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Homeward Bound Travel (Kou to Magnostadt)

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I felt dissolution with the cause of the civil war I didn’t bother to message Zadi when I left I was too ashamed to really voice my opinions because I was still only 15. I’m glad that I left but at the same time I wanted to go home again. I wasn’t really ready to break out on my own and be an effective magician. I want to learn more magic and I don’t think I can do that anywhere but back home in Magostadt. So I’m making the long journey back home. I wasn’t much of a useful presence in Kou and Zadi already said I was the weakest of the group so learning some new magic and be better at helping my newfound allies. Who knows I may be able to recruit people from Magnostadt to fight with us. I decided to walk for the vast majority of the journey, it was not an easy walk; having to avoid the villages that were severely effected by the violence made it hard for me to find effective food and shelter. Still though, I pressed on. I saw the fields of wheat that would soon to be harvested, the cows and sheep in the fields eating their grass and whatnot it’s the perfect spot to stop and readjust my clothes from all the sweat. I never thought about the sheep until now how simple their lives are and tragic their ends must be. They don’t know any better do they? They’re perfectly content just wandering about eating grass and being in each other’s company. This was something that I missed being so far away from everyone that I knew, I still didn’t really know Zadi and I still had no real knowledge of the group that had been coopted into. I finally was able to escape my surroundings in the small nations of the Great Plains but it was time to come home. I continued on the path that I didn’t really know back to the familiar unfamiliar of Magnostadt and the great plains, past the golden fields and the burgundy farmhouses, the sheep and horses and back into the forest that I had loved so well as as child. The sky darkened as I got to the cross roads of some semblance of freedom and beginning of my purgatory. The further I got past the forest the clearer it got that I wasn’t going to make it too far without getting drenched and/or struck by lightning. I dashed back into the forest back towards town my town a town that I knew so well and hated so much. Devoid of anything that I could remotely call interesting people that I could possibly relate to. I did't want to be around magicians again but I had no choice if I wanted to be stronger and more useful I needed to be back and study as much as possible. So back to purgatory it was for me, neither my personal hell nor my heaven, just existence, nothing more. if just for a little longer.

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