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Defeating the Necromancer! [Job/Oliver]

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Jingyi looked around the graveyard as she held some flowers close to her chest. It was late, but it eas the earliest she could have gotten to the burial site.

Why was she there? Well, she had heard that one of the soldiers she had basic training with, Madou, had sustained wounds and died of them the past month, and she was there to pay respect. She didn't spend a lot of time with the man, but they had trained together and that was enough for her.

So through the yard she had walked, keeping an eye out for his grave when she spotted something peculiar. A man dressed in robes seeming to be digging something up. But that's odd, it was late, almost eight at night, and there was no funeral, nor was there a crew.

"A grave robber, then?" Jingyi thought to herself with a frown as she laid down the flowers and put her hand on Grasscutter's hilt, her fingers wrapping around it as she prepared to unsheath it in case.

"Hey, you there!" She yelled, quickly catching the man's attention as he whirled around to face her, "Stop right there and don't move or I'll be forced to fight ya!" She continued, her voice loud in the air as she yelled, "Trust me, you don't wanna do that!"

WC: 229
Total WC: 1611
Total Stamina Loss:156/215 Stamina
Abilities Used: Close Kick, Cutting Grass, Hitoshirenu Kyoda

Job Details:

Job Name: Skeletal Warfare
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 100 XP/7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Since the fall of Emperor Yoshiro’s father, the Alchemists under his control find themselves without direction. This branch of the Alchemists tends to focus on Necromancy and one of their members has been spotted at a local graveyard, digging up the corpses of soldiers. Stop him.

Enemy Name: Necromancer Alchemist
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C-tier to borg, C-tier to take down
Description: Necromancer moves at 5 m/s and rather than attacking directly, he raises a ghoul capable of dealing D-tier damage to protect him.
Plaguing Mist – Necromancer Alchemist releases a plague mist that moves at 15 m/s which spreads out in front of him up to 10 meters away. This plague slows ability speed and deals D-tier damage for 2 posts.

Enemy Name: Ghoul
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: Ghoul moves at 3 m/s and deals D-tier damage with its body.
Abilities Used:

Stamina Loss:
Abilit[y][ies] Here:
Weapon[s] On Hand:

Name: Grasscutter
Tier: C
Type: 9-Ring Dao Sword
Material: Steel
Appearance: Jingyi’s first sword has a blade that’s 103 cm, along with a hilt that’s around 10 cm. The sword is single-edged, with the other edge of the sword lined with rings to help protect her sword against being dulled. Grasscutter is rather plain with the most eye-catching thing about it being the red tassel whose purpose is to distract enemies in battle.[/center]
Name: Skeleton Key
Tier: B
Type: Magic Tool
Magic Type: Illusion (Light + Sound)
Appearance: A small, brass key that is useless as an actual key except for the most basic of locks. A length of 15CM, and a small flourish at the head and a single square tooth of 2CM. The magic circle is located on the tooth.

  • Fit Any Hand - By infusing magoi into the tool, it can create an illusory weapon or mundane object up to 2M long, with the key as its handle. This created weapon can interact with material objects, the weapon deal up to B-tier damage.  10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

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Today was a good day as any for a walk and researching the landscape. So with him he brought his notebook, a pen, and his trusty three-section-cane. Who was this just roaming the lands of Kou you ask? Oliver Oxford of course! The escaped noble of Magnostadt, the Goi among Magicians, the kid with about a dozen other theatrical names to himself that he thought up but the narrator doesn't feel like reading off at the moment because that's just annoying! But other than that, the brown coat wearing lad was in a warmer set of clothing and his red scarf, suited for walking around the graveyard.

Sure he didn't know anyone here. But it was nice practice to find names that stood out, and ponder on what their story could have been. It was here he got some of the silliest little tangents he wrote down in his notes, and it was here that he also came up with some prolific backstories. Sure its weird, but it beats pissing off live people who are prone to throwing things at one's face!

He looked over to the distance, hearing the sounds of someone shouting, and accusing someone of something? The hell were people doing here late at night? Other than paying respects doing anything else here this late was an odd habit! Said the pot to the kettle. Oliver tucked away his notebook into his jacket and jogged over to see what the commotion was about. There he was met with a red headed warrior accosting a man that seemed to be digging graves.

"Allo--Don't mean to intrude or anything, but I would like to point out something. That man's got a bounty on his-Hi I'm Oliver by the way, pleased to meet you, we can exchange formalities later-but that guy's got a bit of a bounty on his head for doing things with dead bodies that aren't for the feint of heart." He spoke bluntly, unaware that what he said could be taken many different ways. But at least he was here to support Jingyi.

