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The Goodman Chronicles

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1 The Goodman Chronicles on 29/04/17, 12:36 pm


I was asked to prove how Lest's Dad learned Torran. It turned into her Backstory LOL

Lestacia's Father, Bartholomew Heinreich Goodman, was an adept researcher as well as a brilliant Magician. Recognized by the Academy for his outstanding Magical Prowess and wisdom he was offered a spot to teach at the Academy as a professor at Quite a young Age. Gladly accepting his new position in society he set out to further expand his knowledge during his breaks. It was during one of these Breaks that he happened upon a woman of stunning beauty. Telezia Chesterfield, the Mother of his only child. The two were enthralled with one another. Years passed they had gotten married and Lestacia was born. After Lestacia was born things in the house... changed. Suddenly Bartholomew didn't have his time to work and learn as he had before. He had spent less and less time within the Academy and more time at home with his daughter. Telezia herself kept trying to live life as if she were still that young woman without a child. Often when Bartholomew went to work she'd leave her child with a family member. Lestacia's grandfather Edmund Chesterfield.  Bartholomew Virtually Raised Lestacia on his own  with the help of Edmund. As Lestacia had turned four Bartholomew discovered exactly what his wife had been doing after arriving home early. They had a fight the next morning after Lestacia had been sent to her grandfathers for recreation. Bartholomew left for work after arguing with his wife about the situation.  It was here Lestacia's mother took up drinking. As Lestacia came home that night her mother unleashed all the built up resentment towards the girl over the years. Telezia packed her bags that night and roughly handled the girl leaving her at the steps of her Grandfathers house. With only the clothes on her back. Telezia would return to the house and burn it to the ground leaving to enjoy her life of freedom. Before leaving she left a note upon the mailbox saying her goodbyes and resentments.  Her hatred for lestacia for ruining her life, the anger she felt being restricted because of the young girl. Edmund, after hearing what happened and finding Lestacia bawling on his front door, he took Bartholomew and Lestacia in. Telezia had never returned to Magnostadt after that Day.

The days past and Lestacia turned seven. She'd often study along with her father. Go to his classes whenever she could, and get a play by play of how his day went. This routine continued until Bartholomew recieved orders to go on a research mission that would last for a max of 3 years. It took longer. The first year Lestacia would get Letters from him but after that year they stopped. After the three years passed her father had still not returned. A couple months after his scheduled return Date a heavy handed knock on the door was heard. Professors from the Academy approached the girl with bad news. Her Father had gone missing. They would leave Lestacia his last found belongings and his journal.

Bartholomew Heinreich Goodman: The Disappearance

Bartholomew himself had Traveled to Heliohapt for this research mission. He was helping Identify ruins found within the desert, excavating and the like. He would send letters to his daughter everyday. However, after a year, they stopped. He was getting busy with work and came to his resting place tired. It was that night while he slept his camp was attacked. The other researchers were Slaughtered and Bartholomew was left to die there in the Desert. However he didn't. With his will he clung to life as long as he could and luckily help had arrived. He couldn't see who it was but... they tended to his wounds as he fell unconscious. Bartholomew would wake up after being incapacitated for a couple days in a different area unfamiliar to him. There he met with an elderly woman who tended to him. She'd speak to him in a weird language he had never heard before. They had to play a game of Charades in order for him to understand. That was until the village Elder would meet with the man after he had gotten well. The Elder unlike the others was able to speak the common language Bartholomew was used to. When asked where he was, The elder would respond with "One of the many Torran Villages."  Across his studies Bartholomew had rarely seen or heard about the Torran. For him to actually be in a village was a feat in and of itself.  The elder explained his situation and urged Bartholomew to stay in the Village in case the people who attacked him were still hunting for his head. Bartholomew had his doubts about this but in the end gave in to keep him and his family safe. He would think of Lestacia from time to time making sure to never forget his daughter.

While Living in the Village Bartholomew had slowly but surely learned the language. It would take many years for him to fully understand it, read it, and Write it Fluently. It was as if he were one of them. Speaking the Language interacting with the Locals.

It had been over a decade since he'd  started living in the Torran VIllage. The people treated him kindly but he had to leave. A Decade was too long to be seperated from his daughter. He had missed her grow up into a young woman, but it was to keep her and him safe. He would Meet with the Village Elder once more and they would discuss the matter. In the end The Village Elder would allow the man to leave but urge him to stay safe. It was then the man had journeyed away form the village. He'd end up wherever his Huangless pockets could get him.

