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Becoming Stronger [Training]

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1 Becoming Stronger [Training] on 17/04/17, 10:08 pm

Jingyi took a deep breath and straightened her posture as Zhihao walked into the dojo, her head raised as the woman simply stared ahead. She heard her uncle walk up beside her, though she didn't move her head to gaze at him.

"We're going to work on your flexibility, girl," he muttered as he shifted, "do your laps and then your regular stretches first. After that, you'll do some new ones."

With a nod of her head, Jingyi jogged to the door leading outside so she could do her warm up laps. After all, stretching before you warmed up is the cooking equivalent of trying to bend spaghetti before cooking it.

Jingyi only returned inside to Zhihao after she finished her 10 laps and done her stretching. At that point, he began to show her some new stretches before telling her to copy. They spent 10 minutes correcting her form and making sure that she was actually stretching correctly before he left her to her own devices.

That was how Jingyi spent the rest of their training session, her just focusing on the stretches that she as assigned to do. One leg stretched out behind her, another bent in front of her, arms at her side as she leaned her head back. She felt a comfortable pop before she switched legs. Finishing that one, she moved onto the next, and then the next, and the next. Time flew past her quickly, and soon she found that it was time to go.

Jingyi returned the next day, and like always she was there before Zhihao. Once more, he walked in through the door as she stared at the wall. He walked to her side and told her what to do, and she followed.

After completing her laps, she stayed outside to do her regular stretches like she did the day prior before walking back inside. This time Zhihao stayed to watch her do the new stretches, and from his silence, she gathered that she was doing them properly.

Once she was done, she stood straight up, back straighter than a board, as she looked at Zhihao. The man in question was quiet for a moment as he clasped his hands behind his back. His eyes narrowed for a moment before he shifted positions. His hands moved from his back to in front of him as he dug his heels into the ground. Suddenly he lunged at her, and before she could try to fight back, he nimbly stepped around.

Jingyi just stumbled forwards as she found Zhihao was right behind her, her eyes widening as she whipped around. The next few moments was spent of Zhihao explaining what the Power Step is and him setting her off to practice the beginning lunge.

A week had passed since Jingyi started her training for the Power Step, and Zhihao has determined that she was battle ready, if she managed to pull it off correctly.

That's how Jingyi found herself in front of her teacher, her red eyes narrowed as she stared at Zhihao. The heels of her shoeless feet dug into the matt-covered dojo floor before she lunged forwards. Zhihao quickly struck out his arms, thin fingers stretching out to catch her. But his hands missed, grasping air as Jingyi nimbly weaved around him. By the end of Power Step, she found her at her uncle's back. It would seem that she managed to get the move right, to her relief!

WC: 584
Power Step:

Power Step
Tier: C
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must take a moment to dig their heels into the ground before pushing themselves forwards.
Scaling: Hits
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 Stamina

    The user has to take a moment to dig their heels into the ground before launching themselves forwards. Power Step gives the user the ability to maneuver around an opponent or dodge a single C-tier attack.


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2 Re: Becoming Stronger [Training] on 18/04/17, 06:43 pm

"I think it's safe to move on," Zhihao told her, his words breaking the silence that had resided between them moments earlier. At his voice, Jingyi raised her head to glance at her teacher excitedly, which he returned with a look of annoyance.

"Discard any hope of using Grasscutter, though," he said after a brief pause, "we're just going to be concentrating on your Magoi for this week."

Jingyi knew better than to outright ask him; she knew by now that her uncle would say anything that needed to be said. And, lucky for her, Zhihao was able to tell from the look of confusion, for really anyone with eyes could read Jingyi was an open book, that he needed to explain further.

"Magic Tools aren't the only ways Humans can access their Magoi during battles. A warrior can be trained to manifest his Magoi using Magoi Manipulation. While it's very crude compared to what a Magician can do, it's very powerful. For example, a warrior with the knowledge of Magoi Manipulation can coat his body in his Magoi and repel attacks that would slice through the body like butter. Another example would to focus your Magoi into an object, say a rock, and throw it while it's coated in that Magoi. It could then hit your opponent and deal rather harmful damage."

Jingyi seemed to perk up as Zhihao explained Magoi Manipulation, her eyes wide with excitement and interest. Her first introduction to Magoi was with Magic Tools, and while was able to use the Skeleton Key she still had a shaky grasp on actually using Magoi.

In her excitement, Jingyi almost opened her mouth to eagerly ask how long it would be for her to learn the technique, but one look from her harsh uncle quickly shushed her.

The man crossed his arms over his chest as his eyes narrowed into a slight glare, his lips pursing together. It took him a couple moments before he resumed talking.

