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Fated Reunions [Noir]

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1 Fated Reunions [Noir] on 19/04/17, 09:03 pm

Lance had just arrived in Kou and stretched a little as he let out a puff of air from his mouth. He looked around from atop Pestis, his fox mount, and smiled "So this is Kou huh?" he chuckled a little. This was the first time he had been to Kou and he was excited to see the sights of the new land that he had ventured to. The reasoning behind his arrival was due to rumors about a war starting in these lands. War leads to destruction and there was no way the mage was going to miss that.

He felt a tap on his shoulder and he turned around to see Rose, his Fanalis follower "Are you sure it's safe for us to be here my lord?" she asked in a nervous tone, looking around at the people staring at them. Lance nodded "I think so. They must be staring at us because of this giant fox we are riding." he laughed as he ran his head against the giant foxes neck, petting it. His eyes flickered in remembrance of something for a second "Ah, Rose, This is where you were born right? You are Fanalis after all." the boy said with a smirk. His comment made the girl blush "Y- Yes but just because I'm Fanalis does not mean that I was born here!" she said in a soft tone, keeping eye contact away from Lance.

His other two followers, Amber and Drake, were both asleep on the back of the fox. Lance looked back at them and smiled warmly "Hey Rose, I think we should turn in for the night... the team looks pretty worn out." he said as he stopped Pestis and hopped off. He looked around for a nearby in and the five of them went to a nearby inn to rest.

The morning following Lance was awoken by panting in his ear and tiny licks to his cheek. He groggily opened his eyes to see Shevika, his tiny rabbit-wolf hybrid, staring at him in the face with it's beady eyes full of excitement. Lance laughed a little bit "What's wrong buddy? You wanna go for a walk?" he asked as he picked up Shevika and put the animal on his head "Alright... it will give me a chance to go out into town and explore a bit too." he said as he motioned for the others to join him outside.

The outside life was pretty normal compared to the other towns and cities he had been too. There was a market place and a residential area. The people around there, although mainly Fanalis, seemed to be the normal people you would see. It really wasn't anything to exciting.

As the group reached the market place they dispersed to go look at different booths and stock up. While the rest went to go look at food and items, Lance was drawn to a tiny weapons cart. He peered at the swords and staves with wonder. The man in charge saw him and nodded "I'll make you a trade. This sword for that black ribbon on your wrist" the man said pointed a sword at the ribbon. The mage backed up and shook his head "Oh.. uh no I'm sorry I was just looking around... this isn't for grabs..." he muttered as he touched the bow tied around his wrist and walked away from the cart. He glanced around to see if there was anything of interest around the town.


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2 Re: Fated Reunions [Noir] on 22/04/17, 11:08 am

“Hey…” A man attempted to call the black haired girl who was walking on the street, hoping that he could get her attention as he waited in the alley. Ignoring it as if she heard nothing, Noir kept walking since she didn’t realize that the man was someone that she knew. “Noir…” The man finally decided to call her by her name and managed to get the magician to tilt her head, finally noticed him. Noir would walk towards the alley with her liger, approaching the man who was no other than Zhu Liang, one of the Kou soldier that she recruited to join Yoshiro’ side. “What are you doing here, Zhu Liang?” The girl asked, tilting her head as she waited for him to answer. The man was grinning as if he knew that the information that he held might piqued the girl’s interest. “Well, I saw a group who has a big beast like yours yesterday. The beast clearly wasn’t ordinary, it looks like a giant fox with five tails….?  There were four people yesterday who ride the fox though, white haired man, black haired man, a woman and a little girl.” The man sighed and scratched his head before continuing his words hesitantly, “Well just in case you want to check it just in case they are supporting the other side.” Zhu Liang would go on with the inn that they were using to rest the day before and Noir took a note to start looking for the group. If the description matched with the group in her mind, then probably she could meet some old friends and she was pretty excited about it although her face didn’t show it.

“Alright, thank you.” The black haired girl bowed her head a little bit before mounting Haku and left quickly hoping she could find the group near the place that Zhu Liang had described to her. On her way, she noticed Haku was smelling something and he stopped before growling at Noir, as if he recognize the smell and was asking for her permission to check it. “If you remember Pestis’ or Lance’s smell, follow it.” Haku growled again before he dashed off towards the market, bringing Noir with him because although she didn’t say it, he knew she couldn’t wait to meet her old friends again.

The moment Lance glanced around, he should be able to notice that a giant liger was heading towards him. If Haku was faster than Lance, then the liger would pounce the man before letting out a playful growl. Soon, if the white haired man still remembered, he would notice that it was Haku and the person who was sitting on top of the beast was Noir. “Lance!” The black haired girl said to the man, happy to see him again.


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3 Re: Fated Reunions [Noir] on 27/04/17, 09:58 pm

Lance heard feint steps running through the town and turned around to see a giant liger running towards him. His eyes widened a little n fear as it pounced on top of him, Shevika tumbling off the mages head. Lance blacked out for a second in fear of what was going to happen next, letting out a little yelp. He waited like this for a few seconds before he heard the voice of a girl call his name. This was the voice of someone familiar... the voice of a friend. The sound made his heard race as he slowly opened his eyes to see the black haired girl on the animal "N-Noir?" his eyes grew wide as he placed his hand on the beasts muzzle "and Haku..." he smiled faintly. Shevika let out a little yip as he jumped up and down.