Young/Father Bartholomew:
After Leaving the Torran Village:

Telezia Ruella Chesterfield: Fading Light!

Telezia Chesterfield. Beautiful, Charming, Witty, Bold, Seeker of endless horizons. She was always competitive no matter what it came down to. Her family came from a line of Proficient Black Magicians, however as she entered the academy, she in turn took up a different course of study. It's polar opposite. Light Magic. Her family disapproved of this, all except her father, Edmund, who welcomed the change. He gave the girl his blessing with a deal. As long as she was able to prove her proficiency and not shame the name Chesterfield there would be no problem.

As promised Telezia delivered back tenfold. Climbing through the Kodors, and graduating, top of her class with ONLY the use of Light Magic. After graduating from the Academy, Telezia, joined the military. She'd use her Light Magic to defend as well as attack whoever and whenever necessary. During one job there had been a small scale argument that had blown up out of proportion. The Nomadic groups within the plans had begun fighting each other within the plains, Naturally Magnostadt wouldn't be affect by these affairs but travelers and passersby, as well as cargo were not able to pass through the plains without being attacked. It was Telezia's Task force that was called to deal with the situation. The situation would have been mediated if bandits hadn't instigated more violence forcing Telezia and her team to take defensive measures.

Her squad mates beaten and her own self badly wounded. Telezia Called upon her prowess and the nearby magoi as the tribes and the bandit group closed in around her. She summoned a pillar of light from the clouds above that struck down all within it's vicinity. If one looked Closer, the pillar was actually hundreds upon hundreds of swords made of magoi. They pierced, seared, stabbed, and littered the battle field until there was nothing but swords of light that remained. The glow radiated so brightly one could see it from Magnostadt or from the sea in around late afternoon. As the swords disappeared from view only Telezia remained with her Squad looking on in awe of the beautiful yet deadly display of power Telezia had shown. From that day forth she was known as "The Light-sworn Lady: Telezia" It was only by chance that after that display of power, not wishing to feel her wrath once more the nomads agreed to make peace and end the fighting.

With this victory Telezia earned time off and spent it partying with friends. It was on her way back to work after her last day off, that she bumped into Bartholomew. She was heading to the Academy as per her orders, when Bartholomew who was on his way towards his office, ran into the lost lady of Light. As he directed her to where she needed to go the two of them felt something. Before disappearing Bartholomew would give her his name. She did the same before disappearing behind the door.

Telezia's mission for the year was to help oversee the Kodor Exams for extra security. She ran into Bartholomew a lot and very soon the two became virtually inseparable. Years passed and the two of them had gotten married. The time they spent together for the first couple of years was magical. All that changed however during a mission to eradicate a group of mages using a combination of Clairvoyance and life Magic to Make Sleeper Agents. It was during this Mission Telezia underestimated her enemy and was held captive for weeks. After they tested their Magic upon the woman they released her and set her memory to the last moment before she was captured. That was their Mistake. The magicians were all killed and wiped out for underestimating her, she had sucessfully returned the tables that had been turned onto her. Escaping with grave wounds she was treated and discovered her own pregnancy.

As time passed Lestacia had been born and the little seed that the Magicians had planted began to sprout. Negativity would begin to sprout in her mind. She wasn't working because she needed to take care of Lestacia, their newborn baby. Even when her husband took off to allow Telezia to work wasn't enough. Her subordinates and bosses began to look at her a different way. Never before had she been looked down on. Was it because she had a kid and was gone for so long? It had to be. What else could it have been. The seed used these thoughts to drive the once strong and powerful Telezia into a mental corner. She was no longer herself. She wanted to relive her glory days. She took to the streets during the day, leaving Lestacia with her grand father as she partied. She'd return with Lestacia at night.

This Routine carried on for a couple years until Bartholomew discovered what exactly she had been doing. Obviously angered he engaged her the next morning in an argument. He had to leave for work so the angry feelings were still there. The Anger and frustration she felt towards her new life, sped the seed's growth over the years until finally... it took over. She was no longer the Lightsworn lady, but an empty husk of what she used to be. As Lestacia would return back from her grandfathers house that night she'd find her mother drinking. Telezia would curse the girls existence. after all it was her fault. Everything was HER FAULT! She needed to start over. Gripping Lestacia's hand tightly as the young girl was shaken up in fear and dragged her towards Edmunds house.