[Word count: 360/1000]


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Both Jingyi and the necromancer paused as Oliver made his attention, Jingyi turning halfway around to look at the boy as she blinked. Unfortunately, he took him the wrong way, her mouth dropping open as her red eyes widened in disgust.

"What do you mind by, 'doing things with dead bodies'? Surely you wouldn't mean-" Jingyi stopped halfway through her sentence as her face paled at the thought. The necromancer quickly caught on to what the woman was thinking as he gave out a brash yell that an "esteemed master of magic" would never stoop to having to resort to such means.

Shaking her head disappointedly, Jingyi quickly pulled Grasscutter out of its sheath, the rings lining the weapon's side ringing as they clanged against one another. Pointing the curved blade at Oliver, she gave a quick motion to the necromancer, "You should get away while I deal with this creep," from the background a faint scream that he wasn't that sort of creep could be heard, which was promptly ignored by the scarlet warrior, "This is no place for..." Jingyi's gaze fell to the notepad, pen and cane, which were odd things for a "youngester" such as him to be carrying, "a novelist?" She exclaimed with a shrug of her shoulders, turning around to face the necromancer once again.

But what she turned around to face was a faceful of Plauging Mist, which caused the woman to double over in coughing. Grasscutter was stabbed into the ground so she could rest a hand on one knee and use the other to cover her mouth as she seemed to hack out her lungs.

"The hell was..." Jingyi managed to stutter out between wheezes, her red eyes squeezing shut as she regained her breath. "that..." But she could feel her muscles start to ache, and even with her pause, she couldn't catch her breath. It would seem like Jingyi might need some help defeating this one.

WC: 350


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Oliver tucked away his notebook and writing utensil, letting the confusion he created with his introduction be the thing he needed to quickly ready himself for battle. Sure he was here for the sake of his book, but pulling in a bounty was a great thing to do as well. Plus more huang was always welcome to one who wanted to eventually book passage out of Kou and explore the rest of the world! "Oh yeah he's always fooling around with dead bodies! Making them do his bidding! You know the kind of stuff someone with a sick mind would do." He jutted in before the warrior and necromancer could continue.

"Novelist. Adventurer. Runaway. Assassin. All of these things and more I could be. But right now help is all you need. And that is just what I will be." Drawing The Trick Stick, man he needed a better name for this piece of wood, from underneath his coat, Oliver unfurled the three section cane, the segments clacking together into a firm staff. He spun it around overhead before bringing it to rest against his back, one end pointed at the ground from his right hip, the other pointed up above his left shoulder.

As the plaguing mist took over Jingyi, Oliver rushed forth and grabbed his weapon over his left shoulder and swung it around, letting go with his right hand and then quickly moving that hand over to catch his staff and swing it violently along the ground before twirling it up overhead. Doing this, he was able to kick up a Dust screen and send it against the mist to counteract the miasma.

"Told you," Oliver said in a mocking tone, "Just call me 'Help' for now." He smiled and waited for her to get up, but was met with a summoned ghoul which tackled him away and rolled across the ground with Oliver. He rolled right into a gravestone and clonked his head against it before he was able to kick the ghoul off and over the stone. Lurching his lower body backwards overhead and then thrusting his legs upwards, he leaped to his feet and pivoted around to face the decayed former human. "Bugger me in the arse--I got this, you take the Dead Diddler." He made a scathing nickname referencing the necromancer might do more than necromancy.

Seems this was going to be a two on two or more if they didn't deal with the ghoul(s) as it/they came and the necromancer himself.

Word count: 424
Total word count: 784/1000

Abilities Used:
Dust Screen, regular use = 10 stamina used


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Jingyi gave another cough, her eyebrows furrowing as Oliver mocked her. The smile on her face shrunk slightly before it grew bigger than before. Like she was gonna ask for help! Especially since he just got tackled by a dead corpse.

But, at his request, Jingyi put her hands on her hips and gave a drawn out sigh. Her gaze flickered over to the necromancer as she smirked faintly to herself. She could take that diddler down any day of the week! Though, she thought to herself, it would take me longer since I still feel faint from that mist...

"I guess, I could..." Jingyi replied, a small chuckle escaping her lips as she grabbed Grasscutter's hilt. Pulling the blade out of the grass, she swiped it, but even she couldn't deny that her movement was slower than usual. Not that it would stop her, of course.

