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Stop the Life Magic! [Job | Ariel]

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1Stop the Life Magic! [Job | Ariel] Empty Stop the Life Magic! [Job | Ariel] on 10/03/17, 12:11 am

Job Details:
Job Name: Magic Gone Wrong IV
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Rewards: 200 XP/15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Magic Gone Wrong III
Job Chain Bonus: 100 XP/ Kaviri
Job Overview: The magic students have been having a bit too much fun creating life constructs and are causing a commotion in the North side of the city. Take down the creatures and the teachers will reward you.

Enemy Name: Kaviri x4
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: These 2 meter long feline-like creatures move at 15m/s when running and deal C-tier damage with claws and teeth.
Frightened Scratch – Kaviri’s fear makes it lash out in fear at 20 m/s to swipe twice with its claws, each swipe dealing C-tier damage for a total of B-tier damage.
Leaping Steps – Kaviri uses it nimble movements to move at 20m/s in any direction for up to 10m.
Hardened Muscles – Kaviri tenses its muscles to negate any damage C-tier and lower for one post.

Reed stretched out his arms as he woke up at the crack of dawn. He was determined to prove to his companion that he was a capable and dependable magician in his own right. What he may lack in experience he for sure makes up for it in enthusiasm and creativity. Although for right now, Reed just wanted to master getting up as early as Ariel does. He hopped out of bed and slipped on his red cut-off jacket and pants and grabbed his wand, leaving his room to find Ariel's once more. It wasn't quite morning out as he just saw the sun beginning to set, so he decided this would be the perfect time to either catch him as he's leaving his room, or be waiting outside when he does wake up. He left his room and quickly strafed through the halls, eating a quick snack as he hurriedly searched for the black magician's room.

" it left?" Reed paused at an intersection. Last time, he made it purely based on instinct, which was common in his fits of extreme animation. He decided "go with gut" and turn right, passing my familiar structures and obstacles. Thank goodness! If he lost any time, he wouldn't hear the end of it from Ariel about "the importance of being early" and "how many times must you be late?" It was all fluff to Reed, but he marched onward, still intending to prove to Ariel that he was a punctual and reliable person. Finally, he found himself at what he remembered to be Ariel's corridor. He walked up to the door and ever so quietly pressed his ear against it to see if anyone was in there. Nothing. Not a sound. He was sure he'd had woken up early enough to beat him. Not wishing to accept that he's 'late' as an answer, Reed peered underneath the door, hoping to see movements of any sort. He thought he saw the sheets on the bed move ever so slightly. Perhaps even maybe the sound of low breathing one makes when sleeping? Reed, confident in his hypothesis that Ariel was in his room, decided the best thing to do was wait outside his room until he came out and corner him then.

"And now...we wait..." Reed sighed and took a big bite of the apple he brought with him. He was still hungry as the first apple he ate didn't quite fill him up as he hoped it would. He wished he brought an apple but that seemed like wishful thinking at this point. He wondered how long it would take Ariel to wake up. He wouldn't take long right? I mean he never slept so late so he would probably only be out here for a few minutes. Ten at the most. What if this was the day Ariel slept in? Reed started to work himself into a panic.

"'s still early. You're just being impatient're just being very, very, very impatient," Reed reminded himself. He decided the only better thing to do with his time would be to play around with the rukh. He started to flick his wand around and around, influencing the sound rukh in the air to make music around him. He did a smattering of notes--highs and lows, dissonant and tonal, anything he could think of. He amused himself while waiting for the black magician, periodically taking bites of his apple in between.

