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Gambling, New Friends #2, Debt [Job/Aseroth]

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Job Details:

Job Name: The Loan Shark
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 200 XP / 15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: Old man Rukus has been gambling a bit too much recently. His granddaughter is worried that he might be getting himself into debt. She's offering a large reward to anyone who can keep an eye on her grandpa without him noticing. After spying on Rukus for that evening, you find out that he's been getting money off of a local Loan Shark. You must either help Rukus back home before anything gets violent or fight the Loan Shark and his goons. His granddaughter will reward you afterwards!
Loan Shark:

Enemy Name: Loan Shark
Rank: B-Tier
Needed damage to take down: B-Tier
Description: A tall pale man who wears a bright blue trench coat and brown shorts. His eyes are hidden by sunglasses and his hair is styled into a pompadour. He carries around a large wooden club and a switchblade.
The Crushing Devil - The Loan Shark will attempt to crush you with his large wooden club, dealing A-Tier damage.

The Nappy Mobster - The Loan Shark will walk towards you as he snaps his fingers. Once he gets into your face he will attempt to shank you with his switchblade,dealing B-Tier damage.

The Confused Thug - The Loan Shark will begin to spin rapidly with his wooden club in hand, reaching up to 3ms and also dealing B-Tier damage.


Enemy Name: Goon
Rank: C-Tier
Needed damage to take down: C-Tier
Description: These goons are slightly shorter than the Loan Shark and wear black suits. Their hair is styled into a pompadour like their boss but is slightly smaller in size. All three of them have switchblades.
Goon Slash - The goon will do a 3m lunge at you with their switchblade, dealing D-Tier damage.

Snapping Motion - The goon will walk towards you, slowly snapping their fingers. However, this just serves as a distraction, because once he gets in your face he will attempt to shank you, dealing C-Tier damage.


Name: Gumata
Tier: D-Tier
Type: Dwarven Axe
Material: Steel
Appearance: Gumata, is 101.6 cm(63.5 cm for a single blade) in length, and 12.7 in width of its blade. Its holster slightly below the waistband; The dark side is the first blade with an runic design, feathers hang from the back of this blade. The second blade is a light ting clear made of steel, it has leather buckles on the back of its blade.

The grip allows the blade to be spun around easily. Twisting the grip slightly, the second blade rotates and makes its full length of 101.6 cm.

The inn busy for the moment. Everyone in the Caravan seemed to be off either getting supplies for to restock on inventory, or some personally items of interest. Only people left were Stark, and Me. Stark wasn't speaking just like I. I barely speak and he knows that, so whenever it's just the two of it's always silence. People coming and going out the Inn, the double doors swung back and forth each time a person entered or left. Moving his hands back and forth like a tambourine, basically doing jazz hands. He'd amused himself while Stark held his clipboard, and went over the inventory. I just sat on top of a wooden box continuing to amuse myself, the sunshine was bright and people flocked around the bar, then the center of the Inn to dance. Bards majority came in to play for a small amount of coin to get by on for the day.

Same old floor model or class performer. Each time we come to Inn's or Bars, they have the same stories of old, and songs. It's like these 'Bards' all been to the same school to learn songs. Quite annoying after hearing it for the Uthm time. Moving slowly Stark gazed back at Thorsten when his pen fell to the ground, and this young girl seemed to pick it up. She looked to be early twenties, possibly close to eighteen? I couldn't determine from just that, but she seemed to be distressed. Stark arch his brow speaking to the little girl to him. " Calm down Ma'am, State your business or begone. Alright~ " straight to the point as always. The girl strummed her lips and gained a sweat down her chin. " U..Um.. My Grandfather could you please save him? Please he's my only family. I know y'all band of caravans accept request for the fair price. " she seemed to be well informed on the situation at hand. I myself got quite excited at her knowledge to the nimble of information she held. This could seem to be a exciting job to take, but it came down to the coin that we've receive. " It depends on the price you offer Ma'am. If you can come to terms with that Price, I'll send my little friend here. And No not that little friend, you might think about~. Thorsten, come." It looked like he called me, so now I have to go. Really though this shouldn't be much of a problem if she called us were such a little caravan. She looked heisted while I came up walking, standing near on the side of Stark as he'd look over her. " Um...I believe I can afford the payment amount of the your establishment. with that the girl eyed Stark. Stark looked at me then looked back at her. It was silence for the time being until Stark opened his mouth. " Sure... " It seem like Stair could work with her so I just stood their waiting for the details to be explained.