Roughly she handled her daughter tossing her upon her fathers doorstep. Commanding the girl to stay put and don't move. Lestacia, confused, and in pain clutched to her mother who pushed her away. Physically shoving the girl, Telezia, looked to the Magician baby with cold dead eyes, filed with anger and Hatred towards the girl.

"If it wasn't for you, Me and Bart would have lived peaceful and happy lives."

Lestacia still not understanding kept bawling her eyes out and would get back up and cling to her mother crying. Telezia would respond with a harder shove pushing the young girl away. Lestacia was hurt and wounded. Their eyes met as tears streamed from Lestacia's Face and onto the cobblestones. Telezia still filled with malice and hatred towards her own daughter looked her in the eyes with no Remorse.

"I wish you'd have never been born. Pathetic child." With that said Telezia turned around and walked away. Edmund had heard the commotion from inside and opened the door with great force to see Lestacia wounded with cuts and scrapes upon his doorstep. He'd look up and shout Telezia's name in anger as she disappeared into the night.

Telezia returned to the house and cast a Lightspell that would burn the house to the ground. She wanted nothing to do with that "Family" she created anymore. She Left magnostadt. The seed now deeply rooted within her was now slowly clawing away at her sanity and humanity. The seed led her to Heliohapt where she joined a group of evil Magicians. She climbed her way through the ranks until finally her group became an organization with a vendetta against all magicians from magnostadt. With Telezia as it's leader, they were a force to be reckoned with.

Time would pass, havoc would be ensued when her next target would be a group of magicians from Magnostadt excavating and researching an ancient ruin. Enthralled to see their failure first hand, She personally enacted their Demise. She devastated them with the same spell, she used to get her title known as the LightSworn Lady. Assuming everyone caught within the pillar of light had died, she left for bigger and better opportunities. Her Organization known as "Titan" grew more infamous with each passing day. Rumors go around saying Telezia is so cruel that if you so much as screw up a single simple mission she sends you on, you are deemed useless and killed without a second thought.

Telezia now is a wanted woman in Magnostadt. The Reward for her capture rises every month.

Full Body Telezia:
Ready to Fight:


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Edumund Tor Chesterfield: Acceptance and Forgiveness!

Edmund Tor Chesterfield, Father, Magician, Advisor. The Chesterfield family had been known to be proficient in the use of strength magic since the days of old. One such Wielder of this magic in their family received the name, Scion of Strength. Edmund was granted this title in his earlier years.

As the only son in the main branch of the Chesterfield Family, Edmund was to take up the name and Keep such a title from being sullied. He upheld this and didn't let his family down. Entering the Academy and Befrieding one such magician known as Ephraim Alharizi. Ephraim since their young age had always been a Nationalistic Visionary. Believeing that those of Kou and Reim were beneath the Magicians and there was no better race than they. However Edmund disagreed with his view and believed everyone had their good and bad sides. He believed everyone should have been equal. "Equality and Freedom." Thats what he lived by. With that code of Ethics it had got him far in life.

He married his late wife Selena soon after entering the first Kodor with Ephraim. Soon after graduating he became a proficient magician Deemed the Scion of Strength due to his findings and sheer knowledge of Strength Magic.  

Edmund after graduating would become a simple analyst for a couple years until Ephraim was deemed Chancellor of Magnostadt. Ephraim would approach him with the offer of becoming one of the professors there due to his proficiency with Magic. Edmund accepted the offer and for years he served as a teacher of Magic, giving his Students Freedom, and teaching them Equality.

More years would pass and his Wife Selena had been pregnant. She'd die during childbirth leaving Edmund to raise his newborn daughter. He retired fromh is position at the academy in order to raise her, so he returned to his analyst job once more.

