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A Meeting With Emperor Gao Yuan Zu [ Event | Private ]

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Stamina: 440/440
Magoi: 370/390
WC: 000/000
The end of their drinking match, in Hei Lu's eyes, was an unfortunate turn of events to Vardreth. While he didn't care overly much about the 'favor' he was doing for the blindfolded woman, Vardreth still wanted to complete the task to see where things lead up to.

Shortly after he resisted Hei Lu's grasp, Hei Lu sprung a strange question to Vardreth...To join an elite guard of a general? I am but a mercenary. Yet before Vardreth could voice his thoughts on the matter the General Hei Lu reacted to an alarm that just went off.  Vardreth's gaze casually scanned the tent before his brows furrowed and he tried to look closer. While he did so Hei Lu put down his wine before leaving quickly alongside several other soldiers. Vardreth looked back and the wine in the enormous cup he held in his hand and sighed. A good wine, yet this melancholic feeling... Vardreth took one last sip of it before setting it down, commemorating the taste of the wine to his memory.

It was then that a perky young woman approached Vardreth and introduced herself. The girl from the tent... Ah, she sure does act familiar with me... No matter. She seemed completely galvanized as she spoke with him. With a slight smile Vardreth nodded to her. "Yes, greetings indeed. When the time comes I, Fang Vardreth, may need to rely upon you. Best of luck to your entertainment for the evening." Vardreth signaled he would stay behind. He was not particularly interested in the shenanigans that occurred in the night, and furthermore he was a Mercenary Commander.

Vardreth was uninterested in advancing within the Kou military. What he was interested in doing was listening to orders and commanding his soldiers. As a guest to this camp at this time, Vardreth did not have any soldiers with him. As a Mercenary Commander, Hei Lu did not provide him with any direct orders... And this is how Vardreth found himself remaining in the camp. He no longer partook in the wine, and instead took up a position near the center and opened his senses wide as Garuda's Grudge purged him of toxins. His hearing, sense of smell, sight and touch were all stretched to their best as he sat in a semi-meditative position.

Vardreth recalled what he saw earlier as he gazed through the crowd. Or, perhaps it would be better to say what he didn't see. Trently... Am I imagining things? With the outburst to the Emperor, Vardreth had already kept a mental guard against the man... Though with the most recent doubts regarding the server girl turning out to be frivolous, Vardreth did not think too deeply into it. Hm. Perhaps I simply didn't see him. Even so, Vardreth's suspicion towards Trently increased another notch.


Items Used:

Name: Garuda's Grudge
Tier: A
Type: Magic Item - Ring
Magic Type: Storm (Wind + Lightning)
Appearance: A ring that changes size depending on the finger of the owner. The design is that of a bird-like being enveloped in stormy lightning. The eyes of the bird look as though they hold a never ending grudge.

  • Unstoppable Grudge - The user feeds magoi into the ring causing a surge of lightning magic to wash through their own body. The lightning magic burns away foreign contaminants such as poisons and reactivates the nervous system. Lightning also courses over the user's skin burning away any bindings that may be holding the user down. The function effectively clears away most tangible bindings, poisons, and bacteria that limit the user's movements of otherwise debilitates them. Activating this ability while paralyzed will nullify the paralysis. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.


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Adrastos’ question elicited a slight smirk from the rebel emperor as Gao replied in an amused tone, ”Aside from General Hei Lu and several other officers whom I had confidence would remain loyal to me after my son’s coup, I had built all my plans around the assumption that most of my forces would be peasantry. I didn’t expect to find numerous promising war potentials prior to the real battles beginning.” He was obviously pleased that he had, but from the way Gao spoke it wouldn’t appear as if he thought fighting the war with an army of armed farmers would have been particularly disadvantageous. After all, he was the man that had expanded Kou’s borders massively and turned it into the military superpower that it was. His beginnings were rooted in turning farmhands into killing machines.

As the alarms came to bare and the magician offered a to give a display of his talents Gao stroked his beard and hastened his steps slightly, though it was far from a sprint. ”Perhaps, but my men are quite capable. With General Hei Lu present I’m sure the situation will be resolved by the time we arrive. Nevertheless, let us hasten our pace somewhat.” Gao then led the way back to the camp, the soldiers on the perimeter delaying him only briefly before confirming his identity. Needless to say, Adrastos would be allowed past without trouble as well considering Gao was with him.