Some Time Later

Roaming the street. The road made of cobblestone, and a little sewage flaps here and there. People seemed to brush passed the young white/navy haired boy. Probably because I had Gumata, on my hip. The dwarfven axe, made of fine steel just clipped and latched into place. The feathers stiff in place, and flowing freely in the wind that passed by him. ' That girl said her Grandfather often gambled around this area. His name is Ruckus, and to stalk him once I've gotten a location on him. Gosh why must I do all this. I never had to go through something like this before, Should have picked a different skill trait~ ' He thought to himself walking on the road. People still passed him moving quicker then usual like they were running from someone, but when I turned to look it was just someone pushing through others. The damage is done, and I couldn't understand what was happening. Going back to enjoying the afternoon high, the sun rested at the peak in the sky. The beams of light warming my body keeping me nice and toasty like my blanket would usually do. Not paying attention, and slim man with white hair and a kimono blocked his path. Since I wasn't noticing the I crashed into the man. " Sa.. Sorry " I tried to mumble out.

word count: 742/1,500

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Name: Daiguren Yukine {Grand Crimson Lotus Snow}
Tier: B-Tier
Type: Katana
Material: Hand forged 1095 carbon steel
Appearance: The blade length, and width are 73 cm/28.7 inch and 3.2 cm/1.26 inch. The handle length is 27 cm/10.6 inch. The blade haves an vibrant color reflected in light as blue but is gray in color, the handle being wrapped in turquoise color guards and wrap, showing lotus patterned through the open diamonds. The sheathe is full painted black and designed with an dragon close to the end, the hilt is an flower design of solid metal.
Morning was always as peaceful as I've remember. It's been a while since I've seen the morning day like this. War can do this? Questioning what else civil war could actually do more then make me, or others enjoy such a site early in the day. Staring from a stained window in my room was pretty nice for a change. It's been a while since I've last stretched my arms around and get the more fit physique I had a while back. Shaking my head, I knew just from walking around and losing my breathe I haven't been in the best of shape lately. Really the servants and I just been chilling since Agares, isn't really taking well to his practices. That kid, is more and more upsetting then a boar out in the wild. Shaking my head again slightly I would move away from the stained window making my way to my bed. " Today, what to do today. Ughhhh. I should visit the job board, it seem like I could probably get decent work there. Military officials probably won't get upset.... hopefully. "

I wasn't all that sure about what could happened, but what is the worst that can happen. What items to take with me, equipment is always important to take so which should I bring. 'Baël' or 'Daiguren Yukine', decisions like these placed me in predicaments that weren't in my favor ever. A separate blade, or a fine singled edge sword an warriors issues. I laughed at that, my fist would pack a better punch then both weapons, but I don't enjoy having to just crash through everything most of the time. Sunlight hitting me directly in the eyes blinding me shortly I moving across the room heading to the door. I rather it be night time so I could admire the moonlight, but it wasn't so productive was needed to keep my estate alive. Time spans were so short that I almost forgot to bring my weapon with me. It seems like Daiguren Yukine, is being picked for the day, hopefully nothing too exciting happens, and I won't have to push through anyone. Been a while since that has actually happen, so if it does controlling my own strength is mandatory. The mood in the house was better then my current mood since I've been confused on what to actually do once I left home. Good times could be amazing if I had a goal to accomplish in this time being simple little things could happen in any given moment. Passing throughout this house over and over again for the pass months have been pointless, i'm friendly with everyone here and productive is fine so why can't I bring myself to get out and work again?

It seemed like I've locked a door, no eyes on me and all eyes on something else? It could have been something. Something I can't place my mind on, but I guess leaving the house today would help. " I'm Off. I need to get out for the day. I'll bring back some groceries Closing the door behind myself, I'd enter the streets to head off to through the housing district into the Market District.

Moments Later. . .

