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Class Duels [Job/Solo]

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Merari leaned back in his seat as Professor Dumin took center stage of the classroom. The teacher, like her students, were dressed in formal black robes with a Magician's hat hiding her hair that was pinned up in a bun. In her palm rested a wand that seemed like it came straight out of a child's storybook.

Rapping echoed across the classroom, the noise causing the dim chatter of voices to completely die down. Dumin cleared her throat a moment later before offering her class a polite smile. From his spot, Merari could spot the excited glint in her eye as the teacher begun to talk.

"Good morning, class! I hope you're ready because today is an important day. If you remember, we've been talking about the rules of dueling and techniques for the courtyard. And now, I believe you all are ready to go from theory to application."

Her words were followed by a burst of whispers among his classmates, students leaning close together to trade off ideas about what they thought their teacher was up to. From up front, a loud "ahem" could be heard before Dumin continued with her talk.

"We're going to be dueling in pairs. And do not worry for I shall choose your opponent's." Dumin prattled, peering down her bespectacled nose at her students. They seemed downtrodden that they couldn't choose their own foes, but nevertheless, they still were excited to Merari.

"Now then," she said after clearing her throat, picking up one paper of many from her desk. A long finger pushed up her round glasses before the teacher began to call out names. As whenever Dumin made pairs for their class, the student stood up when their names were called before walking over to their partner.

"Merari, you are to duel Azort. Caziane, you're with Maivie," Dumin called out, Merari along with the other students getting to their feet. Glancing at the black-haired Magician he was to fight, Merari gestured to him before grabbing his wand and quietly walking over to him.

Azort was taller than Merari himself, with short cropped hair and pale honey eyes. Like the Green Magician, he was a 3rd Kodor student, though if Merari remembered correctly, Azort was a Blue Magician. Speaking of Azort, the Magician seemed to be giving Merari a look, with his eyes narrowed and a slight frown on his face. If he had to guess, Merari supposed that he was upset that he wasn't set up with one of his friends.

Soon, the rest of the class was paired up before being marched to a classroom specifically for dueling. At the head of the line was Professor Dumin, her body rigid as she was followed by silence. She was always particular about making sure that none of her students caused even a minor disturbance in the hallways.

Partner walked by partner, and Merari matched step with step with Azort. The other boy didn't seem none too pleased, his knuckles white around his wand. As they walked, Merari did his best to wear Prince Charming's pleasant smile, his eyes half closed as his hair swayed with each step. It wasn't long until they reached the court, with the file of students being led to a series of chairs.

Sitting down besides Azort, Merari took out Komori and rested it across his lap. A blond-haired girl sat down besides him, but he heeded her no mind. In front of the seats stood Dumin, her wand hanging loosely from her fingers.

"You all shall duel one pair by one pair. We have plenty of time, so I ask that you all watch politely as you wait for your tours. Do remember that winning will not earn you bonus points. Your grade comes from technique, efficiency, and strategy. If we have time once all battles are completed, winners from the duels may compete in a royale to win bonus points. Now, will Azort and Merari step up and we shall commence this once I give you the say so." Dumin instructed, pulling up her own chair before plopping down comfortably on top of it. She rested her wand across her lap as Merari and Azort entered their ring, both wielding their weapons. "And just so you understand, anyone who slings a spell before I start you off, you will have points docked," The professor warned before calmly calling, "Start!"

At once Azort yelled "Ice Flower!", his words followed by him blowing into the ring of his wand. Drops of water flew out, transforming into spikes of ice as they traveled towards Merari. Before the spell could hit him, Merari quickly lashed his wand from left to side as he shouted, "Kane Mane!"

He poured more Magoi into the spell than he usually does, resulting in a stronger draft of wind being called upon. The wall of wind knocked aside the projectiles. But just as the Green Magician was about to wave Komori to unleash another spell, Azort launched another spell at him.

