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Cleaning Up The Filth Called Slavers [Job/Oliver Oxford]

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Job details:

Job Name: Protective Services
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 200 XP/15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Several families were kidnapped and taken into slavery. Track the slavers down to their base and free the families.

Enemy Name: Slavers x8
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: Slavers move at 8 m/s and deal C-tier damage with bows and arrows. The Slavers also carry Life magic tools.
Heal – Slaver heals up to C-tier damage instantly.
Jabbing Vines – Slaver uses their magic tool to create a vine that is 10 meters long and jabs at 15 m/s to inflict C-tier damage.

The black haired girl opened the door to the tavern, letting several pairs of eyes observing her with a rather cautious look. They were mostly peasants who was inhabiting the tavern at the moment, their eyes looked weary and full of despairs as if they wanted to stop fighting and defending their home. Noir closed her eyes for a second before she stepped in, intended to sit on the counter to refresh herself by getting some nutrition from juices and proper meal. She didn’t feel sorry for the peasants, there was a little part in her heart that felt it though actually but she thought it was not necessary at the moment because focusing on the war was more important. “Orange juice, a bowl of pear and 1 portion of steak and vegetables please.” She said to the bartender as she sat on the chair, she too, was feeling a little bit tired but it was more like in a physical way because she had been helping here and there. “Right away, young lady.” The bartender said to Noir before he went to prepare the order, happy to see a change of scene in his tavern because it always filled up with mostly drunk male citizens all the time.

When the food was ready, Noir would put the bowl of pear that was freshly cut into a bite size on her left side and a little fox jumped out from her shirt to eat the fruit. The black haired girl gave her beast a small smile and proceeded to enjoy her own fruit, wanting to get enough energy from eating the good meal. Not too long after that, a soldier came into the tavern but there was no weapon on his hands and he was holding a paper instead. With a tired step, the soldier slowly walked into the board where some jobs were usually being posted there and pasted the paper on it before leaving the tavern without any words. The other thing that he did was just giving the bartender a nod before he really exited the tavern.

Curious to see the content of the paper was, Noir quickly finished her food and headed to the board to read what seemed to be a mission. It seemed that several families were being kidnapped and taken to the slavery, so the objectives of the missions would be to free the families but perhaps… Noir could try and teach them some lessons as well. She tilted her head though as she was lost in her thoughts, wondering why people would still take the advantage to do bad things in the middle of a chaos like this. But they would get their punishment soon…

WC: 453/1500


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Oliver needed money again.  After purchasing a portion of food for himself with what felt like his entire savings, he needed the money to accommodate his living situation.  As long as he was in Kou he needed money to keep living, but there was no getting that money without doing work.  The jobs he had taken up to this point were nice and all, but they paid so little compared to the cost of everything.  One would think that this place was a hustling and bustling city with how pricey everything was.  Whatever thought came to his mind, it always doubled back to the fact that he wasn't self sufficient yet.  It was exhilarating to just grab jobs off the board like one was an adventurer.

Today, he found himself in the inn's tavern, sitting about in his favorite dark brown hoodie with light grey spots dotting the rim of the hood.  A dark green shirt with a bright yellow graphic emblazoned on it.  He wore beige pants and dark shoes.  Around his neck was that ever present bright red scarf that the hopeful writer brought with him everywhere.  And he was sitting at a table, waiting for any new job postings, he needed something bigger than picking plants for sure though.  Whenever a new one was brought in, he would hurry himself over to look at and see what the details of the jobs were.

When a guard came in, Oliver paid the man no mind, but the moment a job was pasted up he went over to read it.  He almost barreled into the dark haired girl that read the same paper.  Now he didn't want to just snatch the job and do it himself. Especially if he had read the details and saw what the job was.  But he also didn't want to pass up this opportunity.  Oliver leaned up against the board with one hand, the other pointing to the girl as his right leg crossed over the left, the ball of his right foot against the ground and heel up in the air.  "Allo dove, 'spose you could let me take a gander at that parchment you have there.  I'm looking for a job, and frankly the little everyday tasks aren't enough, at this point I'm looking to tag along for anything." He continued to talk to her, offering a hand, "Name's Oliver, Oliver Oxford."