Inside the tent, the concubine was beginning to relax somewhat upon seeing the strange young man throw down his weapons. She kept the dagger pointed in his direction however, inching further back ever so slowly. Meanwhile, outside, spears were pointed inwards towards the tent in a tight circle ensuring no one could cut their way out or come charging out the entrance without getting skewered. Further back, archers were just setting up their own wider circle, their bows aiming upwards just in case anyone tried to use magic in order to fly away, their efforts bolstered by numerous magicians taking flight and surrounding the tent as well, albeit in a much looser formation since they weren’t as numerous as rank and file soldiers. Lestacia would find herself stopped from going in any further past these circles, her status being only that of a guest afforded her no special treatment or privilege.

”What’s the situation?” a smooth yet deep voice asked as Hei Lu marched towards the tent. A nearby officer saluted him and gave a brief report, ”Sir, the guards to the Emperor’s tent report a strange man appearing out of nowhere and charging them. He used a magic tool to blind them and entered the tent. Thankfully, the emperor was out at the time but he has yet to return. We’ve surrounded the tent but so far there hasn’t been any sign of movement.” While the report was being given, Hei Lu had paused and drew a sword from his waist. ”Understood, I’ll go take a look.” The response baffled the officer, but he had heard of Hei Lu’s legend, ”S-Sir?” Was all he could say, not daring to defy the giant of a man.

Sword in hand, Hei Lu stepped forward, the circles of soldiers opened up to give him passage as he strolled towards the tent casually. Had you told any of them men that he’d just been drinking they would have pinned you a liar, except perhaps for those closest to him whom could smell the wafting scent of alcohol that lingered on his breath. Upon entered the tent, Hei Lu took in the scene and then came to stare at Trently. Equipment scattered around him, his hands held up in surrender, it was a pathetic sight. Hei Lu laughed and pointed the tip of his blade in Trently’s direction.

”Kokoko~ What’s this, boy? Was drinking with me not enough entertainment for you?~ Explain yourself. You don’t have the look of an assassin, nor the finesse based on how you charged in here.”

[Attention: This thread is coming to a close and as such, there isn’t really much for Lestacia or Vardreth to do. The remaining posts will deal with Trently’s punishment and you are welcome to stick around and witness it IC if you wish, however you may also exit if you would prefer. Exiting the thread will not prevent you from hearing about what happens to Trently IC.]

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Music As if formed into stone, Trently and his trots did not budge not an inch. In the air laid his hands as behind him, a lady eased her hand in which she held a knife. Luckily, Trently had knocked over a light bulb in his head. "Hm? Do you have a brush? Please..." That being an idea to ask the beauty for a brush. Not sure of it working out or not, Trently had to rely on his brains this time to flee and overcome this incident he stuck upon himself. "What a pain.." Hearing of General Hei Lu and his burly steps, Trently had start a fest of crying on the inside. "Why is it that I acted on it! Curiosity! Shit!" Scorning his hand at theft, Trently awaited the General of Gao Yuan Zu, Hei Lu.

Entering Trently and that of Gao Yuan Zu's tent, Hei Lu held his blade and aimed it at Trently. Dismal on his face, Trently had not a clue of what to be told. "Hm!? Ah, I have a tale to tell..." Unveiling to General Hei Lu that he, Trently of the Yanaihara descent, has a tale. "Not a sole drop of alcohol, it has not ever befallen my tongue. I have to say, I apologize! Under having drank a lot, I ventured here! Yet not for intent of deceit but to uncover my brush! Hicuh!" As if truly a drunk, the pilot of his own body, it lost way of how it acted on the usual.

Magoi: 200
Stamina: 315


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”Hmm? Is that so?” Hei Lu asked sounding not entirely convinced that this crime was simply the result of a drunken stupor. Were Trently really just intoxicated beyond sense, then why had he made the level headed decision to drop his weapons and assume a position of surrender? Based on the report Hei Lu received, Trently hadn’t left the tent at all since the entire ordeal began. He shouldn’t have known that he was fully surrounded, although it would be a fair guess considering the location he had stormed into. The entire situation was one of murky details that made it hard to believe Trently, but also difficult to dismiss his claim outright as a lie. The General’s own intoxication might have been a factor in his indecisiveness, however truth be told even the large quantity of wine he had partaken of so far was not enough to impair his judgement by much.