"Prepare yourself, Dead Diddler!" Jingyi shouted before lunging forwards, dashing closer to the man with the speed of a wild dog. The man was busy screaming that he was not a diddler of dead bodies when Jingyi swung her sword in an arc, the blade singing as it closed in on the necromancer. Luckily for him, however, a golden screen jumped between them as Borg blocked her spell. The waves that shook her sword at the contact caused Jingyi's arm to shake as she took a step back. She had heard of Borg before but the woman never had to fight against a foe who had it, which was the reason behind her surprise at the ability.

Narrowing her eyes, Jingyi raised her sword before jumping forwards, hitting the Borg once more and causing it to shatter apart in a display of light. The necromancer cried and stumbled back, his staff waving and with a glow, another ghoul came stumbling out of an open grave.

The corpse came stumbling at Jingyi, causing her to whirl around as she turned on her heel. With a step forwards, her left fist flew out and slammed into the ghoul's mouth, and with a shriek, it stumbled back. Lifting her sword with her dominant hand, Jingyi followed the fist with a slash from her sword, the blade cutting through the ghoul and leaving its body on the floor, felled by Hitoshirenu Kyoda.

The necromancer turned and tried to run away as he saw that his ghoul was defeated, but Jingyi ran after him. If it wasn't for the damned plague she would've been faster, but it took her a moment to catch up.

Her foe whirled around and swung his staff in a poor attempt to hurt her, but the blow merely caused her to stumble, and later form a bruise.

Jingyi gave her head a shake before smiling, for the man was close enough for her to hit him. She shifted stances so she had better footing before sweeping out her leg. The attack hit the man in his legs, causing him to cry out and start to fall back. But before he completely fell to the ground, Jingyi stepped forwards and thrust her sword forwards, the signature blow of Close Kick piercing the necromancer and throwing him to the ground.

Pulling her sword away, the rings lining Grasscutter ringing together at the action, Jingyi took a step away from the wounded Necromancer. But before she sheathed the sword, Jingyi turned around to see how her friend was faring against the ghoul.

WC: 582
Abilities Used/Stamina:

Stamina Loss: 215-40 = 176

Hitoshirenu Kyoda
Tier: C-Tier
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must know from which direction their foe is coming from and need to prepare themselves for the attack.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 stamina

    The user turns on their heel to face their opponent and gain momentum before taking a step forward, their non-dominant hand swinging out and sucker punching their foe, dealing D-Tier damage. The punch is quickly followed by a horizontal slash from the user's sword, dealing D-Tier damage. Together the two attacks deal C-tier damage.

Close Kick
Tier: C-Tier
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Requirements/Drawbacks: Steady footing and wide space.
Range: Close
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 stamina

    The user swings their leg out and kicks an opponent away from them, the kick dealing D-tier damage. Then they quickly put their foot down while stepping forwards and thrusting their sword, dealing D-Tier damage once more.


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Back on his feet and in the game, Oliver pivoted about and spun his staff overhead, bringing it around so that it was flush horizontal along with his back.  His left arm stuck outwards and his fingers were splayed out, ready to take on some foes.  He was engaged in combat with someone that was already dead.  So dealing pain wasn't something he could rely on.  He had to be a bit more ruthless here. There wasn't anything he could exactly do other than deal some damage that would incapacitate a human normally.

The ghoul pulled itself up and hissed while Oliver let it make the first move.  You never attack the thing that flails like madman with sharp teeth and claws.  The ghoul lunged over the tombstone, kicking off of it to get some airborne combat.  Oliver ducked down and turned himself around as the ghoul went overhead and landed in the spot that was now in front of the assassin.  Responding with his body lifting up off the ground and bringing his Trick Stick around in a swift uppercut motion. Cracking the brittle ghoul's neck backwards and its neck snapping, the body was rendered paralyzed if not re-dead.

Turning and rushing over to help with the combat, Oliver weaved between the gravestones, "Howdy Diddler!"  He greeted the necromancer whose borg was being heavily damaged.  Using his Meteor Shower ability, Oliver delivered a series of two quick blows with his cane, striking the borg with enough force to break it.  He refused to stop though.  Scaling it up Oliver spun about with his cane in three section mode and caught to two end sections by their handles and struck the necromancer across the chin and then in the ribs.