"It'll take you a longer than it usually does to train, despite the fact, well, let's just say that even though you pick up techniques rather quickly it'll still take you some time to pick this up." At that, Jingyi's face dropped now that she knew that it would take her time to actually learn this ability. Zhihao promptly ignored the look on her face and continued to drone on.

"Now, the move I'm teaching you is called "Magoi Iidrab" and what it does it coats your weapon in Magoi so it's stronger. If I was going to explain this in latex terms, let's say that weapons deal a certain amount of damage depending on what level it is and that abilities and magic are also on levels. D would be the lowest and let's say that A is the strongest. Magoi Iidrab would be B, but it would cause any sword, even one on D, to deal A level damage for a short amount of time," the redhead, despite the fact that most of her uncle's words were taking air trips over her head, was still excited that she would be learning something that seemed to be so challenging.

"On a final note, Magoi Iidrab, since it uses Magoi, will drain your "Magoi pool", unlike your usual abilities. Instead of becoming tired, you'll get hungry, quite like how you get if you use that Magic Tool of yours. With that over, I want you to get to your laps. Your body is equally important to meditation when it comes to using your Magoi, and that said, you'll be doing five extra laps."

A week concentrating on boosting her physical endurance and flexibility had passed, and once again Jingyi found herself standing in front of Zhihao. The teacher in question just regarded her with his arms crossed over his chest.

"I suppose we can move on to the next step," he begun to say as he shifted positions and lowered himself to the ground, "first we will concentrate on you finding your Magoi. While you can use that Magic Weapon, Magoi Manipulation is a whole other fish and your rather lackluster concentration needs improvement."

Knowing better than to sigh, Jingyi just offered a small nod before sitting down herself. Her hands found themselves resting on her knees as Zhihao started to instruct her on proper breathing exercises.

Days of just breathing, looking within her, her usual exercises, and general concentration passed before Zhihao finally deemed it alright for her to move on. After finishing their regular meditation session, Jingyi was instructed to receive Grasscutter.

Following his orders, Jingyi got to her feet and quickly got the weapon in question before returning to her spot in front of Zhihao. At his request, Jingyi raised Grasscutter and closed her eyes and began concentrating.

Like she did with the Skeleton Key, Jingyi tried to find that pool of energy, though she just found herself trying to imagine the blade as some sort of weapon. Minutes passed with nothing occurring, and with a sigh, Zhihao took the blade from her.

Stepping back, Jingyi watched as her tutor closed his eyes and seemingly concentrated. His eyebrows furrowed together and it was only until a dull glow began to cover the blade part of Grasscutter did he open his eyes. The Magoi covering the weapon strengthened, and Zhihao swiped the blade through the air, sending a "whoosh".

The man then efficiently dispelled Magoi Iidrab before handing Grasscutter back to Jingyi. He just uttered, "Now you try," as he stepped back to watch her. With a deep breath, Jingyi closed her eyes and raised Grasscutter as she begun to concentrate.

Jingyi saw improvement with Magoi Iidrab after a couple weeks, getting to a point that she could coat her weapon in Magoi. But, whenever she opened her eyes or tried to swing the weapon the Magoi would just fall away. It was only until a month and some weeks pass since the beginning of her training did she finally get to a point that she could cover Grasscutter in Magoi and keep it that way. And today marked the day that she would finally get the move down right. While Zhihao seemed to be rather pleased, as pleased as he could get, with her progress though Jingyi still felt like she was slow with Magoi Iidrab.

Once more Jingyi had Grasscutter in her hands, eyes closed and focusing only on her blade. In her state she couldn't even hear Zhihao breath, she was so concentrated. After a moment or too, she felt her Magoi start to pool towards her hands as Grasscutter was coated in the Magoi. When the deed was done, Jingyi half opened her ruby eyes to stare at the weapon. It was covered in her Magoi, and with a deep breath, she swung the weapon. As her hands moved she found herself holding her breath in anticipation.


The Magoi was still covering Grasscutter! She swung the weapon again, and Magoi was still coating it. With a grin, Jingyi eagerly glanced at Zhihao.

"Congrats, you officially got down Magoi Iidrab."

WC: 1204
Magoi Iidrab:

Magoi  Iidrab (Magoi Strike)
Tier: B
Class: Warriors
Type: Supplementary
Range: Self
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must be equipped with a weapon that has a blade; the user must take a deep breath, take a stance and concentrate on channeling their magoi.
Scaling: Duration
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3 posts
Cost: 30 Magoi

    The user takes a stance and takes a deep breath as they channel their magoi to their weapon. The Magoi coats the blade of the weapon, and for a single post, their attacks deal A-Tier damage due to the B-Tier Magoi Manipulation.

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