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Gloomy Days[Training]

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1 Gloomy Days[Training] on 22/03/17, 06:31 pm

The weather was abhorrent as Tenju trudged his way through mud and water, battered by a torrential downpour that had already soaked him through to the bone. Being a penniless traveler had its perks to be sure, but its ails were too many to count. Getting caught out in bad storms was a part of the package and among the few hardships faced on this journey so far which Tenju actually felt like complaining about. "Why does this always happen to me?" The monk griped as he held his arm in front of his face just to try and stop the pelting globs of water from blinding him.

A flash lit up the sky and cast a brief instant of light across the landscape which made the figure of a large tree evident in the distance. Seeing the landmark, Tenju paused in his steps for a moment in order to thank the heavens for pointing out a place of possible refuge. He was in the midst of a prayer with eyes closed shut when suddenly those very heavens roared with a rumbling thunder which caused Tenju's eyes to shoot wide open. He hurried towards the tree making no more delay, eager to deny the storm a chance at zapping him with an unwanted does of lightning.

Arriving under the tree, Tenju was panting from his run which had been made extra difficult due to how muddy the ground had become. Some of the rain was still coming through the leaves and branches, but thankfully it wasn't too much making the space under the massive tree relatively dry compared to the rest of the open plain Tenju found himself in. "Such a large tree all by itself out here...I wonder why..." Tenju mused curiously before taking a seat at the base of the trunk and leaning against the tree for support. "May as well wait here till the rain lets up..."

Minutes passed and then melted into what felt like hours. The sky stilled boomed and flashed with the mind blower power of mother nature stretched her calamity making muscles just in case the world was ever in need of a good flooding. Eventually, boredom drove Tenju to work on his magic. There was one spell in particular which he had been pondering as of late. The last few months he had bumped into trouble a few times and usually it was against a group of men with ill intentions. This had brought the young man to the conclusion that he needed a spell which could weaken or debilitate many people at once in order to give himself an opening for escape. The spell he had come up with in response to that problem was the "Gloom" spell!

The first part of the spell was simple and something Tenju could already do with his other spells. He simply sent his magoi through the ground an into a nearby plant causing it to grow a purple flower somewhere on its body. The second part is what Tenju was having some trouble with. Afterwards, he wanted the plant to spew out some spores which would confuse and inhibit any would be attackers. After spending several nights thinking about how to command the rukh in order to make the spores shoot out like that, Tenju had gotten nowhere.

While the monk thought about his magic, the life rukh present in the great tree he took shelter under seemed to react to his desires. Their gentle whispers reached Tenju's ears as he was muttering to himself, "Gloom...Gloom....Gloom....Blume!" Suddenly, the command to make the spores spew outward flowed into Tenju's mind and he subconsciously released a bit of magoi to power the spell. A purple flower emerged from the tree right next to Tenju's face.

"I did it!"

Tenju cheered from joy just before the flower sprayed its spores outwards covering a 2m area which well included the caster of the spell. Tenju was immediately sent into a coughing fit as his eyes started to water up. "I'm...cough cough....a genius! cough cough...." Tenju proclaimed his intelligence without a hint of sarcasm as he choked on his own spell.

Gloom Bloom Training 500+/500

Magoi: 160/180

Gloom Bloom
Tier: C
Class: Magician
Type: Supplementary
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must tap the ground with their staff after speaking the spell name. The flowers can only bloom on the target plant and can't jump to other plants even if they are touching.
Scaling: Hits
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 2 Posts
Cost: 20

    Using life magic, the user taps the ground with their staff after speaking the spell name. This causes a line of purple light to travel just beneath the surface of the ground up to 8m away. If the spell stops beneath or on plant material, it will cause a small purple flower to suddenly sprout anywhere of the user's choosing on the targeted plant. The flower sprouts and blooms releasing a green haze of spores. The spores plume outwards forming a 2m radius cloud. Inhaling the spores causes a victim's body to feel heavy and their vision blurs for 2 posts. Scaling can increase the number of targeted plants in order to grow more flowers.



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