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Fishing In The Storm [ Solo Job ]

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1 Fishing In The Storm [ Solo Job ] on 28/05/17, 07:00 pm

Job Name: Fishing Time!
Job Rank: D-tier
Job Location: Shu Fang River
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites:  N/A
Job Overview: Some of the war refugees who is taking a shelter near the river are struggling to feed themselves and the weather to catch some fishes is just too harsh, making some of them end up eating leaves. Help them to catch some fishes in the river despite the bad weather and they will reward you.

Rain Eveque loved the rain. It was the reason he called himself 'Rain'. That, and he liked the sound of the name flowing off his tongue. He loved how the rain caused his hair to become so slippery. He loved the feel of slippery hair. So silky and smooth to just follow the slope down with his hands. Sure it meant his clothes often became wet and saggy and uncomfortable but he felt it was well worth it. The rain was well worth it. An added bonus was going to the river while it rained. The ripples it caused captivated his attention. He loved rain.

WC: 105/500


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He splashed and swam in the river with a bright and fascinated smile. He watched as he created ripples around him. He watched the water fly upward as he created sweeping movements with his limbs. Every time the water returned from the sky and washed him over with its cold revenge, he shuddered gleefully. Even better than just splashing in the river, it was raining heavily. He suspected he would have a cold later on but right then, as he swam in the river, he could care less. The rain fell like a gift from the heaven. He blinked constantly as the tear drops of heaven bombarded him. Could this day get any better?

WC: 219/500


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"Y-you there!" a man from the bank called out. "You, swimming in the river!"

Eh? Who the hell dared disturb his fun? Actually, who the hell was crazy enough to even be out in this weather. Sure he was out, but he liked the rain. He was crazy. Most sane people would never be out in a storm like the one currently raging.

"Grab my hand!"

He watched as the man lowered his body to the ground and held out his hand over the water. "Eh? Why? Ya think I'm drowning or something? Don't bother!" Rain called back.


"I'm having fun swimming! Go away!"



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"Y-you, like this weather? Don't you mind it?" the man spluttered, confused.

"Yup! I love the rain!"

The man leaped to his feet as an idea formed in his mind. "You seem to be having fun. I bet catching fish would also be fun?"

"What would I do with the fish afterward, though?"

"I-I'd buy it from you," he suggested.

Rain rose his brow. This man seemed to be offering a quick job to him. "Ohh, I see where you're coming from. You want me to do all the hard work so you don't have to!"

"Pretty much?"

Rain tilted his head thoughtfully. "Meh, why not. You said you'd pay me, right?"




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Rain slithered through the water like a water snake. He twirled playfully, eyeing the fish above him with a devious grin. As he swam on his back, from the corner of his eye he caught the man watching him on the banks. He looked awfully nervous, Rain noted. The storm wasn't helping it one bit. He veered closer to the left bank. He turned onto his belly and with a mischievous smile, began sending great waves of water at the uneasy man. Much to Rain's amusement, the poor soul yelped in fright. "W-what was that for!?"

"Shhh, or you'll scare away the fish, silly!" So saying, Rain flung himself from the edge of the bank into the middle of the river. He swam from underneath the salmon, and...


He dug his nails into his catch, so as to prevent them from flipping away.

And that was how his day of relaxing ended with work.



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