Word Count: 580/1500


Shards of Solomon x1
Trait Points x4

Stop the Life Magic! [Job | Ariel] MlM2sTf

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- [ Leo De Dei Montem De Dei ] -

[ magoi: 245 ]
[ stamina: 155 ]


Schwartz often referred to Ariel's mood as volatile. Unpredictable in a not so pleasant manner. A tiny and unimportant detail could confusingly trigger the worst of the black magician's temper. Someone made an understandable mistake and most might approach the committer of the crime with sensitivity. Not him. Ariel overwhelmed the poor idiot with unfiltered ranting of the sheer stupidity of their actions, questioning how in all the world's sorry-ness did they manage to completely ignore and destroy all lasting remnants of common sense existing in the universe? Which, by the way, he actually said once to a teacher who once worked at the Magnostadt Academy, until Ariel's harsh, blunt words chased the unlucky man away. And while he lost his dignity in the process of running away, he honestly felt thankful he managed to leave with his life intact. The severity of Ariel's tone tricked the teacher into believing Ariel actually intended to kill him. To be fair, that teacher had a reputation for being a particular coward.

Sometimes, however Ariel's unpredictable mood turned for the better. A few days in between, random and just as rare, he offered free and unadulterated smiles. His smiles often conveyed messages of annoyance and future trouble for whomever happened to cross Ariel twice and annoy him enough to cause retribution of equal damage. The few times they didn't, either he was surrounded in lovely children or he happened to be in one of his stranger but more pleasant moods. A time which one would be better off enjoying Ariel's uncustomary cheerfulness rather than attempting to understand what could have caused the switch to flicker to happy. And especially important to most people for some reason, what caused the switch to flicker back to the face people generally encountered Ariel with. In other words, why was Ariel almost eternally salty and how could they keep him in a state of pleasant agreeability? In the end, they all realize the best course of action followed a course of no action except just appreciating the rare event while it lasted.

The downside of these days - or was it really a downside per say? - was his sleep schedule. It often wacked up during his events of cheerfulness. For him, it was something like being on steroids and having a sugar rush. Those prolonged moments of euphoria, which spanned only a day, both mentally and physically draining, marked their presence by influencing his sleep cycle to become more attuned to the sun's presence in the sky. It shifted the gears in Ariel's mind, causing him to connect no sun with no wake and half sun with awake. To put into less confusing terms, he woke up with the rest of his country instead of even before the sun rose. He would actually appropriately - or more appropriately at least - arise in the wee hours of the morning. Quite a remarkable difference from an hour or more earlier. Not that Ariel could easily tell time, but he supposed it was a few hours after midnight and one or two before the sun's rise when he generally awoke.

He awoke to a colorful array of musical tones. Frequent pauses interrupted the musical notes. He would hear chop, the noise of someone biting into something - an apple, he believed - in those pauses. He felt a sort of deja vu. He recognized the faint pattern but every time he attempted to place the pattern, it slipped beneath his fingers. He allowed himself to sort through the pattern, analyzing it carefully in an attempt to figure out where he recognized it. He reached out to the music, attempting to understand it. Tendrils of rukh fluttered towards the source. They replicated the music and circulated back to Ariel, drowning him in an endless tune of random but surprisingly connected notes. In an automatic function, he tweaked and altered the notes slightly to form a more coherent song. The music came from nowhere. Each note seemed deliberately planned. Familiar to his ears. He supposed it was another of those mysterious melodies he somehow knew.

The melody shattered in an instant. He opened his eyes. His mind cleared in an instant. He recalled the assignment Schwartz had given him and the other magician he had been working with. He rolled out of bed and landed lightly onto his feet. Steady. He wobbled carefully to a mirror. He smiled sheepishly at his appearance. Bags underneath his eyes gave way to the fact his daily activities took quite a toll on him. He thought he spotted some grime and he realized it had been too long since he last took a bath. He wondered if he could afford a shower. Yet he gave into his desires in the end. He soaked himself in water, commanding the rukh with tired motions. He watched the water pick away at the dirt, until it all washed away. He spent minimal time in the shower, however, remembering the job he needed to finish. He dragged himself out of the bathroom and threw his clothes on, not taking his time. He quickly ran through his tangled hair with a brush. Panic was setting in by now. He grabbed his hat underneath his arm and just as he was about to leave, his other hand snatched a hair tie.

