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The Crimson Sword and The Dark Flower [Plot/Noir]

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As Yoshiro blocked his diagonal slash and holding the wooden blade on place so Tenma couldn’t move it, the emperor delivered a strike with his elbow towards Tenma’s jaw which was caught by the one eyed man’s free hand before it could reach his jaw. He would slowly put the elbow down, away from his face as he spoke his words.

Tenma panted, the being inside him seemed to be stronger each day and the one eyed man couldn’t barely hold it inside his body. ”Damn it…” His chest was tightening, he could feel his heart hurting so bad and it was a little bit hard to breath. Not to mention that each time he blinked, Tenma could feel his consciousness fading in slowly. ”I knew it would be dangerous like this but I didn’t think it would be this bad.”

The emperor stepped back while Tenma was on his state, a confusing act because it looked like Yoshiro didn’t care at all or not keen enough to know why the one eyed man tried to hold himself back. However, that was not necessary as the black haired man listened to what Yoshiro had to say as he tried to suppress the chimera within him, didn’t want to let it out and harm the emperor when Tenma still needed him. It became weirder as the emperor decided to finish the sparring and stepped back before he took his icy sword, making Tenma lost his concentration a little bit. ”Who would I fight for… that’s—“

Tenma suddenly walked towards the corner of the room, the place where he put his own weapons before the spar but it was obvious that he was trying hard to even walk like something was holding him. “I… will protect both. No matter what.” The black haired man said as he take a needle with his trembling hands. He would then maneuvered the needle towards his wrist and stabbed himself, as if he tried to gain his own control by subduing the other him.

He tried to breathe slowly, “My mother was born in this country, what kind of son didn’t want to protect his mother’s country…? Not only that, my sister was the last descendant left in this magician clan in Kou after it was destroyed long time ago…” The man gritted his teeth, one of his eye color started to change slowly to golden. “She made me promised at the day she was murdered, that I will need to ensure my sister’s safety and to protect Kou no matter what because it is important for her… So I will protect both, even if I have to go as far as killing others or killing myself.” Tenma would let out a weak chuckle, “Of course, I think my sister had made up her mind to protect you with her life and strength as well after you gathered us here. But I would ask you to not tell her that I am her brother yet, because it would be dangerous if you do so… If you ask why, it will take a long day to explain it to you.“


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