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An unwanted journey [Travel; Zou -> Reim]

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Alek’s stay in Zou was, unfortunately, coming to an end and would be over by the end of the day. He wasn’t aware of this, of course, as he stepped out of the room that he’d rented in an inn. 

He’d long since lost sight of Yaku, the man disappearing in the middle of the night like a puff of smoke. Still, he knew that the man would be fine – When he had once worried about the man’s safety, since he held one of the most dangerous powers in the whole world, he now knew there was nothing that he had to worry about. 

The man was… well, a good person, if nothing else. He hadn’t managed to speak to him much, but he had to say that he wished him well. Maybe he’d find him again one day, but for now he just had to focus on training…

Or, that was what he thought, before a bird came down 
out of the heavens, a pigeon that he had seen a lot in his years working for the Reim Empire. 

This was a messenger pigeon, a tool used by the military to get messages to their troops in other nations. He had, quite honestly, been expecting this, but he had to work out what was in the letter anyway.

Taking the letter from the leg of the pigeon, he opened it with interest, reading what it had to say.

“Captain Vasilias,

Your unrequested absence from active duty has been noted, and your failure on the mission that we sent you on has further given proof that we need to speak to you. Thus, we are demanding that you return to the Empire and explain yourself.”

This was a letter that he had been expecting for a while now, but he had been hoping that he had managed to slip through the gaps. Maybe he just shouldn’t head back to the place after all. Still, there was something else in the letter.

“And just in case you thought about not coming back, we’ve included a magic transfer circle with this letter. It will activate within thirty seconds of this letter being opened. Happy travels.”

Honestly, he would have thought it was a joke if, at the bottom, there wasn’t the magical symbol that had become common place with teleportation spells. Even Alek, who hadn’t really used them before, knew that sign. 

Before he knew what was really going on, he could feel his body shifting and disappearing, before reappearing in the middle of the street in Reim. 

Wait, WHAT?!?



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