Edmund's daughter, Telezia, grew up to be a powerful and independent woman. He watched her fall in love and assisted in the growth of his granddaughter Lestacia. Through the years he had tried to teach his daughter that she was free to do whatever and treat everyone equally but it seemed as if she had forgotten her lessons. Edmund could only watch as his daughter fell deeper and deeper into despair. He'd Keep Lestacia Longer and Longer in order to keep her mother from influencing the young girl. It wasn't until he heard a commotion at his door one day and received word his daughter had gone missing that the man would realize just how far gone his own daughter was. He was forced to disown the woman known as Telezia but he still loved her from the bottom of his heart. He'd keep the family name buried until Lestacia could bear an Heir to the Chesterfield Name and make it great once more. He would raise Lestacia as he raised his own daughter. Nothing had changed but at times Lestacia would look exactly like her mother used to be. He would assist Bartholomew the days he was away and with his sudden absence Ephraim asked personally if he'd teach the classes Ephraim used to teach. Reluctantly he'd agree thinking it would only be temporary. Years would pass and Lestacia would enter the Academy. They had gotten word that her father was missing and presumed to be dead.

Edmund could remember the pain he saw in her eyes at that young of an age. She may not have realized it herself but she had broken to pieces. Edmund held his grand daughter near and dear to his heart, protecting her from dangers and negative emotions of others. However he could not prevent this. Lestacia Fell into a deep depression, but with the help of Edmund she was able to beat it and return to school. She decided however to travel the world and learn the way people used magic in other countries. As much as he didn't want to he let the girl go with special permission. He simply made her promise to stay safe and return home someday.

Edmund now is currently still teaching classes at Magnostadt Academy, waiting for his beloved granddaughter to return.

Edmund Younger Grown man:
Edmund Now:

Facial Expressions:

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Plot plan: The Beginning

Telezia's group, Titan, is on the move yet again. Over the years Titan has grown to a considerable amount with Telezia at its head. The chain of command in order goes Grunt, Pathfinder, Scion, The Scarred (only4), Titans head (Telezia).

Titan has been active throughout all parts of the world, causing havoc across the land. The Scarred Lead their forces to take down those that stand in their way. Each of  The Scarred have Various goals.

The Scarred

Yao-Su: The Last Breath:

Yao-su was born in a distant village of Sui-ren. Sui-ren lied upon an island off the coast of Balbadd. While a young boy Yao's family had been a lineage of purebred Magicians from the start except for him. He himself was never able to use magic to it's full extent. As a Child he was only able to summon small gusts of wind that would be mistaken for a summer breeze. No matter how mucch he worked on it he was never able to improve upon this. His Family had shunned him, calling him a disgrace to the Su name.

At the age of 12, he was kicked out from the village and left to survive only with his wand and the clothes on his back. He happened upon a group of pirates and raiding a nearby village off the coast. He was made a slave and sold to the highest bidder in the land of Kou. His buyer was an old Swordsman, by the name of Lukas. Lukas taught the by how to hold a sword and wield it like a demon, and strike to kill. As the boy entered his twenties, he had looked for a way to increase his sword fighing prowess. He was not yet a master but nowhere near the novice level where he once was. He decided to resume training his magic again along with his Swordsmanship. Although Neither were perfected, both covered the faults in each other. He figured out that his magic if combined with his sword would cause devastating attacks if channeled for a certain amount of time. While during his training his new home was attacked. His master was and defeated and killed by the woman known as Telezia. Yao obviously challenged the woman to a battle so he could avenge his masters death. It was a losing battle but he didn't go down without a considerable effort. Instead of Killing the Man, Telezia instead gave him a propostion. "Live as her right hand and the first of The Scarred!"or "Die a weak warrior without a name!" In the End he would choose to live.

Based in Kou, he has now worked years on training his magic sword style Combat and has earned the name, The Last Breath, because thats what you take before he kills you. He now awaits the day for Telezia to make her big move upon the city that scorned her.

Lavier: The Raging Tide
Lavier De Luna was born a magician in Baladd. Her Prowess with water Magic made it exceptionally useful to help ships through the stormy seas every now and again.

As a child, she was spoiled, rotten. She was given everything she wanted at a young age and grew up like this for years. Her family was known throughout the area of Balbadd for their Trading business. Her family had Merchants travel near and far, for payements and to get product. The De Luna Merchants were found to be quite brutal in their aprroach to rival businesses. If a problem arose they'd send their Daughter, who was quite adept with water magic, Lavier. Lavier De Luna howed no mercy to those that stood in her families way of success. She'd destroy other transport vessels via seas if they didn't pay her family Tax for entering balbadd, othewise she'd kill them without a thought.

