. The concept was simple yet complicated. Even after a few weeks time, it was enough to learn that one could drown in it. It would be a power hard to detach from. An addiction most likely not meant for a mortal's knowledge.

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