In the back of his mind, he hoped he hadn't said or done anything to offend, considering that this person seemed like she could remove his butt cheeks and hand them to himself on a silver platter, something that he didn't want to experience in this lifetime.

[word count: 457/1500]


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A man suddenly appeared beside her and Noir was a little bit confused on his body language, she never really saw a man having that kind of… eccentric body language before. He spoke to her as well and the black haired girl could only wonder about his accent’s originality as well as the reason why he called her a bird. “I am not a dove.” Noir said right after the man stated his name, her tone was monotone and her expression was flat but the girl decided to take Oliver’s hand and shook it. “Noir Ecryola, nice to meet you. This little fox is Kuzunoha.” The golden fox would wave her hand to the new stranger, seemed happy to meet a new person.

The magician would then hand him the parchment so he could read the details too and although the girl might preferred to go alone, since the man had asked if he could tag along, Noir decided to let him follow. It wouldn’t hurt to do a mission with a new people because she could learn one or two things from them usually, not only that, the girl could always welcome someone who could be her friend. “You can lead the way then, it will be a pleasure to work together with you.” The black haired girl said to the man, hoping that he could start moving and lead the way. She was not really in the mood to lead the way and perhaps it was because all the stress that was building up in her mind. Whenever Oliver was ready to go, Noir was already prepared to go. This time, instead of bringing her liger to the mission, she thought Kuzunoha should be enough. Not only that, the little fox needed to get use to face a battle as well so this might be a good chance to train her.

WC: 766/1500


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"Noir Ecryola, it is a pleasure to meet you. And you as well Kuzohana."  He reached over to the waving fox's paw, moving to shake it as he was unaware of just how it looked for him to be reaching toward a girl like that.  When it did dawn on him, Oliver's face went flush and he moved backwards against the job board, sending a few papers floating down as he coughed, "Sorry! Right! Leading the way then!"  Quickly brushing it off and pointing toward the door, Oliver moved toward it and made a one-eighty. "Be right back need my stuff."

Going to his room up on the second floor, Oliver collected his Trick Stick three section cane, folding it up and tucking it away against the small of his back.  He grabbed the stacks of The Satellites, his throwing knives.  They were hidden up inside of his sleeves, up his pant legs, some put away into pouches that rested off his hips.  Looking at his rations storage, Oliver grabbed a preserved set of rice balls and put them away into a pack he would carry over his back.  Pulling his hood up over his head and tugging the fabric, Oliver hurried back downstairs to Noir, [color=teal]"Alright let's go!"[/teal]  He grabbed the paper and started reading it before his body kind of just stopped.

"Slavers? Is this serious? Oh this is gonna be too good." Clutching his fist and bunching the paper up into his hand, Oliver moved toward the door and motioned to the girl whose power he had no idea of.  The ashy blonde haired runaway would lead her off into the streets of the locale that was a cross between a town and a city, not big or small enough to be one or the other.

From there it would be an investigation into the back alleys where he shopped for his weapons. "Take care, the people here are liable to pickpocket organs from you just as much as they are huang."  There he would seek out his weapons merchant who acted like an informant within the city-town.  They would receive instructions on finding an abandoned storehouse with a large underground.

Oliver would lead Noir to the storehouse, where it looked innocuous enough.  "So how do you want to go about busting in?"

Word count: 844/1500


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The little fox who was on Noir’s shoulder pouted, crossing her tiny arms together after noticing that the man said her name wrong but letting the man to shake her paw. For her, the name was very precious because it was given by Noir. It was something that made her known, something that allow her to be called dearly by someone like her master. After the man left them to prepare himself, Noir kind off noticed and would poke Kuzunoha’s nose lightly before shaking her head a bit, telling her to just let it be. Oliver seemed to be an interesting one, he was so active and funny and it made Noir laughed a bit when she remember the moment the man pointed towards a door and dashed off.

