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Learning the ropes (Job Enhancement)

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1 Learning the ropes (Job Enhancement) on 16/03/17, 03:59 am

(This is Oliver making his way into C-tier-dom with his Assassin class)

So Oliver needed to head off to the shop where he normally bought his weapons.  After using his weapon long enough he needed to have it looked at and to see if he needed a new one or not.  Or at least that's what the message that the shop owner sent said to Oliver.  Looking over the note and shrugging his shoulders he headed off into the town he was staying in, looking for the back alleyways.

A twist here, a turn there, a shimmy to the left and a slide to right with a criss-cross at one point and he found himself in a seedy looking bazaar in the underbelly of the town.  It was here that Oliver was able to find the weapon shop belonging to the merchant that had sold him the sanjiegun he kept in his possession.

As he pushed the crimson curtain out of the way, Oliver was met with just what this woman sold.  There were all kinds of weapons! But not the kind you would sell to a regular warrior.  Everything here had some sort of gimmick.  Giant hula hoop looking blades, a boat shaped arm blade, a club loaded with a pump action lever that could load cannonballs into it?  The ways of fighting were still new to Oliver, but they were all so exotic and fit his interests for combat so well.

"I see you have kept your 'Trick Stick' as you so dutifully call it.  But I would like to see if you are worth entrusting more weapons like these to.  Come to the back." She lead him off to the back wherein he would be met with a large room with a tatami mat style floor and a training dummy with two brothers set up.

It was here that Oliver was given three chances.  Three chances to demonstrate an inventive manner of taking down an opponent.  One that she wouldn't expect.  Clutching his chin and pondering. Oliver thought of a possibility.  He went over to the first dummy and threw his weapon into the air and crouched down like he was going to leap up and catch the stick to strike downward.  Instead he spun about for a leg sweep followed up by a rising roundhouse to the first dummy, sending it toppling away.

Not good enough, he was told.  So the lad caught his falling weapon and went to the next one.  Swinging the three sections around so the middle segment hooked around behind the dummy's neck.  Grabbing onto both ends he yanked the dummy downwards and brought the nose of the dummy right into his rising knee! Again not good enough.

With only one more attempt, Oliver had to think very carefully.  he flailed his weapon about so that all three segments rested in one hand and he pointed at the dummy in a taunting manner before pushing down and leaping up into the air with a corkscrew spin to his body.  Landing with a foot on either of the dummy's shoulder, he clutched his heels into the sides of the dummy's neck, his feet hooked under the chin of it.  With another corkscrew spin, Oliver brought his upper body through the air along with the dummy and his lower portion.

In a spinning grapple unlike the shop owner had seen before, Oliver brought the dummy's spine straight into the ground and its neck was aimed in toward its chest in a very uncomfortable manner.

"Good very good! Come now. I have much to show you in the ways of the shadow."  About as corny as it could get, Oliver sighed and nodded, following the woman where he would be given a set of throwing knives (not free of charge) and the first lessons in how to be a better Assassin.

word count: 634


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