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Travel to the Future (Travel Mago to Kou)

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Lance Knighthunter had moved to Magnostadt a few months ago in hopes to further his magic abilities and hopefully find a new place where he could place the Orphanage after his past one burnt down in Reim. His ragtag group of followers Rose, Amber, and Drake came with him on his journey in order to provide moral support and also to keep him company on his way to achieving his goals. He established a new church/Orphanage in Reim before he left home to pursue his goals but it was not there he was returning to.

He was on his way to Kou because he heard about tensions being stirred over in the country of the Fanalis. It interested him so he decided to leave Magnostadt to travel to Kou. He boarded his steed Pestis, his loyal fox mount, along with the followers and his trusty rabbit-dog Shevika and went on their way to new lands and new possibilities.

Pestis [Mount]:

Name: Pestis
Type: Dungeon Mount
Magic Type: Plague (Life+Poison)
Appearance: A five meter tall plague fox with five tails, capable of comfortably carrying four people on its back.

  • 25% Travel Thread Word Count Reduction for up to four people.
  • Can carry up to four people while moving.


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