Noir nodded towards the man when he said let’s go, didn’t say anything to it and followed Oliver silently. He was kind of similar to Asha, her former roommate before she was gone and no one knew about where she was or her whereabouts now. Both had this kind of bubbly personality and both were kind of loud and cheerful, a personality that Noir wouldn’t be able to have like ever.

It seemed the man had taken more interest to the job because it involved slavers and not only that, he seemed more excited. She would nod and followed Oliver behind him after he warned her about a shady business in Kou, something that Noir didn’t really expect but she believed it could happen anywhere and anytime. The man seemed to have a lot of connections as well, their search was going smooth as the prove and they didn’t really waste a lot of time looking for the slaver’s camp. Anyways, an abandoned storehouse was a fitting place to do evil things maybe and made Noir began to wonder why people love to commit bad things there, what so good about an abandoned buildings.

“Either way is fine for me, we can wait and observe for a bit and wait for the right moment to barge in… or we can just barge in now although it might be too risky.”
The girl tilted her head and she noticed that Kuzunoha’s ears perked up as if she could tell that someone was going to come out from the door. She would quickly drag Oliver and hide behind a big tree before saying, “So what do you want to do? Please decide on my behalf as well Mr. Oxford.”

WC: 1182/1500


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As they waited at the storehouse, Kuzunoha seemed to pick up on something that let Noir know to pull Oliver off to the side.  His eyes garnet in color now, he just waited for the go ahead or a plan.  Noir just asked him to take point.  Looking over his shoulder with a curious look, he turned his attention back toward the door that started to open.  Emerging from within was a man dressed in the garb of a Balbaad merchant complete with exposed arms and white cloth about his head. "Right, let's just get on in there. They're in the basement anyways!"

Using the element of surprise, Oliver ran toward the open door, letting it be the thing that covered his approach while the first slaver stretched and prepared for guard duty.  As he got close, he drew out Big Dipper, his three-section-cane, and vaulted with it, slamming his feet into the door to send it off its hinges and into the slaver.  Sure it wasn't enough to down the guy in one go, and the slaver used his Magic Tool to heal himself for the damage he just suffered and the slight head trauma.

The guy stood up and drew his bow, shooting several arrows at Oliver as he looked to head toward an alarm system they had set up.  With no time to wait, Oliver dodged left and right, having to sustain his evasive maneuvers to avoid the first two arrows.  But the third arrow sliced across his cheek despite his nimbleness.  "Oh no you don't!" He declared to the slaver before taking out two of his throwing knives.  Throwing the first one, it landed in the slaver's shoulder.  Another throw and it was in his trachea, rendering him mute and bleeding out.

He started to get up though! Using that magic tool to heal up a second time.  To counter act this, Oliver swung his three section cane upwards, bringing it around as if he were going to strike the man upside the head with an underhand swing. He feinted with a scaled up damage, his fist flew up and punches that knife of his further into the man's neck, sending him to the floor.

With it all clear, Oliver peeked back out of the doorway to wave to Noir and signal her to come in.

Word count: 1234/1500

Abilities used.:
Description: Oliver commits a "Nope the hell out of Dodge" and puts effort into his body, leaping or rolling away as much as a meter and a half.  The further he travels the longer of a moment he needs to regain his balance.
Initial cost 10 stamina
Sustain cost 5 stamina
Description: Oliver uses one of his flail style weapons (such as a three-section cane) to make an easy to read movement to distract his target. Once distracted, Oliver makes a dirty move by punching the kidneys or kicking the side of the knee, etc.
Initial cost 10 stamina
Scaling cost 10 stamina
Total used 35 stamina


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Oliver was pretty good in fighting it seems, the way he used the three section cane was marvelous and Noir wondered if she could be that good when she was wielding a weapon. However the girl would automatically reveal herself from behind the bushes the moment Oliver gave her the signal, she was ready to punish these slavers and made them feel sorry that they was born to the world. She prepared her staff of storms, gripping it with her right hand before storming into the building with Kuzunoha. Noir could easily kill all the slavers maybe, but she thought that she should share some of the enemies to Oliver so perhaps the black haired girl should hold herself back.

