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"Kamehameha’s Vault"


    []Character Sheet

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"Character App"

Name: Kamehameha
Country Affiliation: Imuchakk
Race: Imuchakk
Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Age + Birthdate: 15 1/1
Sexuality: Hetero
Personality: Kamehameha is an extraverted, independent, creative, intuitive and playful. He is known to travel from tribe to tribe to help out and make sure other tribes of Imuchakk are alright, as well as travelling out to sea to help others just because he loves to meet other people, learning and spending time with them. He takes these trips alone because not many of his tribe feel comfortable with taking the time and effort to do such a thing when they need to worry about their own. He always brings something new with him from each of the tribes, learning as he goes. These new experiences fill his mind with creative material and desires.

Kamehameha had always done things his own way. Trusting his gut instinct above his knowledge or other people has saved his life and that's how he has lived his whole life, by trusting in himself and his ideas above all others, such as by fighting certain enemies, and developing his own fighting style and weapon. Also believing in his own sense of justice.

Finally, Kamehameha has a personal sense of style and is quite playful. He believes in trying to be unique and his own person and that individuality is important, but he also like to play and joke around among friends.
Likes: Kamehameha loves to create, his two main passions are scupting and cooking, a chance to express his creativity while indulging his extroversion.
But also he has a passion for his country, he does his best to improve Imuchakk and life for those who live there.
Dislikes: He doesn't get along with beasts because to cook they have to be killed. He refuses to kill them, and seeing them gives him a sense of guilty. However, vegetables are disgusting so it's hard for him to becomes just a vegetarian.
Aspirations: Kamehameha is a kind person and has always had issues with violence, while he has learned to at least defend himself, he has an issue with killing people and he find the fate of death worse than anything else. Therefore, he is going to strive for a world without death, even if that means having to rely to slavery or other evil deeds to maintain the balance of conquest, in order to achieve it for Imuchakk and the whole world.
Phobias/fears: Even as an extrovert, Kamehameha has a certain fear of having to rely on others. He sees it as a sign of weakness. If he has to rely on someone that just means one more possible thing that can go wrong, and one more person he would have to trust. Trusting people is okay as long as you don't rely on them for food, for your safety or shelter. He avoid receiving gifts from others, even food.
Face-Claim: EVIL RYU - STREET FIGHTER *Color-Edited
Hair Color: Imuchakk-Blue
Eye Color: Sapphite Blue.
Height: 250 cm
Weight: 125 kg
Appearance: Kamehameha stands a bit over 8 feet tall. Tall, even by Imuchakk standards. He is also a bit stocky for his frame at about at 275 pounds. However his whole endomorphic frame is pure muscle mass, which is quite flattering.

Kamehameha had typical Imuchakk hair as well as sapphire eyes to complete his whole look. He would typically wear tradition Imuchakk attire. Beige light color outfits but dressing warm was pointless to the Imuchakk The other main staple for him was the headband, one that he wanted to earn...

Kamehameha would also bring a few things to sculpt with in case the urge would come around, wrapped in a knapsack.
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Features: Sapphire Eyes
History: Kamehameha was born in the middle of winter, around the south end of Imuchakk to his parents, the leaders of their nomadic tride. Even as he grew, he was well-known around the village, helping everyone and a bit too imaginative and proud, so people in the tribe would refer to him as the prince to make him happy, feeding his ego as they were so happy with his naive, playful kindness to shoot him down, hardly caring about his status of his family within their tribe.

He grew and slowly became to understand that his tribe wasn't even royalty, just a small offshoot of Asisisak's power, but he was still loved and respected in his tribe and then he started doing volunteer work, trading things purchased from merchant ships traveling to their southern borders and going north into the wilderness of his country to find other tribes who needed things such as medicine and other goods, helping out with any work for free to help anyone in need.

With these acts of kindness, he slowly became known as a prince even among neighboring tribes. He would also travel to the neighboring countries on boats to see what life was like abroad. He came to use his status as imuchakk as an opener as he slowly endeared himself to anyone he met.

As he traveled, he learned how to cook and sculpt, two art forms he found interesting, as well as his clothing. Bringing back these skill sets to his home, he would create ice sculptures and wooden ones, slowly becoming more creative, and creating more things.As well as on his trips, he slowly began to love the sea life. Growing accustomed, he would travel by sea more and more frequently.

As he went home for the last time, people had seen how much the young prince has grown and would no longer be able to really call him young, and with his new sense of style and fashion and in trying to keep up with the times and the outside world, he was now known as the fresh prince to his family.

Kamehameha also was learning about the world and such things such as what was going in Kou, and couldn't even fathom people killing their own country men. He had sworn off killing as well as making sure that such things would never happen in Imuchakk.
Role-Play Sample:

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    [D] Primary - Warrior
    [-] Secondary - Body Manipulation


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