The Necromancer retorted with a loud cough and a sputter of spittle.  Already staggered from Jingyi's attack, he stepped it up further! Sustaining the blows and scaling it up!  Oliver dealt another four blows, this time a series of powerful jabs to the joints of the necromancer which sent him tumbling over into the graves he was trying to diddle or rob.  Oliver slumped backwards, a bit exhausted from using the ability in such a powerful manner for an eight-hit combo. "Care to do the honors of finishing him off? I need a moment!"

Provided he wasn't down and out, Oliver sat up against a tombstone, waiting for Jingyi to finish the job.

Abilities used:

Meteor Shower
Tier: C
Description: Oliver gets up close and personal, using his equipped weapon with the intent to strike at joints by hitting the sweet spots with a fast flurry of blows. Using a three-section cane he will use the ends of the weapon as batons or use the entire length like a flailed staff. With Nunchaku he resorts to using his limbs along with the weapon to strike the body. Deals C-tier damage and bruises targeted areas, fractures bones and causes organs to bruise.
Cost: Used, scaled, sustained, scaled = 60 stamina used!

Word count: 403
Total Word count: 1187/1000


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Jingyi rose an eyebrow as the Necromancer got up to finish fighting, but before she could deal out another dish of pain Oliver got to it. But she didn't mind, she told herself as she leaned back against a tomb as the remaining weakness of the necromancer's pain started to fade away.

So, she merely stood back and watched as the boy swung his weapon around and attacked the necromancer, her eyes closely following the swings of his cane.

Her head tilted to the side as the necromancer was sent stumbling to the graves before her attention returned to Oliver. It would seem that he was exhausted by the attack, which if he was in actual combat would do him poorly since another enemy could easily finish him off.

"But it's a good thing I'm here, I guess!" Jingyi thought to herself, an affable smile curling on her lips as she gave a nod to Oliver.

"No prob! Thanks tendering the diddler up a little, Ollie," Jingyi called before turning to face the necromancer.

The necromancer raised his staff once more, thinking to unleash another plague, but Jingyi would have none of that. She raised her sword and held it with both hands as she slipped in the familiar Mamushi Stance. Her feet spread out as she bounced on her heels. Her speed was renewed now that the mist had worn off, and she was certainly felt much better.

With distress, her foe realized that he wouldn't have the time to release another spell simply tried swinging his staff as Jingyi lunged at him.

The ends of his staff smacked the woman's shoulder, but she pushed past the attack and barreled into the necromancer, pushing him away as she jumped back herself.

But before he could ready his staff for a spell or blow, Jingyi closed the gap between them and knocked his "weapon" away. Following the smack, Jingyi dug her heels into the ground and widened her stance before lifting Grasscutter. As the necromancer tried to dodge the blow, her sword swung downwards, the edge of the blade catching him in a shoulder, ripping through robe and leaving a cut in pale flesh. Just as he was stumbling back, Jingyi quickly slashed her sword diagonally, giving the Necromancer another cut to marry his skin, as most people receive when at the giving blow of Grass Cutter.

And with that, the Necromancer fell back, pained wheezing escaping his lips as he finally stood down, recognizing that he would not, in fact, be able to defeat the two.

"That takes care of the Dead Diddler. No more diddling, or grave robbing, for him, I guess."

WC: 450
Abilities Used:

Stamina Loss: 176-20 = 156/215 Stamina

Cutting Grass
Tier: C
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Short 1m-3m
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must be wielding a light sword and must have their feet planted while standing in stance.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cooldown: 2 post
Cost: 20 Stamina

    The user plants their feet firmly into the ground and raises their sword before swinging it downwards in an arc that deals D-Tier damage. The user then takes a step forwards before swinging the sword upwards in a diagonal swipe dealing D-Tier damage once more. The two attacks combine to deal C-Tier damage.


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With the necromancer defeated, and his body in a state that he wasn't going to be getting up any time soon. Oliver pushed against the ground and took in a deep breath.  Apparently he wasn't as tired as he lead on for Jingyi to believe. "Good show! Plus you got your share of the work in.  We can split the bounty."  Taking a moment to pause and think, Oliver asked her something, "Got any rope?"

Whatever the answer was, Oliver would work with the warrior to make sure his wounds weren't fatal, and then lead him off back toward town so that they could turn in the bounty and get the reward for him being brought in alive.  It was more lucrative this way.

When all was said and done and the Dead Diddler was in custody, Oliver would ask Jingyi something new, "Want to grab a bite to eat?"

word count: 150
Total word count: 1337/1000


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