Reaching his hand into his pocket, he wrap his hands around his coin purse. It's pretty light-weight at the moment, his head in the sky like a satellite. The sounds of his sword clenching against his waist each swish in his moment, I just was happy to finally be out the house in a long time. Truly the air seemed fresh and not really full of gun powder and all kinds of other harmful odors that makes me feel less and less sicking. Securing his bad back in his pocket, he'd listen to the coins jiggling and create small noises of sound together. Road made of cobble stone, probably soon to break apart if  the front of battle every made it here to the city. Hmph I suppose if the war did make it here to the City, I'd get to fight on the front instead of just chilling at the moment. Chuckling to myself I noticed a booth selling some fruit.

" Pots of fruit so big, we call them Super Bowl! Come one and get another free of charge! " Sponsoring his product like a true merchant should. The product might be all too well to pass up from the looks of it. I stepped forward to look over his merchandise; Variety of fruit was on point in this booth. Observing over the venue, someone had stumbled into me and a fell. He'd mumble something from his breath as he'd sat upon the ground looking confused. The glare of his eyes meet mine, Crystal Blue to Emerald almost? The color of his eyes were so... so... I couldn't place the word of what I thought of his eyes. " Little Boy, Are you lost? Is your parents around, It seems like your alone. Do you need some assistance?  " I'd questioned forgetting about the booth guy. The kid's hair was multi-colored. That's something you don't normally see here in Zou. Icy white like mine, but navy blue in highlights just about? He might have them dyed or actually be roots. " I like the color of your hair, would you care to explain how it came to be? If that isn't too much from a stranger. " I ask a lot of question just to be a random stranger to the kid. I'd offer my hand to help him up awaiting his response hopefully.

word count: 945/1,500

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The large man I had stumbled into seemed to strike a remarkable appearance. Pale skin, white icy hair, and cold blue eyes. Looking into the eyes I could easily see the nature of his life, but his demeanor was not really the same as his personality. Compared to my own, I haven't killed someone, or spoiled my hands with blood besides having to ruff people up. Looking closely the shop Keeper behind the man had became frustrated, I myself still sat on the ground for about the entirety of the other man speech. Certainly this man had a lot of questions for little ole me. So I chuckled, and shook my head to the first thing he asked. I would respond to him, but to keep to myself I just didn't say anything. Couldn't bring the words to my lips, only thing I did was whistle placing an steady stream of air on my tongue and out between my lips. A better reaction then what I could have actually done.  Forgetting the shopkeeper was behind the man starring at me. Our eyes locking into a gaze, with a closer looo besides his warrior spirit I saw the color. A depth of endless water? Crystal blue eyes that just brought people further into them the more I looked into them. Floating in the ocean is what it felt like looking into the man's face, but it's memorizing effect made me almost forget. No time for this only time to complete my task. Best course of action is standing to my feet and pushing past the man. " Sa...sorry " all I said. Maneuvering passed the stall heading toward the location to find Ruckus. In the process I would charge forward hauling away to locate Ruckus.

Hopefully the large man didn't follow me. Spotting Ruckus wasn't going to take long since his granddaughter gave a description. Short man, fair skin, bald spot in the middle of his hand with white hair forming around it. Old's man gut, and a red and blue kimono. Seem fair enough in the least. The exact man she described had just appeared in front of him, but it seemed the large man from before might have pursued him. Tailing Ruckus or Running from the other person, obligations that doesn't make sense. I just continued onward pressing with caution, Ruckus haven't caught on to my scent or noticed me lunging behind him. Moving across the street one time, and another behind a stall watching as the old man finally came to a stop. Three goons it looked like stood outside a door to a abandoned building. " Three goons huh? Seem pretty easy to take care of. " I said to myself.

Nothing seemed to have gone for the worst yet, so approaching from a different angle seems to be best of my interest. Looking off to my side making sure none saw me, I'd leap up to the roof making little noise then moving to the building above the goons. Time to wait patiently for the right time to strike.

Word Count: 1,255/1,500

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Should I get mad at the little child? No it wouldn't be the best option for me since I'm a adult. The kid didn't give a respond, but he however in fact got up and dusty himself off. He stared me down for a moment of time like he was in a trance of sorts; seeming like a ghost when he laided his dulled eyes on me. Our gaze been met so I've only continued to wonder. " Child, is there a issue of sorts? I would like to address such things now. " enlarging my voice to make it boom over the child, scaring the shop Keeper behind me. The navy and white haired kid just pushed passed me speaking again like before 'sorry' was what came to my ears. I almost forgot what he said as I called out. " How disrespectful to your elders. Who thought you to behave this way! " my voice carried with the air, but the boy just went off like he had before.