With a swipe of the Bubble Wand, Azort sent forth a Tsunami of water rushing towards Merari. Bracing himself for the spell, Borg's golden shield flashed to life around him, the waters crashing against his defense. It was only until the waters dispersed did Borg dispel and Merari begun to cast his spell.

"Iesar!" Merari shouted as waved Komori in a circular motion. The Rukh gathered together winds, manipulating it into a swirling tornado that swelled in sizes. The storm of razor wind fell upon Azort, ripping at his robes. The Water Magician panicked when the Iesar came upon him, feebly holding his arms in front of his face to shield himself from the cutting winds. Once the tornado finally died down, Azort was left with bleeding gashes, his body trembling with incoming rage as he finally lowered his hands.

Just as Azort raised his wand to cast another spell at his foe, Merari's fingers quickly plucked Komori's strings he played a tune of repeating notes. With speed, the Green Magician yelled "Canon!", resulting in an burst of sound from the Rukh. A sound wave nearly invisible to the naked eye shot forwards, hitting Azort in the stomach and knocking him backwards. His feet missed ground, and with an audible grunt the Blue Magician hit the ground.

Professor Dumin leaned forwards in her chair and watched, counting the seconds as Azort remained in his place on the ground. With a proud smirk on his face, Merari put Komori away as his teacher announced him the winner before walking over to his opponent. Replacing the smirk on his face, Merari instead wore a polite smile as he offered a hand up to Azort.

Job Details:

Job Name: Never Back Down
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Rewards: 100 XP / 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: The teacher is setting up a duel for all the students in the class. Accept the offer and beat your enemy to obtain rewards!

Enemy Name: Student (x1)
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: Student will cast magic by using a C-Tier wand
Ice flower – Student will produce drop of waters to the target and it will turn into 4 sharp ices which is 2 meters long. it will travel up to 10 meters away and deal B-Tier damage.
Ice shards – Student will cast 2 ice shards which is 1 meter long, it will travel up to 10 meters away and deal C-Tier damage.
Tsunami – Student will cast a wave of water which is 2 meters long and it will travel up to 10 meters away. It will deal C-Tier damage.


WC: 1117/1000
Magoi Cost: 165/240
Stamina Cost: 60/60
Damage Dealt: Iesar(C) + Canon(C) = B-tier damage

Spells Used:

Tier: D-Ω
Specialization: Magician
Type: Defensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Once the Borg is broken or damaged, it requires 3 turns to recover.
Scaling: Cannot be scaled
Sustain: No sustain limit
Cool Down: N/A
Cost: 5 Magoi

    A sphere of hardened magoi surrounds the user in an instant. It will defend against damage equal to its tier before shattering.

Tier: C-Tier
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user plays a short melody where the three notes repeat themselves at different speeds before pointing their staff at the target and chanting “Canon!”
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 post
Cost: 20 Magoi

    The user plays a simple melody that repeats itself at different speeds before pointing their staff at the opponent. The spell energizes the Sound Rukh and causes them to vibrate and shoot out 15 meters in a concentrated sound wave at the target, causing C-tier damage.

Tier: C-tier
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive [Wind]
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: The Magician holds their wand out in the direction they want the spell to head in and wave it circularly as they call out the name of the spell.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 Magoi

    The user holds the wand out, pointing it in the direction they want the spell to head in while waving their wand in a circular motion. After calling out the name of the spell, it casts up a tornado (2m by 3m; width by height) of razor wind, appearing 5m in front of the caster. The razor winds of the tornado cut the skin of anyone caught within, dealing C-tier damage.

Kaze Mane
Tier: C-tier
Class: Magician
Type: Defensive [Wind]
Range: Short
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user lashes their wand from left to right as they chant the spell.
Scaling: Damage reflected
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 Magoi + scaled once = 30 Magoi

    The user waves their wand in a lashing movement from left to right as the chant the name of the spell. Doing so, the spell whips up a powerful updraft of wind that acts like a wind block, either knocking down or knocking aside an incoming projectile of equal tier. The spell only has a reach of 3m.


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