The large man’s eyes remained on Trently, but when he spoke again he addressed the woman. ”Tell me, from your point of view, what do you think about this young man’s claim?” The woman jumped slightly when she realized that she was the one the general had been talking to. ”O-Oh! Yes, my lord, well…” She looked at Trently for a moment and then finally sighed and let the dagger she had been holding up finally fall free of her fingers. ”He ran inside and then looked like he immediately regretted the decision...after that, he dropped his weapons and has been the way you found him until you walked in. I think he may have been mumbling, but I couldn’t hear anything he was saying...perhaps he is speaking the truth?” She sounded unsure, but vouched for Trently regardless.

Hei Lu’s eyes narrowed and he parroted the young woman’s word, ”Perhaps…” but he certainly wasn’t convinced by that either. ”Men! Bring chains and bind the prisoner, confiscate his things as well. The Emperor will decide what to do with him.” The general called out to the soldiers outside. They would promptly enter with shackles for Trently’s wrists and ankles, a series of chains connecting them all in a fashion that would make it difficult for the young man to fully extend his arms or take more than a half step in any given direction. His equipment was gathered up and taken away to another location while Trently himself would be led outside the tent and to a holding area where he would be tossed into a cell in order to await Gao Yuan Zu’s judgement.

Moments after entering the camp, an officer approached to give Gao a report on what had occurred during his absence. Upon hearing that one of the guests had raided his tent and was now in captivity, Gao would turn to Adrastos and offer him an apology for the disturbance. ”I would have liked to see another display of your talents, but it seems I must deal with this disruption. Apologies, please allow my men to escort you to the tent where the others have been set up for the night. We’re breaking camp and moving tomorrow, you and the others will get more personalized accommodations when we set up the next base. Rest well.” He sounded somewhat annoyed by the distraction, but maintained a level demeanor as he gestured for his men to escort the magician before turning and heading towards the holding area.

Trently would have had several minutes to himself in the cage before Gao arrived. Time to think, time to regret, and time to decide on what he would say. There were four guards in the area watching him, but they were all at least 5m away from the cage making it hard to speak to any of them without raising ones voice. But none of the men would respond to a prisoner anyways, maintaining a diligent silence as one might expect from a well trained soldier. The words of a prisoner was not their concern, only the orders that he be watched and kept locked up.

When the rebel emperor arrived, Hei Lu was with him, having given Gao a direct and personal briefing on what had happened as well as how Trently pleaded drunkeness as the cause for his behaviour. There was an arrogant smirk on Gao’s face as he approached the cage and taunted the young man. ”You claim to want an end to slavery, and yet it appear you yourself are a slave to your own desires and whims, boy.” The cage Trently was held in was too short for him to stand in, at best he would be able to half stand with his back hunched over. So Gao stopped 1m in front of the cage bars and kneeled down as he could look Trently in the eyes. ”Do you have anything you want to say to me before I pass judgement on you for your crime?”

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Grief & Sorrow "Is it death that awaits me!?" Echoing in his racked nerve of a brain, Trently's hands fidgeted. "Why am I shaking!? Stop!" Directing the jutting hands to halt, Trently's legs had taken a part in this too as they quivered in forecast of what to happen. Calm is how Trently acts yet now is when it broke. Unleashing the fret upon his body, Hei Lu's spirit had taken a toll on Trently and his half lie. "Fu-FUCK!" It is all in his head that he spoke this and not inched his lips a speck. "No! Have I not the breath to live on!?" Adrenaline, it's high had rose Trently back up on sanity. "What is I, Yanaihara Torento here for...?" Interrogating himself, Trently had taken a step back in time.

Venturing on out behalf of his grandpa, Trently inherited his blade and felt a wind of departure. Diving outside the Kou Empire, a journey ahead of Trently fueled his steps. Excited to see all that laid for him, traps and all, and horrific times as this too. Yet, it had served Yanaihara a dual resolve. To find who he is, it is what Trently is longing for, and maybe this adventure is what he needed to discover that. Without a role, it ended up as his motive to uncover that, or in other words, fill in that hole in his heart and life.

