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1News Request Template Empty News Request Template on 18/05/17, 03:53 pm

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
If you would like to request a certain thread you've done to be featured on the news board in the related country, please fill out the template below. Submit the template in a new thread within this sub forum and a news moderator will review your request.

There are a few rules you need to keep in mind before you submit your request:

  • The content within the request must be eligible for local to countrywide news.
  • Check the news board to see if your thread was already featured.
  • If any part of the thread is insufficient, staff reserves the right to decline your request.
[b]Character Name(s)[/b]: ( List here all the characters involved in the thread. )
[b]Summary[/b]: ( Summarize the thread(s) you are requesting to be featured on the news board. Include the country it is located and how the characters within are involved. )
[b]Reason[/b]: ( Why do you think this should be featured on the news board?
[b]Link to Thread(s)[/b]: ( Link all the threads that you wish to be linked on the news board. )

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Character Name(s): Lagi
Summary: In the city of heliohapt, the dark hand has arrived and effectively made their mark inside of the city. In secret, an army is being made, slaves being turned into dark hand warrior fanatics. Slave owners are either missing for a long period of time in the guise of taking a "trip" or seemingly invite and implore their actions with a "Change of heart". There is a new craze with the new drink, El Ragu, a name lagi used as a joke a long time ago with close friends and family if he was to ever make a drink. Of course, those who do understand will know that maybe there is a connection. The drink has a delectable taste and is very delicious, putting those who indulge it into a europhetic state. The streets are apparently crawling with drunkards in a way, but business in brothels and bars are booming. Anywhere the drink is being sold, people pour in droves.

In low consideration, there is another drug that's sold in moderation called Salatis. The high extremes of the military pill has effectively bought out a good chuck of the heliohapt military by blatantly ignoring any potential or apparent crimes of the dark hand in order to be supplied a powerful drug that fuels their warriors. Since the effects are so dynamic, they haven't even noticed that the watered down version of salatis was soon switched out to improve sales, still satisfied with the subpar effects. Even the famed merchant Qeb Malouf is selling their wares and effectively legitimized their products with city documents. The city is effectively in the chokehold of the dark hand
Reason: Lagi's actions wth the dark hand organization has made an effective change in the city of heliohapt. Local gangs are disappearing. Slave owners are seemingly siding with them, and their products are unbelievably popular. The name "Requiem Jynx", rings through the city as the facilitator.
Link to Thread(s): 1.


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Rima Fahim

Rima Fahim


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