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Zadi was just minding his own business when a silver haired figure approached the blonde warrior. The blonde warrior was displeased with the tension in the air, especially considering this tension was scaring Gaaron, Zadi's normally ill-tempered beast. At first Zadi couldn't recognize the silver haired woman, not even the canine beast she was with. However, the beast seemed most familiar, slowly encircling behind Zadi as the white haired beast tried to intimidate the blonde warrior with size and pure ferocity. When the silver haired woman gave the white canine a command, Zadi's memory jolted back to a special coliseum battle.

So she grew her hair out...damn, of all the times I barely have any equipment on my person. At least I can heal myself if things get too rough...ugh, gladiators tend to leave each other alone outside the arena...for good reason.

Zadi kept his guard up, worried the silver haired woman and canine wanted revenge. The canine seemed all too willing to tear Zadi limb from limb outside of a 'quick spar' but at least the white beast was tamed by the much calmer woman. If Zadi remembered correctly, the silver haired woman had above average strength, so either a Fanalis or trained human like Zadi. Regardless of her race, the gladiatorial woman would likely be much stronger now, probably even surpassing Zadi in physical strength and speed due to revenge-fueled training. After a few moments of silence, the shirtless Zadi with only a necklace and three rings on his right hand responded.

"You caught me at a bad, seriously bad time; I don't have any weapons on my person and you clearly do, hahaha! So yeah, maybe another time."

Zadi quickly glanced at the silver haired woman's sword, attempting to figure out a plan of action in case things got rough; the canine was behind Zadi and the sword was at the woman's side. If Zadi was still faster than the woman, then perhaps he could flip the sword out of the sheathe and jettison the sword pommel-first into the canine's face while simultaneously disarming the woman. Granted, the sword looked curved, so any legitimate attempt at just flicking the sword out of the sheathe would likely end disastrously, not to mention the ambiguous speed factor. Things were not in Zadi's favor if a battle started right here and now. The blonde warrior did have weaponless techniques of which the canine would likely remember one. Though in such close quarters, throwing a hunk of earth wouldn't be a smart move.

Ugh, dammit! She's got me cornered! I just need a damn sword, too! If survive this encounter, I'll train myself some hand-to-hand techniques...maybe some magoi manipulation attacks. At least still have my exoskeleton technique.

Magic Items:

Airstep Ring:

Name: Airstep Ring
Tier: D
Type: Magic Item
Magic Type: Strength
Appearance: A bronze ring with a pair of simple adornments with etchings that look like waves but are actually meant to depict distortions in space. A magic circle is engraved upon the inside face of the ring.

  • Unseen Foothold - By feeding magoi into the item, the user can produce a stationary platform of strength magic large enough for the user's foot. The platform can be manifested anywhere within 5m of the user. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Dark Blood:

Name: Dark Blood
Tier: C
Type: Magic Tool - Ring
Magic Type: Clairvoyance/Life
Appearance: This ring is silver but takes on an appearance of blood red when worn, inlaid with a single dark purple gem 10.2 mm with two dragon head. If one were to look close enough they would see a magical circle imprinted inside the dark gem.

  • Memory Theft - Feeding magoi into this ring and touching a target creature/person, one of the two dragon heads on the ring will leave its position on the ring to then bite where contacted, the target would feel no pain as it seems to have numbing effects. The user must maintain contact with the target for at least one minute. The ring then allows its wearer to see the memories of the target up to 3 days prior, a week if sustained. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Quartz Soul:

Name: Quartz Soul
Tier: D
Type: Pendant
Magic Type: Crystal [Strength + Heat]
Appearance: A heart shaped pendant carved from a clear quartz crystal. It hangs from a small metal chain as a necklace and refracts light into a rainbow of color.

  • Crystal Seal - The user can cover all wounds on their body with a thin layer of crystal. This will not heal the wounds, but it will stop them from bleeding and prevent contaminants from getting in. The crystal bandaging breaks after receiving D-tier damage and lasts for 3 posts after the last sustain post. 10 Magoi to activate| 5 magoi to sustain.

Spriggan's Call:
Name: Spriggan's Call
Tier: A
Type: Magic Tool - Ring
Magic Type: Life Magic
Appearance: The ring is made of silver shaped into amethyst-encrusted leaves, holding fast a larger amethyst in as the centerpiece. The magical circle presents itself as what would first appear to be cracks within the gem, but quickly seen as a lattice pattern that was created by design, not accident.

  • Nature's Focused Healing: The user touches an individual with the ring hand, providing A-Tier healing. 10 Magoi to activate| 5 magoi to sustain.


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lancing at Oliver, Jingyi's lips curled into a bemused smile as he called Zadi out on not introducing himself. She shrugged his shoulders before mentioning, "He told me, his name. Maybe he just forgot?"

Nudging her plate away from her, the woman leaned against the wooden counter as her gaze drifted to Thorsten as his hand moved. Red locks fell to the side as Jingyi cocked her head, an eyebrow rising as the boy presented her with a bicep. After a moment of thinking, she decided to amuse her friend and lean forwards. "Oh, so you actually were doing something then, huh?" She commented after giving his arm a teasing but tight squeeze.  

Sitting back on her stool, Jingyi did her best to pay attention to both of her friends. Though, one sentence went through one ear while another clogged up her other ear. There was a sweet smile on the airhead's face as she processed both conversations before her shoulders shrugged again."He did seem rather cool in the ring. It's a shame that some Magician ruined the party," she said, addressing Thorsten first, brushing his laughter off as just his quirk. As for Oliver's question, she was interested in it as well. When Thor and she had originally met, he just brushed it off as a thing he did and that his looks could be deceiving. Though, from what Jingyi had seen, Thor's skills in the ring had more than proved that he belonged in there. It was just worrisome that he was fighting in such an arena in the first place. Though she was lounging about in the very same underground circuit too, and she had been (practicing) fighting since an early age too.