He held his hair tie in his teeth as he opened the door quickly. He opened his mouth slightly, catching the falling hair tie with his hand. "Sorry, Reed. We should hurry now." He smiled regretfully at the impatient magician. A creeping feeling - guilt - crawled into his mind. He shook it out, not wanting to waste anymore time. He placed his hat in his teeth so he might tie his hair up. After having thrown his still dripping hair into a loose ponytail. He finished with topping his head with his hat.

He recalled the reports of these destructive, feline-like creatures coming from the north side of the city. "We'll head north, since that is where the last of those creatures have been reported to being at," Ariel notified Reed. He smiled excitedly, ready to be done with the job. Despite his rather cheerful - or more cheerful than usual - mood, he severely disliked being Schwartz's errand boy. And to be fair, Ariel spent most of his time in Magnostadt doing things Schwartz asked him to carry out. For example, not a while ago, Schwartz sent Ariel to beat up a group of unmotivated assistant teachers. To be fair, it didn't take much for Schwartz to convince Ariel. Mention money and so as long as it did not involve the harm of children, or excessive killing of animals, Ariel practically leapt to the opportunity in his own, grumpy way.

He acted like a bloodhound, determined to track and find his targets. A strong motive to finish the job propelled Ariel forward. His determination led him through the streets of Magnostadt. It found itself in a particularly chaotic cluster of stands. He chuckled, and he joked, "Well, I suppose we know where these Kaviri things are." He shook his head at the chaos they managed to cause. It was worse than the flying dragonelles. He wondered how they could have possibly caused such earth shattering damage. Honestly! It looked like a hurricane had plundered the scene. Usually he would be more than pissed but today he treated the damage with an amused smile. He caught something green among the rubble. He waited for a moment until a cute head poked out. Could that be the creature they were after. He felt sad. It would be a pity to kill the cute thing. But they had a job to do. Although, it never specifically required the death of such adorable animals. He made up his mind soon after. He would not kill them.

To be completely content, he wished to capture the sneaky little things without causing harm. But he understood animals well enough to know they would not allow themselves to be caught so easily without putting up a fight. Such was the nature of animals. However, he found himself in a dilemma. Namely, he did not know the limit of which the animals' bodies could take. He estimated they could take his more simpler and more harmless spells. He decided he might try out with something slighter more powerful however. "Orbit." He pointed his wand in the direction of the creature. The green, cat-like animal yelped and spun in the direction of its attacker. It gazed wide-eyed at Ariel before running. He quickly commanded another orb to follow after the fleeing creature. He watched from afar the green animal fall. He anticipated some sort of signal that might tell him the animal was still alive. He let out a sigh when it shifted slightly and moved its head.

"One down. Reports say there were three. These things can definitely take a beating," he observed, "but I'd hate to kill them."

Swift motion alerted him of more of the green animals arriving. He frowned. "They're fast." They would also be hard to catch. They were close enough to attack, so attack he would. Two orbs zipped through the air, his wand pointed towards the creatures. The first orb landed successfully, but it caused no damage. Ariel connected this fact with the animal's tensed body. It also dodged the second orb with impressive agility. Now if he were in his usual mood, he would be quite upset about the waste of magoi. Actually, he would have never wasted magoi in the first place. But in his current mood, he took it all with a smile. Albeit an unhappy smile, but a smile nonetheless. He'd try again. This time, taking a different approach.

