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House Sitting [B - Repeatable]

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1House Sitting [B - Repeatable] Empty House Sitting [B - Repeatable] on 10/04/17, 02:11 pm

Job Name: House Sitting
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location: Plains
Job Rewards: 200xp/15000huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview:

A mysterious job got posted on the job board of the bazaar. It doesn't say who it's from but it's already paid and the job just say to stay overnight in a house in the outskirts of town.

Enemy Name: Cultist x8
Rank: D-Tier
Needed damage to take down: D-Tier
Description: Mysterious men in dressed in white equipped with a D-Tier dagger that does D-Tier of damage.

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