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[EVENT] New Member Package

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1 [EVENT] New Member Package on 05/04/17, 12:43 am


Welcome to Magi: The World of Magic

To help our new members get started on the site, we have crafted a package just for them! This fresh, new event is here to replace the old event to bring better rewards. We will be holding this event indefinitely and so long as you haven't participated in the old event, you may claim these rewards. To check, the link to the old event is here. However, there are some requirements you must have before you're eligible to claim this package:

  • Create and have your character sheet approved.
  • Create and have your starting weapon / staff / beast or abilities approved.
  • Have a thread with at least one another member or complete three threads.


  • 15,000 Huang
  • 200 EXP
  • D Tier Ability Coupon x2
  • C Tier Ability Coupon x1

Redeeming Ability Coupons

  • First, create an ability or abilities that are the tier of your coupon(s).
  • Next, wait until your ability or abilities are approved for training.
  • Then, link this thread to the thread you created your ability or abilities in.
  • Finally, wait until the coupon(s) are approved. When redeeming an ability coupon, it trains your ability without you having to do a word count for it.
  • Please note, these will not work on your starter abilities for they are already trained. We also recommend manually training most abilities as it is cheaper and can bring character development.

Application Form
[b]Character Sheet[/b]: Link your approved character sheet thread here.
[b]Starter Weapon / Staff / Beast or Abilities[/b]: Link your approved starter weapon or abilities thread here.
[b]Thread(s)[/b]: Link your thread with another member or three threads here.

NOTE: You may only claim this on one character. Alternate characters may not claim this package. You may not claim this if you have already claimed the rewards from the old event. If you are caught not abiding by these rules, your warning bar will be docked and all rewards will be revoked.

We hope you enjoy your time here!

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2 Re: [EVENT] New Member Package on 03/06/17, 08:52 pm

Character Sheet: Sylvia Thanatos
Starter Weapon / Staff / Beast or Abilities:Staff
Thread(s) Tiger Cubs

I am still new because I have not been coming on, so I hope I can enter this.

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3 Re: [EVENT] New Member Package on 03/06/17, 09:02 pm


I've added 15k huang to your account. You can redeem the B Tier (200) EXP in your own thread here. You should create a new thread if you do not have one with a post that links to this thread.

When you want to claim your vouchers, please redeem them here. Make sure you link to this thread as well as the thread the abilities you want to train are in when you're ready to redeem them.


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