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Service For Everything I [Job/Chain]

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1 Service For Everything I [Job/Chain] on 18/03/17, 10:58 pm

Job Details:

Job Name: Services for Everything Pt. 1
Job Rank: D-tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 50xp / 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: A service group who will do anything for money is short on people and is looking for a part timer. The job that they will offer is random and they will hire you until they are not short on people anymore. You will see the recruitment in the job board, accept the job and they will give you your first task. Your first job is to help a local blacksmith to to clean his workshop and make everything looks neat like putting the scattered dirty weapons in the place as well as anything you can do to make the workshop looks shining and clean. Once you are done, the blacksmith will reward you for your service.

Aseo calmly walked the halls of the house. Going toward the dining hall to grab something to eat. His stomach grumble was fierce and likely to bite him if he didn't feed himself soon. Pushing open the doors upon arrival he instantly flew into the kitchen with a quick stride. Man was he hungry, he didn't really feel the need to use the mannerism he was taught to chow down, honestly when would he needs those when were currently at civil war? Questions like these always made his mind wonder, no true answers came to him in his time of thoughts.

Eating fruits and few vegetables, he savor the flavors from each individual item he threw into his mouth. Watermelon sweet to his taste buds, while you could say a apple quench his thirst when it came down to picking his favorite. Having his fair share of food by now, Aseo took the opportunity to disrobe himself, leaving in his sleeveless tunic, and leather trousers looking like a simple citizen. Slipping out from the house through the back, he put his hair in long braids and threw them up into a bun. He went directly for the job board, Aseo knew he needed extra haung of his own. So he traveled on to the Main Street blending with the crowd as it was flooded today. People doing the most even during the civil war, trying to get by. He felt bad while all these people struggled to get a meal, he was enjoying five star meals or something at least to feel himself and several children if given the chance. Wishing something could be done while walking, but he knew of nothing that could help to the change besides ending the struggle and the heart of that is Civil War.

Arriving at the job board, he filtered out Jobs left and right. Their was a recruitment paper, asking for people to take requests. He decided to take it since it was simple and didn't consume much of his time. The first job was simple he assumed as he was to clean an blacksmith's shop and organized his weapons/armors/items. The location of the shop on the paper, and with that Aseo was off since he knew it would at least take the day to finish cleaning. Cutting back on time he traveled the short routes knowing which alley to take, and what exit from the alley to get out. " I haven't done many jobs that weren't to serve someone I haven't met. "He was stomped at that thought but stomped on toward the shop.

The blacksmith shop in site and wouldn't take long now. Aseo came up to the door and pulled at the handle opening it, then walking inside. Showing the manager or clerk the job paper from the board he only simply pointed in the direction of a pile of rusted swords, shields, and random assortment of armor pieces. Flicking his gaze from the shop owner back to the equipment, he placed his belongings on the ground and moved over to the equipment. Bending down he collected them each one by one and placing them on racks, and shelves. Heading over to the corner of the shop to collect the cleaning supplies he shortly began to work his craft at cleaning. Sparing water from a bottle to clean the shelves with a rag, then sweeping the ground with a straw broom. Aseo not really bothered by putting in a little extra work to get this done, but it was going by swiftly like it was a breeze in the wind. Cleaning didn't take long, and putting away the equipment in order took about two through four hours, but in the end he collected his huang, and returned home.

Word count: 632/500


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