Three pairs of feet came running to Lances side "My lord we heard commotion and we came to check right awa-" Drake started to say with his hand on his weapon, ready to attack the beast that was on Lance but was cut off by Amber "Noir!!!" she wore a bright smile on her face as she laughed. Rose slightly bowed to the black haired woman "Lady Noir..." she gave a calm and respectful smile to her.

Amber laughed as she grabbed Lance's arm and showed Noir the bow "He wears this everyday, I almost never see him without it!" her teasing made the mage blush a little bit "I- It's a good luck charm..." he muttered a little bit before shaking his head "Ahh forget it..." he stood up and dusted himself off, joining the rest of his group "I never thought I would see you again..." he smiled thankfully.


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4 Re: Fated Reunions [Noir] on 02/05/17, 12:17 pm

Noir was right after all, the man was really Lance and it was nice to be able to see him again. She missed him, she missed all people that she considered as friends and she was glad that she got the chance to meet one of her friends in the middle of a crisis like this. Haku would stepped aside, wanting to give the man some space so he could sit up, of course, the liger noticed the small beast near Lance and the last thing he wanted to do was to scare the tiny beast away. It seemed the little beast was excited though as it was jumping up and down, letting out a little yip as he did so. Just when Noir wanted to help Lance to stand up, she could hear some footsteps approaching and the owner of those footsteps were some people that she knew as well. Noir began to wonder what kind of luck that she had to be able to meet a lot of people that she knew like this. “Drake, Amber and Rose…” She bowed her head to them, greeting them politely, “How have you been, it has been a while isn’t it?”

Amber would grab Lance’s arm and what she did after caught Noir’s attention, she noticed the black ribbon around the white haired man’s arm and smiled softly. To think that he cherished such a simple thing made Noir happy and he was treating it like a good luck charm, making the magician smiled more. “I am happy that you are still keeping the ribbon.” She would slip her hand under her black scarf and pulled it up, revealing the golden necklace that Lance gave to her before. “I always keep the necklace with me as well and why you never thought we would see each other again? Yet our paths are crossing again now and perhaps it would stay the same in the future.” The black haired girl smiled to Lance and the other before suggesting them to move somewhere else if they want to hang out together. “It is always nice to meet some old friends, should we head to the tavern and have lunch together there? My treat. It would be lovely if all of you could come.”


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5 Re: Fated Reunions [Noir] on 14/05/17, 04:07 pm

Lance noticed the golden necklace she had around her neck and smiled a little "Ahhh, that necklace was nothing much." he chuckled a little as he leaned on Pestis. He was deep in thought for a second "I thought I would never see you again because I sort of just walked out last time..." he muttered as he recalled back to the last time he saw the girl. The last time he saw her was back when she protected him from his father, ending up killing the man. Lance owed Noir big time for what she did for him, she saved his life and walked out on her because he got embarrassed.

Noir's idea for lunch peaked his interest as his pushed off Pestis "Your treat eh?" he said with a smirk. He thought for a second and snapped "I passed a tavern on the way here. I'll lead the way!" he turned and marched on wards, taking the lead of the group. Amber and Rose followed close by him. Drake stayed back and caught up with Noir.

He stared at her and grimaced for a second "It really is nice to see you again..." he said as he glanced away and looked at Lance who had a wide smile on his face "I'm worried about him..." he motioned his hand towards the mage "Lance's heart isn't strong... He can act all he wants but that won't change the fact that he is full of anger and sadness." he shook his head "The orphanage burnt down in a public outburst a few months ago, us and a few of the orphans being the only survivors." he had a serious look on his face as he avoided eye contact and stared straight ahead "He keeps mentioning something about a plan he has that will change everything... I dont exactly know what he is up to but he saved my life so I owe it to him to follow him without question." Lance turned around and called to him "Oi Draco, Hurry up or all the good food will be gone!" he yelled with a laugh. Draco nodded to his leader "Yes, I am sorry." and smiled a weak smile before looking at Noir "Thank you for listening to my worries." he said before quickening his pace.


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6 Re: Fated Reunions [Noir] on 22/05/17, 07:24 am

The black haired girl simply shook her head when the man said the necklace was nothing much, disagreed because although the necklace might be much more expensive than the ribbon on Lance’s arm, it was still something that Noir cherished. She never really get anything from someone else besides from her guardian, she couldn’t consider herself as someone who had a friend before as well. So receiving something from these people that she could call as her friend, no matter what the thing is, it would be cherished by her forever. The magician smiled to Lance as he agreed to come with her for lunch, happier that he agreed that Noir would be treating them and went as far as leading them to the tavern.

When they started to walk, Noir would follow the white haired man although from behind. She just wanted to catch up to Lance when she noticed Drake stayed back with her. Thinking that maybe the man had something to say, the black haired girl let Drake to walk beside her and listened to what he had to say. Judging from his words, it seemed that the group experienced something terrible before their meeting. Noir listened tentatively, absorbing every words into her head. “A plan?” Noir asked back, wondering about it but decided to not ask more after hearing Drake’s next words. Lance called the man, telling him to quicken his pace and laughed. The man seemed happy but the black haired girl, couldn’t help but to be worried as well. So when Drake quickened his pace, the magician reached out her hand and pulled the man’s shirt. “I have some questions, I will be grateful if you could listen to them after we have lunch later.” The black haired girl released her grip from the man’s shirt and nodded to him before quickened her pace, walking beside the group that were walking in front and let Lance to lead them there.


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