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Rima Fahim

Rima Fahim
Rima's Trash Store

Rima's Trash Store ENAJz3K
Ayy lmao, it's ya girl Rimano. I'm going to be offering my ability-making services here. Or at least, try to offer my services. The main idea of this shop is not only to increase my ability-making ability, but to also make a little bit of pocket huang on the side. Anywho, I can't guarantee that every ability I make will get through grading 100%, so if in the off-chance I give you a faulty ability, Just PM me and I'll fix it up for you, no refunds though!

  • This isn't a rule, but please try to include what you want the ability to actually do. I'll attempt to make an ability from scratch for ya, but I'll be forced to charge you 25% interest.
  • As most of you know, I'm not the fastest worker in the world. I'm sorry if it takes a little bit to make your ability, but I'm not going to be charging the Huang until you are satisfied with your ability.
  • I will only be taking one person at a time, because I'm easily overwhelmed. I'll try not to skip anyone, though! First come, first serve.~
  • Feel free to comment on my prices, btw. If they are too high or too low, I will look into adjusting them. However, if I get too swamped, I WILL increase the prices most likely.


  • D/C-Tier Abilities - 2,000 Huang
  • B-Tier Abilities - 4,000 Huang
  • A-Tier Abilities - 5,000 Huang

[b]Ability Name :[/b](You can just put N/A if you don't know yet. I won't name it for you, though, I mean I could...but it's not gonna be good.)
[b]Ability Tier :[/b](What tier of ability are you wanting?)
[b]Class :[/b](Which class is this for?)
[b]Weapon Involved :[/b](Is there a specific weapon type you'll be using for this ability?)
[b]Ability Description :[/b](Just give me a brief explanation of what you want, if you leave this blank then you will be charged 25% interest.)


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