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Rewarding Conversation [Job/Solo]

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1 Rewarding Conversation [Job/Solo] on 15/03/17, 06:47 pm

Job: Your Reward:
Job Name: Your Reward
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 50 exp, 3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Another Secret Still
Job Overview: Having completed the Vassal's test, he now agrees to tell you whatever you want to know. Get his reason for following you, and the identity of this "Ban".

Caelus and the vassal both took seats opposite each other on two large stones.  Ban's vassal applied some kind of ointment to his nose to stop the bleeding, but then turned to Caelus.  "Very well, what is it you would like to know?  I will answer any questions you may have."

"Well lets start with an easy one.  I can't just call you 'Vassal' forever, it sounds ridiculous.  What is your name?"

The vassal smiled.  "Very courteous of you.  I am called Shu."

Caelus nodded and continued, "Ok, Shu.  Now who is Ban?  And why did she have you follow me around?"

"Ban," began Shu, closing his eyes for a moment in preparation, "is a hermit, living on the second peak of the Jade Dragon Mountains.  She had me follow you because you show promise as a potential student.  But i know that is not all you want to hear, so let me start from the beginning.  Almost fifty years ago, the emperor before Gao Yuan ruled Kou, and began the expansion of the empire.  Ban was that emperor's teacher.  What she taught was a form of magoi control, and body manipulation.  You do know what I am speaking of, yes?"  Caelus shook his head.  Magoi he knew was what magicians used to cast spells and what powered magic items, but Body Manipulation was completely foreign to him.  Shu nodded and explained.  "During our fight, did you notice that my body moved in unnatural ways?  I can reverse my joints, and turn my bones to rubber.  That is Body Manipulation.  I cannot become something else, but i have complete, conscious control over my body."  To emphasize this, Shu bent his fingers backwards so that they lay on the top of his hand.  The sight turned Caelus' stomach somewhat.  "As for why she finds you worth watching, it is because of your temperament, and willingness to help people you hardly know.  Ban is quite careful as to whom she teaches her craft.  The emperor used her knowledge as a weapon for his war.  This is why she refuses to teach any of the future emperors.  But she does not want to see her craft die out, so she has her vassals search for potential students.  I have been following you since you arrived in Kou, and i must say that i believe you fit her criteria.  Of course, whether you live up to her expectations remains to be seen."

Caelus sat quietly for a long time.  But when he did speak it was with conviction.  "Ok, i accept.  What do i need to do, and where do i need to go?"

Shu laughed.  "I am glad you are confident, however you still have a ways to go.  The next test is simply to make it to her home.  If you remember, it is on the second peak of the Jade Dragon Mountains.  Take only what you have with you now.  She will be expecting you."

~WC: 514/500~


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