When she got in she didn’t see anyone there and with a quick run, she approached the basement to see who was in there first. There was several slaves there and Noir knew based on the chain on both their hands and legs, not only that, she could see four slave masters guarding the area as well. It brought back the memories because the magician used to be in that position but the difference was that no one tried to save her or punish the slaver like what she intended to do at the moment. Four slave masters each took their own weapon and got ready to beat Noir up, but the black haired girl pointed the staff at them before whispering to the rukh. The rukh listened to her command and it was glowing with a hint of yellow color before it turned into 2 small shards of electricity, the shards would fly towards one of the slavers and electrocuting him instantly. Since Noir was putting extra magoi in the spell, six more shards were created and each two flew to each slavers in the room, making the magician managed to beat all four with just one spell.

It was a little bit strange though and she knew slavers like to play around a little bit, so at this point the other slavers must be hiding somewhere that she couldn’t notice. “Mr. Oxford.” She would call Oliver if he followed her to the basement and said, “There must be more slaver masters, be careful. Please help me to watch them while I break these slave-chains.” The magician would be focusing to unchain the slaves, so she hoped that Oliver could handle the remaining slave masters. However Kuzunoha would be commanded to watch the place as well so if Oliver was in a pinch, the fox could also help.

WC: 1611/1500
Magoi/Stamina: 430/200
Combat details: Scaling fulmine coccio 3 times


Fulmine Coccio
Tier: C-tier
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Needs to point the staff/wand to the chosen direction
Scaling: Hits
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 | 10
Description: Using lightning magic, the user produces 2 small shards of electricity which is 2 meters long and .2 meters in diameter that will travel up to 10 meters away. The shards will inflicts C-tier shocking damage on impact while each will inflicts D-tier damage.


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Oliver, having been busying himself with looking for the secret entrance to the underground complex where they would be getting to the rest of the slavers and the kidnapped families, was not one to see Noir come in and head straight for the basement.  Though as he turned around and found that the girl had gone on ahead without him.  "Oi wait up!"  He called out and hurried after her.

Now Oliver was an agreeable lad, he was wise enough to know that people fight and die in this world sometimes.  But there was just one thing that seemed to freak him out, and that was magicians.  Why? Well that's something to be asked of the runaway from Magnostadt.  The moment that he saw  Noir casting a spell and finishing off four slavers at once, he had an idea of one: just how powerful she was truly.  And two: that she was a magician!

Oliver's immediate reaction, to her asking him about the slave chains, was simply, "The bloody hell? Did Ashcroft send someone else? I swear I don't care how strong you might be, I am not going back. I'm not ready to!" Thrusting his arms this way and that for dramatic affect, Oliver started to accuse the girl of something he wasn't even sure of she was here for.  It was frankly enough to scare the families as Noir freed them.  Of course all of the sound got the attention of the remaining three slavers.  All of who entered into the large storeroom in the basement from different levels.  One was on the floor, one was up on scaffolding and the third was on the floor a ways away from the other two.

Their immediate reaction was to shoot arrows at Oliver and with a bit of piss poor accuracy.  One got him in the back of the shoulder, another grazed the back of his leg and the third was fired with such haste it whipped the archer in the forehead with the back of the arrow.  Stumbling forward a step and reaching back to grab and yank the arrow out of his back.  Oliver glared over his shoulder at the men.  Were this some sort of animated adventure there would be a black aura of anger seeping from him to scare the enemy archers into chibi versions of themselves. "Do you mind?! We're having a moment here!"

Oliver took out three throwing knives and threw them at the key joints of the scaffolding.  The ropes were sliced and unwound like tightly coiled springs, sending the one archer toppling down on top of the other.  The force of the gravity and the amount of splintered wood and impact were enough to dispatch them.