"Hern mayn ruf aun ovuervelm mayn shunim," he recited. He then proceeded to point his wand decisively at his target. His spell reached the creature from 15 meters away. It shook the creature violently. It made the action of covering its tiny ears. He smiled pityingly but continued the effect. After a few moments, it collapsed, the ringing in its ear too much to bear. He sighed, not enjoying the harm he had to deal the feline creatures.


verbum comitem
[ mdccii // md ]
word count [ 1702 // 1500 ]

note; (30) + (10)(2) = (50)/2 = (25) + (50) = (75)


Planetary Aligner:

Stop the Life Magic! [Job | Ariel] AIHLLVxg
Name: Planetary Aligner
Tier: A
Type: Advanced Wand
Magic Type: Strength
Appearance: A 50 cm long, 15 cm wide wand. The design is that of a solitary, blue orb that looks like it's distorting gravitational waves in the shape of a spiral.

  • Planet Juggling -The user feeds magoi into the wand and says "orbit". The ground around the user then starts shifting and warping, eventually shaping into 4 spheres that vary in size between .5 meters and 1 meter. The spheres then orbit around the user at a leisurely pace. If the user decisively points the wand at a target, one or more of the spheres will fling itself towards that target up to 20 meters away. The number of spheres flung depends on the user's will. Each sphere is capable of dealing C-tier damage upon impact, even when orbiting the user. 10 magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Abilit(y/ies) Used:
Muzikalish Tsetretn:

Muzikalish Tsetretn

Tier: B-Tier

Class: Magician

Type: Offensive/Supplementary

Range: Medium

Requirements/Drawbacks: The user chants 'hern mayn ruf aun ovuervelm mayn shunim' and points their staff/stave/wand at their target.

Scaling: Increases range by 5m every 10 extra magoi used.

Sustain: 1

Cool Down: 3 posts

Cost: 30 | 15 magoi + 15 magoi per sustainment


    Using sound magic, the user can use the waves to deal C-Tier damage in the ear. The sound waves will also "shake" its target and make them dizzy.

    • Targets one person in a 5m range.
    • 4 rings will appear on every side of the target.

      • In side the rings, a constantly repeating pattern of waves occurs.
      • The two rings on the side of the target deal D-Tier damage each.
      • The two rings in front of and back of the target do not deal any damage, but they cause the effects of this spell.

    • The effects last for 2 posts.


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There was a quiet happiness to Ariel this morning. Not like his usual self--it was muted, different, unfamiliar to how Reed's interactions with Ariel usually went. As Ariel walked out of his bedroom, he nearly choked on his apple as he tried to stand up as abruptly as the black magician fled the room. What struck him as rare, and perhaps a dream, was Ariel apologizing to Reed for 'being late.' Was there something up with him this day? Reed was more curious about the mental state of his magician companion instead of the mission at hand. But alas, there was a task at hand and it must be completed.

"N-no problem! I woke up early today--I thought since you usually wake up early I would get a jump on the day so that you weren't waiting for me. Do you want to split up the work or are you alright doing it together...? Oh you're already down the hall---" Reed walked faster and faster to catch up to Ariel and his spritely pace, weaving in and out of the hallways. He was concerned about the black magician. Something about him today seemed "off" as if he was a different human being. Regardless, the two of them had a job to do, and so that was they were going to do. Reed's apple accidentally fell out of his hands and on to the ground. He felt bad about not reaching down to grab it but the rush was far too great for Reed to waste any time not following Ariel.

Briefly they stopped when they left the Magnostadt Academy for Ariel to give the correct instructions. He watched Ariel make a joke about the nature of their mission. Reed was thrown by his attempt at humor. He said "attempt" thinking it didn't make him laugh, but it may have just been the novelty of Ariel making a joke that threw Reed off. While he was fully equipped to fire back with an equally novel quip, Ariel had already begun to find and locate the roaming Kaviri in the north side of the city.