Sunken in a pit of despair, Trently and his body chained. It is then that he yelped out, inside, a drunk, crying. Pleading for the Yanaihara, a lady that Trently hinted at with a plan. "Huh? Yres! Hicuh! Please!" Mangled, his face, it now a distorted one of misery and distress. Sanity, it lost from his grasp as he flailed. "Ah... I have to take ahold of myself..." Ceasing his shaking flail, his eyes sunk. "Sorry.." As he and his life is thrown into a cage, Trently whispers. "Is it that I truly am due to die?" Drenched in woe for the fate he chose, Trently at this time.

Not yet have budged, he awaited his death in a fetal pose. Until a ray of light, it being Gao Yuan Zu, entered the fray. "Do not unhand your ray of light, as you are your own hope! You have the fate of a Yanaihara! It is not like us to fall easily, Torento! Pick it up! Not your blade, but your will to live on!" Flutters of a light rukh, it circled Trently. "H-huh?" Confused at first, Trently rose up, instantly. "Not here! I won't die here!" Rousing his self to not die, to not perish. However, this is not what Trently let out and told Gao Yuan Zu.

Voice of Soul

”You claim to want an end to slavery, and yet it appear you yourself are a slave to your own desires and whims, boy.”

Upon hearing of what Gao Yuan Zu told him, Trently had backtracked to how easily he fell victim to his idea on the whim. Applying that to his life if one exists after this, it turned into a value to cherish from here on out.

”Do you have anything you want to say to me before I pass judgement on you for your crime?”

"Yes Sir, I do. As I sat here, in this cage. I asked if it was over and if now I am bound to die, yet a hope that is what I can achieve to crawl out this panel hit me. Now, I may still die or be enslaved but I decided to have a positive outlook on this. If I want to be your General, I have to dedicate my blood, sweat, and tears to your victory. In this Civil War, is it everyday that you can run into a boy like me? I want to prove that to you, that I deserve a hand at this. What is known as the Kou Civil War, it is riddled with a Dungeon, Bloodshed, and Heroes of their side that they battle for. Among those, I want to bathe in the Dungeon, Bloodshed, and being a Hero. Now, as that is in mind, you know why and what for I trot into your tent for. As I drank a swig of alcohol that General Hei Lu offered to me, I had to take a piss. When doing that, I glanced at my bag of items and in it I saw that my hair brush had left my bag. With that, I took to hicuh. Took to the tent of our Gao Yuan Zu Meeting, yet I found out that I went to the wrong one when I entered. Upon realization of where I was, a siren went off and I dropped my stuff.”


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Trenly wouldn’t even finish speaking all he had to say before Gao started to laugh. It began as a surprised smirk followed by a chuckle which quickly grew into a bellowing laughter which caused the guards nearby to look on in shock. For the average soldier, seeing Gao Yuan Zu laugh like this was like catching a glimpse of some legendary creature or finding a fabled location thought to only exist in myth. ”Bwahahahaa! A fool! You’re a fool! Ahahahahahaha!” Gao finally spoke between the laughing but those laughs then suddenly stopped. Gao abruptly slammed his hands onto the bars of the cage holding Trently, the distance between himself and the holding cage had been closed so fast if Trently blinked he would have missed it. The rogue emperor’s face was almost pressed against the cage as he stared at Trently with wide eyes that seemed to glimmer with madness.

”You’re a fool, but I don’t dislike fools…”

After stating those words to Trently, Gao stood and turned his heel to begin to leave. Just before he left the holding area, the former emperor looked back to give Trently a few parting words. ”Listen well, boy. There are no heroes in war. Only demons. When you participate in the upcoming battle, you will come to understand this.” The man didn’t even stop his pace in order to impart these words, but those wild eyes of a conqueror were peering back at Trently directly into his eyes as if they could pierce down into his soul. Then Gao was gone, leaving Trently to spend the rest of the time up until the battle in confinement, words of hope that he might still participate in the war as a soldier left to echo in his mind.


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