Telezia had been hired to deal with the girl at a certain point in Time. Lavier's family had fallen to Telezia in less than a day. With only Lavier Left alive Telezia Recognized the girl's skill and gave her an ultimatum. Serve as a general in her personal army or die. The girl would choose to live in the end, and as a gift Telezia left the business that she had taken over in Lavier De Luna's care. until further notice. As the years Passed Lavier would improve upon her magical skills focusing on mainly Water magic. She is currently feared in the business world and has earned the nickname "The Raging Tide".
Soleil: The Burning Sun
Soleil Emrakul was born a native magician in Heliohapt. Her parents weren't anything special, normal citizens. She lived a completely normal life. Her parents simply worked as Archeologists to uncover the mysteries of the land that surrounded them.

Ever since the girl was young, Soleil had an... explosive temper. She'd get angry at the smallest of things that angered her. Pain, Failure, Disappointment, the list goes on. Her passion burns brighter than that of a thouand suns. She got into a lot of fights even as a child. Her anger always got the best of her in the end. Soleil's Parents could never discover the source of her short temper, so they decided to bring her along their excavations. It doubled as a learning experience especially because her mother was a magician. She specialised in heat Magic and Taught thegirl such spells during their travels. Although her mother never fully mastered the Magic Soleil was taught the fundementals. This training proved useful because the Archeology Caravans in heliohapt were always raided by bandits looking to find somehing valuable. This time however they had Soleil to fend them off. Soleil would make quick work of her enemies burning them to a crisp, as her flames danced across the battlefield like they did upon the sun itself. It was all so very Beautiul to watch and deadly to be on the opposing end.

After the battle Soleil's Mother would remember the one quote she said before the attack happened. "Don't Make Put this wand down and Punch you in the Face!" She'd laugh and so would her Father as Soleil would blush and hide her face in embarrasment. She'd continue to train her Magic along the road during these arecheological trips they frequently took. She learned so much along the road about her Magic and her country that she grew quite fond of the time they spent together.

One Night bandits had attacked the camp while everyone slept. It was only because the person who was killed last screamed and alerted the remaining Archeologists. In a flurry of fire and black cloaks, Soleil would burn the tent from over their heads and fight off the nearby assailants. She'd protect her family until her very last breath if she had to. The pain her enemies had caused only fueld her anger, giving power to the already angered girl. She soon became blind with Rage Destroying everyone and everything in her path. Her parents hid away within the ruins, where it was safe for the moment, and curled up as flames flared above them. The flames around Soleil soon died down but the fight wasn't over she simply enacted her final solution. She'd abosrb the oxygen within the air and release it all at once to combust it in their Faces. As everyone died around heronly one female remained. She'd pick the girl up by her neck and ask for a name. Soleil would tell it to her floating in and out of conciousness. The womn introduced herself as telezia and offered the girl an ultimatum. She could go freely with her parents or, She could kill them and her. Soleil chose for her beloved family To live and trained her Magic to heights not just anyone could reach earning her the title, "The Burning Sun".
Vert: The Wooden Warrior Vert Legume, was a boy born a magician into slavery within the City of Reim. As a child in Slavery he was thrown into the Arena to fight for his life, facing off against ferocious beasts or bloodthirsty men. The Young Magician boy soon gained accustomed to these fights for his life. With each win he secured another day with his life. A loss was not allowed as a slave until he was sold. During this time the boy was trained in life Magic by one of the other slaves there. He learned how to heal his own wounds, and the wounds of others. Vert Learned how to create armor out of nearby materials and weapons as well.

Vert learned quickly as it was customary for someone like he to do so. EVentually though, the man teaching him Life Magic died and he'd have to learn and adapt on his own. Vert Earned the nickname, "The Wooden Warrior" before joining Telezia's group due to the fact he started to enter every battle since then decked out in Wooden Armor created from Life magic. His Wand would transform into a wooden Great Axe that could be changed by his will. He would Cycle through, Tower Shield, Spear, and Great Axe. He was known as a fearless fighter with a stoic personality. As the boy grew up to be a man and honed his craft hed be found and bought by Telezia. He really didn't have a choice in the matter. He Joined Telezia's Ranks as one of her Generals. "The Wooden Warrior" Lives on now as a slave to Telezia, and with him she could finally put her plans in motion. Telezia would Leave Vert in charge of the group she had left in Reim. He cold do and live as he pleased, just to lie low until she gave the signal.


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