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thorsten ove

Thorsten, sat in the chair. Tankard half empty at this point. Drinking lemonade was like drinking water for him. Thorsten, could really down his drinks. Maybe make a excellent drinker? Maybe. Thorsten, knew he had to head back to the caravan soon. But sitting and talking to his friends is fun. Thorsten, still didn't get the name which made him puff up his cheeks.

Um… I need to take my leave. Tonight was fun until that magician ruined things. But sorry to have to leave shortly after wanting to talk. hahaha “ Thorsten, said.

He hadn't stood up yet. Fiddling his fingers together as he continued to finish his lemonade. Such sweetness he savored each sip. Rocking side to side, jittery. Thorsten, placed the tankard back on the table with a few huang. “ I must be y'all ado? Eh… thought that sounded cooler. Haha, bye Jingyi, and Oliver.

Thorsten, said. Standing up from his chair. Smiling at his friends. Then stepping off towards the door to leave. Moving through the backs of the recovering people. Thorsten, white hair should be visible as it stands out. Exiting through the entrance door to be greeted by the old men usually sitting there. Thorsten, giving a light wave and walking off to return to the caravan.


Word Count: /
Magoi: 80:80
Stamina: 120:120

Ability/Abilities Used:


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Oliver leaned back in his chair, waving goodbye to the shrimp that strutted off, leaving him alone at the table with Jingyi. While he leaned back, two legs of the chair lifted off of the ground, his heels against the table as he rocked himself back and forth while gazing up at the ceiling.

"Yeah? Well what was his name then? I'm dying to know right now." He said while rolling his eyes at the mention of a magician, "Honestly those guys like to flaunt what they have from afar but in a close fight you can see what their weakness is. I've lived with them long enough to know just what they can and can't do."

He lurched back forward, his chair legs thudding into the ground as he looked at Jingyi straight in the eyes now. "So I don't think I asked. What's an upstanding citizen like Jing, Yi, Hou, From, Kou, doing in a place like this?" He asked with a smile after using his little nursery rhyme style method of saying her name.


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diana corvus

Pluto snapped his jaws right above Zadi’s head, licking his chops from the little bit of drool that lingered on the edges of his lips. He dragged his long, flared tongue against the man’s blonde locks. Luckily for Zadi, his tongue was relatively dry and he escaped with a bit of minor discomfort to his scalp for only a few minutes. However, Diana was unsure if he meant it as an affectionate gesture or a hungry one. Diana let out a light laugh as she stood on her tippy toes, reaching up to pat Zadi on the head a couple of times. The man seemed worried about her statement about sparring. After giving him a quick look over, she saw that he wasn’t quite equipped for the task like he had said. “Not to worry. Maybe next time.” Diana was in a slightly brighter mood than when he had last saw her.

While it would have been nice to test her strength against him once more, perhaps fate had decided now was not the time. What kind of person would she be to strike against someone who was not as equipped as she? “Were you just leaving or arriving?” She asked, pointing curiously towards the building behind her. ‘We must have bumped into each other for a reason…’ Diana thought. Pluto walked towards the side of the building, laying down to bask in the shade. “We could chat over some tea and a fight or two.” She said. It was a simple request but she wouldn’t be bummed out if he were to decline. She wanted to learn more about him rather than his memory leaving a bad taste in her mouth. They met in the coliseum after all.


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Of the two individuals confronting Zadi, the blonde warrior was most worried about the extra large canine behind him, lapping the lips laced with a strange substance. Zadi vaguely remembered defending against the canine's spit using a small boulder, though the vague memory was mostly dominated by the magicians girl who's staff Zadi split in twain. Of all targets Zadi has ever faced, those capable of using magic were the most dangerous and tricky to deal with, hence why Zadi remembered going after the staff-wielder more so than recalling the canine's spit-based capabilities. A more vivid flashback entered the blonde warrior's mind while remembering the series of events within the coliseum battle involving the silver haired woman and her canine; not only was a magical girl involved, but so was a bird creature.

Damn, I let the bird slip my mind! Where is it!? That winged rat dealt a number to my ribs during that battle...

However, before Zadi's paranoia could focus on any sort of bird, which may or may not be within the area, the canine licked Zadi's hair, slowly and thoroughly. Zadi's hair would have been ruined if the dog's tongue wasn't dry whereas the tongue would be within Zadi's grasp if the blonde wasn't distracted by his own worries. A real mess Zadi found himself in until the silver haired woman eased the tension with a dainty pat and soft voice. Ugh, so she's not here to kill me outright...well, here's hoping she stays true to her words. Zadi loosened his stance and shook his head to both fix his hair and clear his paranoia addled mind. The blonde's face took on a light smirk when he responded to the silver haired tamer.

"Oh man, I thought you'd try to kill me after what happened! Hahaha! Well, we can still fight later on if you insist, but for now let's get the tea your paying for...when my weapons and kimono were taken, so was my money...that is, unless you help my find my stuff?"

Zadi then turned his gaze towards the canine in an attempt to indicate the obvious; dogs are known for their sense of smell so why not make use of this supposed skill? Perhaps the silver haired woman's canine's sense of smell could sniff out Zadi's belongings using the natural smell of Zadi's body odor? Granted, with how large the canine is, maybe such a miracle wouldn't be possible...


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