Gathering up Big Dipper in one hand, Oliver lurched forward and threw the weapon like a javelin.  The brass Arabian dome with its pointed top on the end of the weapon jabbing into the slaver's stomach.  Before he had much of a time to react, Oliver looked over at Noir, "We can talk about this after. You go do the zappy thing on him. I'll free the people."  He quickly conveyed a message to Noir and walked over to the families, holding his shoulder in some pain.

Word count: 1776/1500


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The black haired girl was a little bit surprised because of the man’s strange behavior, it seemed like he was angry about something. Not only that, he was talking about not wanting to go back and about how he was not ready. Noir could only tilt her head and by the time Oliver was finished, some slave masters came down because of the ruckus that they heard. Trusting the man to take care of the remaining slavers, Noir kept trying to unchain all the slavers while telling them to stay still. Although while she was tending the other slave, Oliver’s yell surprised her again. At that time she didn’t notice that the man was injured, only after the man asked her to zap the remaining slave, she noticed blood from the man’s leg.

With a swift move, she poured magoi into her healing bracelet and healed the man’s leg even without looking at it. She didn’t bother to use her magic this time and instead, calling Kuzunoha’s name. “Kuzunoha, beat him up.” The little fox hissed and leaped on the remaining slaver, landed on his face and scratched it with her sharp claw. She would also jumped and then sent a kick towards the man’s jaw, sending him to an unconscious state. Kuzunoha would then jump to Noir’s shoulder and the magician would continue to release the slaves that were still chained. However while she did that, she would then call her companion. “Mr. Oxford, who is Ashcroft?”

WC: 1500+/1500
Magoi/Stamina: 420/200


Name: Kuzunoha
Tier: D-tier
Type: Normal
Species: Celestial Fox
Appearance: Kuzunoha is a little fox that only has 20cm long and 30 cm tall body with a fluffy orange fur and white fur on the tip of her tail. She has a white and red fabric braided together around her neck with a 5cm diameter bell hanging there.

Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Combatant Blood
Trait Tier: D-tier
Trait Requirement: Must have a Physical Combat Class
Trait Description: Kuzunoha can control her blood pressure to increase the speed and power of her muscles. This will make her attacks deal damage one tier higher than herself.
Trait Effect: Damage dealt by Kuzunoha will increase by one tier higher from D-tier

Trait Name: Natural Healing
Trait Tier: D-tier
Trait Requirement: Needs to be this specific kind of beast.
Trait Description: Kuzunoha possesses a natural healing effect contained in her saliva, it could heal a small bruise and cuts easily.
Trait Effect: D-tier damage would be healed easily by using her saliva


Name: Healing Bracelet
Tier: B
Type: Magic Tool
Magic Type: Life
Appearance: The delicate silver bracelet is approximately 15 cm around and contains a blue gem. The magic circle for the item can be found hidden on the inside of the silver surface.

  • Heal All – Feeding magoi into the item causes a pulse of purple light to spread from the user in a 3m sphere. Anyone inside the sphere experiences B-tier healing. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.


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With the situation settled, all of the slavers slayed, and the families brought out of their kidnapped status, Oliver could take a moment to take a deep breath, and double back onto the fact that Noir was a magician!

As he was healed and he could stand up, Oliver rubbed the healing wound in his shoulder as well, "Thanks for that." He looked over at Noi and then turned around to face her, slowly backing up toward the man with his Big Dipper weapon embedded in his body. Not taking his eyes off of Noir the whole time, Oliver took his weapon out, folded it up after twirling it around to cascade the blood off of it and tucked it up behind his back.

"You mean to tell me my good-for-nothing, class-abiding, cares-more-about-politics-and-nobility-than-me father didn't send you?" Oliver answered her question with a question. "Come on, guess we should talk about it." He motioned toward the exit, where the families would be set free and Oliver would slump down against the wall by the storehouse doorway. If Noir followed him out, Oliver could take a break.