"Well...that really put a wedge in my plans. I suppose I'll start looking...but I don't want to hurt these poor little creatures either. Ariel went over I'll suppose I'll take the other way..." Reed never flew solo like this before, at least not when he knew it was going to be more difficult than he could handle, but the situation called for it. He walked around the section of the city, scouring the area for the little green foxes. They seemed nothing like the dragonelles or gaseous blobs that they exterminated before. These creatures were more alive, more organic, the Kaviri were more alike to actual living things than any other creation of life magicians he's encountered before. Finally, he spotted one, separate from Ariel and his magical orbiting balls of rukh, and began to track it down. The Kaviri was lithe, nimble, smart--everything Reed admired in animals on how they were able to survive so efficiently on instinct alone. When it became clear the Kaviri was knowledgeable of Reed's poor tracking habits, Reed decided to switch up the game by abandoning that life construct for now.

"Perhaps...if I find the remaining one, the other one will try and help it out? If they're so...real looking...maybe they have feelings like other animals do?" Reed's thought process was...rough for sure but his logic was seemingly sound. It felt like a logical idea so he decided to run along with it. It didn't take long for Reed to locate the remaining Kaviri, or maybe it was the same Kaviri as before? Reed couldn't differentiate the two. Honestly, Reed didn't think whatever he was doing was even remotely successful. He contemplated seeking out Ariel for help, but if he truly wanted to prove himself as a competent magician, he should really do this all by himself. He tracked down one of the life constructs tottering about the north side of the city again. He assumed it wasn't the beast from before so stalked the creature, ready to pounce upon his prey.

"Alright...I'll snag you..." Reed whispered to himself. His grip tightened around his wand as he wiped beads of sweat off of his forehead. This was it! This was his shining moment. He whipped his wand in the air around him, whispering the commands to one of his spells--Rondo--to reveal his sword of sound. He figured stabbing or slicing wouldn't do the trick to lure the other beast to the wounded Kaviri's aid, so a good thwacking would do the trick. He lunged at the creature, managing to miss almost completely, but snipped the creature in the hind leg, inhibiting its movement for the time being. Success! He made brief eye contact with the Kaviri as it limped away from him. This felt almost too cruel for Reed--his face was full of pity for the creature. It was almost too alive--it wasn't some amorphous being that needed to be knocked out of the ether, it was literally alive to him. Feelings and all. Had Reed gone soft? Had he developed a soft spot for these magical pups? He heard the injured Kaviri whimper as he walked closer toward it. Before he reached down to grab it and and keep it by the tail as he hoped to "seduce" the remaining life construct, its companion leaped from the shadows and scratched Reed in the face. Damn! That would leave a scar! In a fit of rage, Reed whipped the Kaviri from his hands to the ground nearby, and readied his wand. He twirled it around him in a radial motion, staring down the beast with a conviction that can only be described as religious.

"I wasn't doing anything wrong--Rhapsody!" The orbs of isolated air encircled the remaining being and burst around him, letting out a high pitched shriek around the beast. The little fox yelped and its body went limp.

" no no no no no! I didn't...I didn't want to...I..." Reed fell to the ground and clasped his hands over his mouth. It was the first time he ever felt a moment of remorse for disposing of the life constructs. The Kaviri he injured before trotted over to its lifeless kin and nudged the body. This act of kindness moved the young magician and he started to weep. He could only mouth "what have I done?" as he watched the creature care for its murdered brethren.

Word Count: 1676/1500
Magoi: 200/260

Rondo: Scaled x2
Abilities Used:

Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Short
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must wave wand, use wand as proxy "sword".
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 post
Cost: 30 Magoi

Reed harnesses the power of sound rukh to rapidly vibrate the rukh a 1m diameter around the wand, turning it into a quasi-sword capable of dealing D tier damage for 1 post.

Tier: B
Class: Magician - Resonance
Type: Offensive
Range: Short
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must swing wand around him in radial motion
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3 posts
Cost: 30 Magoi

Using the power of sound and wind, Reed swings his wand around him to create four pockets of air that begin to vibrate and hum intensely until they burst, each explosion causing D tier damage and disorienting nearby targets.


Shards of Solomon x1
Trait Points x4

Stop the Life Magic! [Job | Ariel] MlM2sTf

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