It had seemed the boy could only use the speech of apologizing for his actions like a omen after something he did. I didn't want to pursue him either more then he could probably not want me to. I've been through my fair share of problems, but problems shouldn't be left on children plate at a young age, and the kid looked to have a cold expression half the time. Turning back to the shop keeper, his facial expressions one of shock since this probably never happens to him, but this place full of many people with different opinions and actions on social interactions.

" Looks like he almost damaged my stall. Would have been ashamed if he had. Anyways Mister, you still plan to buy something?" he looked sure I might collect something from him. " No... no. I'm sorry. I've lost interest." Looking at the shop keeper face not feeling sorry for the man. It seemed like he was going to do well without actually having my service for the time being. Walking away from the stall heading in the direction that the little kid left off in I would scan the area to locate him. He might have thought of being better at covering his own tracks, but I found my way with little support I had.

Coming around a corner, the same white hair, and navy streak was in my site, but in his site was another person. He seemed to be tailing someone this time. ' I could have probably halted him on something? But for such an young age wouldntheybreally send a child? ' I thought to myself. Following the boy, who was following the man proved to be difficult and it didn't last long because the man he seemed to be following had enter a building. Outside the building was three goons. The building itself was red, about thirty feet in the air and still intact unlike some surrounding buildings. The navy streaked above them, he surly scaled the walls to reach that height.

" I should cut down these... umm goons? Can't let a child stain their hands with blood. Wait better I'll knock them out. " Whisping to myself. Three little ole goons weren't going to prove me much trouble, so coming from my cover I'd step forward. No better life then we're living. to catch their attention. As they turned, I would Fluidly move  upon them and send three kicks at the side of one knocking his body into the other three making this quick and simple. A gust of wind and dust was behind myself as I stood looking up to grin at the little boy probably waiting.

Word Count: 1,569/1,500


Used bare strength equivalent to A-Tier to take out the three goons. Leaving only the Loan Shark.


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Looks like the taller man had followed me to this location. Really people are bothersome at times with this stuff, but I'll let it slide since I'm close to finishing this job and protecting this old man. The noise on the inside was quite meaning nothing bad has happened yet, so hoping down from the rooftop would be nice since the goons were taken care of. The tall man bestowed strength I've couldn't compare myself to yet, but in the future I believe I could match him in terms of abilities. It's really quite intriguing at this point that this man held such skills, but seemed so harmless in the process of his one sided conversation from earlier.

Standing next to him, having a smirk along my lips. Pretty sure by this time knocking down the door to this building should be my next course of action. Having to work up the courage to just burst through the door and take Ruckus to his grand daughter. Going up to the door, I would kick it down busting it from its hinges knocking the door across the room. A man dressed in brown shorts, wearing a bright blue trench coat stood over Ruckus. I couldn't tell if the man was glaring at me, but for a Loan Shark, he had a great sense of fansion. This great fansion sense of a Loan Shark had brought forth his wooden club and held it outward towards me. " Hmm... Did you perhaps come to gamble? People tend to get younger and younger each visit. " this man was truly cocky at best. I would just move to a close range to where we could exchange blows easily if one of us was to fight. " . . .Need the old man. . ." Getting right to the chase, I lunged into action and Swung back my right arm, then slamming my fist toward his torso. The Loan Shark brought up his wooden to take the impact of the fist, having them connect to help him pull back the club. Thrusting the club forward attempting to Me down to the ground. I would pull out my own weapon to have it lunge into the wooden club keeping it at bay using my strength. Cutting into the wood with my blade I'd leave it there as I jumped forward and send a kick at his face. The Loan Shark, trying to weave back from the kick stumbling back being caught off guard. Keeping up pressure I dropped to the ground, and maneuvered underneath the club, pushing it up with my right hands, then sending a knee to the gut to immobilize him knocking blood and spit from the Loan shark's mouth.

Stepping back, I'd walk over to retrieve my sword. The Loan Shark unable to actually move, but still conscious watched as I got Ruckus and left to the building leaving him in his mess. Escorting Ruckus back to his home making sure nothing happened, I'd return back to the inn leaving that tall white haired man a while back.

Word Count: 1,775/1,500


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