"Guess I owe you some answers after the outburst? Ask away."

Word count: Met already


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"Nobody sent me." Noir answered with a flat tone, her eyes staring at the man as if she was questioning about his previous outburst. She wanted to ask more but she thought she should wait until the free families to get out from the storehouse and go back to their homes. The black haired girl would follow Oliver outside and when he asked Noir to give him a questions, the girl already had several lined up in her mind. "Why you dont want to go back to your father? Also, what makes you had the outburst earlier? Did something that I do reminded you of something?" The black haired girl would give Oliver a chance to answer all of the questions that she asked and perhaps she would ask more but it would depend on the man first.


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Taking the time to rest Oliver took in a deep breath, feeling a bit easier than before. His head listed lazily to the side, looking at the black haired girl. "Well one: he's a high noble in Magnostadt. He cares more about trying to marry off his 'Goi of a Son' to whatever family wants to get in the good graces of our own."

"That outburst? Well I have been on the run from home for a while now. I couldn't deal with all of the girls constantly pining for my attention. The ever lasting glare I got from Ashcroft and his desire to try and get a powerful magic granddaughter or grandson. So I smuggled myself out of Mage Country and they send bounty hunters or mercs to try and cart me back home."

"Compare that with you being a magician--I thought the mercs finally got a brain or a half of one."
Chuckling, Oliver looked up at the setting sun. He took out the onigiri form his pack and began to eat it, wondering if there were any more questions before he got his turn.

Oliver has regained ten stamina and thirty magoi


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The black haired girl listened to Oliver silently, taking it all to her own head and spoke up until the man had finished. "Oh... I apologize but I never heard of him or your family." Noir looked up to the sky and watched as the cloud floated there slowly as it was guided by the wind. "It must be hard for you though, I heard people hates things like that.. Ummm, I think it is called arranged marriage?" The girl only read about things like that in her books and she didnt really know what it felt like in real life or how it was really. There was something in her books that stated about how people prefer to be married when they were in love but Noir didnt understand what love was, she had read countless book and nothing seemed answered her question. Some people said that they love her, some even thought that the love that they felt towards her was different from what she might understood... so the girl stared silently at the floating clouds while thinking about it.


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"Oh it's not that I'm not happy to have the opportunity." He commented while looking up at the sunset overshadowed clouds, "It's just that there were so many people that wanted to try and give their daughters up for it."

"Wait you've never heard of my family name?! You're a magician though. You mean to tell me there are some people that aren't aware of the standings of Magnostadt? I should be the one apologizing to you."

Standing up by pushing himself up off the ground, Oliver crossed his right arm over his left shoulder, his left arm holding it in place as he stretched one side, and then to the other with the arms switching positions. [Getting a good relaxing feeling[/b] Oliver looked to Noir, "So you're a magician, from Magnostadt, and you don't know much about the people from there? Tell me a bit about that. A bit about you."

Oliver regained ten stamina


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“So like they are using you and their daughter to get some kind of level up?” The black haired girl wondered, “I am sorry though, I don’t really understand about how it works. Books never taught me about that.” The girl thought that she would need to learn as many common sense as she could though, so she could understand about this kind of affairs.

Noir shook her head and closed her eyes, enjoying how the wind caressed her cheek and combing her hair with its unseen fingers. “I think so, but I guess for me it’s because I don’t really care about it. I crave knowledge and at the time I was there, nothing matters to me beside of getting more knowledge.” The girl opened her eyes and the golden orbs of her watched as the sun began to set, painting the sky with orange color. When Oliver gave her another question, her gaze would be fixed towards the man’s eyes and she tilted her head. “There is nothing much about me that I know either, I lost my memories from the time before I was a slave. Other memories that I have is when I freed myself and enrolled to the academy before deciding to go to adventures around the world to gather as many knowledge as I can.”


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While resting, Oliver heard something that got his amber eyes to turn garnet with excitement. Looking at Noir as she mentioned a bit of her past and her desire for knowledge, there was something that finally caught his attention.

