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Aroma Taste

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1 Aroma Taste on 02/05/17, 07:10 am

Sylvia still couldn't find her brother, he was lost and even with every magic ability she had, it was a small chance of finding him. It was three of many choices that crossed her mind. The first, he was dead something she hoped was not true. The second he was a slave working under a noble family, meaning she would have to travel far and long, and the last idea was unlikely. He was a powerful figure in the world, trying to control his own kingdom having dark power......No way that couldn't be true. Right? Well, that thought didn't cross her mind.

Well all that didn't matter right now, it was time that Sylvia had to take breaks from looking, or she would go crazy trying to find him. She does blame herself for all of it, but it was limited to what she could do. Unlike before, Sylvia was in a royal noble family and that met anything she did would cause them harm ruining there image. Maybe the only way around it was for her to wear a disguise because people wouldn't know it was her.

Maybe it might be the only way. She would be in town right now, as she was sitting at a table drinking a cup of tea. The outfit she is wearing right now is a short pink dress and over is a tight white jacket with gold buttons at the bottom and around her arms having a pink bow at the top it also has gold near the bow. Her jacket also acts like a skirt being under her pink dress.

She would be sitting there thinking about her next move, being on her own, lost in thought. As she was waiting for her food. The place was called, Aroma Taste, known for really good food and drinks, but the smell is what leads people inside, but Sylvia was eating outside on her own, but only had a drink of tea right now. As she would be looking at the people walking by.

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