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Sunflower's Corner of Codes

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1 Sunflower's Corner of Codes on 07/04/17, 06:47 pm

So since HTML templates have become fairly popular, I decided to open up my own shop. I take your ideas and (attempt) to bring them to life. Er, digitally to life. With code.

My services aren't free, of course, but they're cheap. They vary with complexity, starting around 1k. I'm also willing to debate on the price. If you have a problem with your own code (you think you have it but something went awry) I'll lend my advice on how to fix it free of cost.

I post all my templates here.
Just because it's a link that everyone can see, doesn't make these templates free to use! Make sure you read the notes in the beginning of every post to check on that.

[b]Type:[/b] What sort of template are you looking for? A vault or a posting template? If you just need help with some code, just PM me with a description of the problem and a picture.
[b]Appearance:[/b] Tell me a bit about what you're looking for. What color scheme are you wanting? Do you want a picture stuck there? If you can, describe to me where everything would be placed and what it would have. If you want some fancy mechanisms, like hovers, transitions, and/or custom scrollbars, make sure you provide a description of the color/style you want.

Optional: link to pictures for the structure/theme/or color scheme.


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