"You're a fan of books aye? I have to say I left Magnostadt for a similar reason!" There was a brief pause in what he just said, an almost awkwardly brief one. "You know--besides the other reasons I left. I'm a fan of books too. My home's library had plenty and I got to learn so much from them. I want to become an author to be perfectly honest. I want to write a book unlike any that the world has ever seen. A new genre that hasn't been read before."

"I've a long way to go before that. I need to find a group of people to travel with or come across now and then. You know, people worth writing about. I need to practice and ghost publish a few books of my own. Learning some artistry beyond what I know already would be helpful."
Why was he telling Noir all of this? Well Oliver was always interested in someone who preferred to read books just like he did.

Oliver regained ten stamina


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It was always fun to meet someone who shared the same interest and not only that, it seemed that Oliver was really passionate and Noir was kind of envious with the man because he was able to figure out what he wanted to do like that. The black haired girl aimed to stop slavery and get as many knowledge as she could, but she didnt know what she wanted to do afterwards. "It is good, Mr Oxford. I wish you can reach your goal, someone said only with a hard work we can enjoy the fruit it bears, so i wish you luck as well." The black haired girl leaned against the wall and petting her little fox before slowly hugging her close to her. "When you publish your book, I will read it for sure. I cant wait."


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Oliver slumped back into the ground, kicking up a small cloud of dirt laden dust as his tuckus hit the ground. "I look forward to you being a first edition owner then. Though to be honest. I want to see the inside of at least five dungeons. I hear they're other worldly. I figure five is a good number to get enough of an idea for writing up a whole new world. You know?"

he heaved out a sigh and looked to Noir, "Now that I know you aren't here to drag me back home, want to head back to the inn for the night? Grab a meal or something?"


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The man got a really big dream and the black haired girl didn’t really want to give any comment for it, she had been into two dungeons so far and she was grateful that she survived from the dreadful place although it was full of wonders. “If you survive, Mr. Oxford. The place is amazing as if it was made from another world…but it was full of bad things. You could…die if you are not stro—“ She paused herself there, recalling the moment where she stabbed the magician with her magic weapon accidentally because she couldn’t control her body after the other her was taking control of her body. “No.” Noir shook her head before continuing, “You won’t be able to survive if you are not lucky enough.” Kuzunoa let out a soft whimper as if she could understand the pain and she would nuzzle her master’s cheek to make her feel better.

The vibe around the magician would change after Oliver switched the topic of the conversation, seemed glad that they wouldn’t be discussing about dungeon anymore. “Perhaps we can go for a nice dinner at the tavern from the afternoon one? The place where I am staying at is quite close from there too.”


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Noir said some interesting things. She had insight on what could be seen in a dungeon? Wait--that meant that she had been inside of a dungeon before? Oliver's eyes lit up as he looked up at her, intrigued beyond belief. The curiosity had to be shelved, much to the inner dismay of Oliver, as the tone and look from Noir told him it was a topic best left alone, for now.

"Luck is a relative thing dove," he said while pushing his hand on one knee, the other leg moving to push up his weight with a grunt and stand up right. "I don't intend on dying out any time soon. I mean, I found a way to use a door as a weapon. I'm adaptable." He commented and waved his arms from one side to the other in an octopus style manner.

"Now let's go get that food shall we?" He waved his arm from behind himself up overhead and then over the shoulder, his cupped hand pointed toward the town and the inn. Then Oliver would take the lead, bringing Noir back to the inn from before if she actually did follow.


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"Hopefully.” The magician said to the man, amused that he was very confident about entering a dungeon even after she gave him some kind of warning. But she could understand the eagerness, both of them were thirsty of knowledge and the more knowledge that one place held even if it was dangerous and they could die… it wouldn’t matter as long as they could see and get the knowledge. The magician sighed and nodded, knowing that it wouldn’t do any good things if they kept talking about that so Oliver’s offer to move now and get food was a much better option. “Alright.” Noir said as she and Kuzunoha followed the man to the inn.


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Oliver and Noir made it safely to the inn, pushing the wooden door open and the looks of everyone like a scene from some sort of play where the whole gang just stops what they're doing to see who came in for a second before returning to what they were doing. He turned to Noir and lead her in, making his way to a table.

Pulling his seat out, two legs off the ground so that the scratching of wood on wood wasn't as loud, he sat down and grabbed a menu. "Pick anything you want. I'm thinking of having some kebabs." He couldn't help but hold his hungry stomach at the thought of eating food off of a stick.

He motioned to the table, urging her to sit, "Come on, we can chat. Ask me anything? I don't bite."


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The black haired girl would sit on the same table with Oliver, sitting just across the man before she took the menu. When the man mentioned that he would order a kebab, she wondered if a restaurant in Kou sell that since it was not Kou's food. But she would try to focus herself to look at the menu, memorizing all of it and perhaps trying to find the recipes so she could make it later in the future. "I will order a portion of dumpling and fried skin tofu." She heard that Kou was the creator of dumplings and she wanted to know if it was really good although she only read it from this random book written by random traveler.

While waiting for her food to be served, the magician would stare at the man. It was rare for someone to ask another person to ask him a question, as if he wanted the other to know him better. That was a new thing that Noir wouldn't be able to find in her other acquaintances and friends. "What is your plan after this?"

When the food arrived to the table, the black haired girl would be amazed. They put a wooden stuff on the table and when they opened it, the steam came out and revealed several pretty dumplings. She couldn't wait to eat it but she would wait until it was not too hot anymore since the server instructed her to do that if she didnt want to burn her tongue.


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Dumplings, kebabs, cereal made with meat? This inn had it all. If you wanted to and they had the ingredients they were more than happy to make it!

So Oliver got his kebabs while Noir got her dumplings. The skewered meat was brought out in little chunks, impaled along the way but sticks that also doubled as chopticks for the bedding of rice that the food was served on top of. The two would eat some of their meal before Oliver broke the silence.

"My plan? I plan to find a group to travel with. People who are worth writing about while getting to know them better. Cheesy right? Well I also plan to make it through several dungeons, get inspiration to write about and make that book. Then get myself back to Magnostadt and show that a 'useless goi' can do something."

He smiled and had his head facing her, eyes shut the whole time with a bright smile from ear to ear splayed across his face.


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Noir put the dumpling on the soup spoon and watched the steam coming out from it, she would blow some air to the dumpling to cool it off a little bit before she brought it close to her lips. The soup from inside the dumpling surprised her but she managed to not spill it everywhere and embarrassed herself by slurping it slowly. She licked her lips, liking the flavor and the surprise while thinking that perhaps she should go back to get the same stuff again tomorrow. What they said was true, the dumplings here was different from the other places and it was really tasty. She liked this kind of flavor more than the dumplings from the other places, although… she couldn’t help but to feel somewhat familiar with the taste. She felt like she had eaten it before but she couldn’t remember when or where… the food that she got when she was a slave was not like this and perhaps was inhuman for some people. Some of the slave masters was kinder and gave her a proper food but she was sure it was the food from other country, she wondered if… perhaps her family cooked her this before…

“Hmmm… King Lagi... or Solomon might be a good travel partner. Both of them has a lot of story to tell as well and Solomon is on the quest to build his own country.” The black haired girl looked up, wondering what both of the men that she mentioned were doing at the moment, especially because she has not seen both of them for quite a long time now. “Well, I wish you good luck, Mr. Oxford. I will be going back to Magnostadt to take Kodor test soon after Kou is in peace again, hopefully we can meet again there.” The magician would stand up and she would put some amount of money, enough to pay for the meal that she, Kuzunoha and Oliver had ordered. “Well then, I will take my leave now. Until we meet again. Stay safe.” She bowed her head a little bit before heading towards the exit, wanting to get some rest…



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