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Life's Sound

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1 Life's Sound on 09/03/17, 09:22 am

Neph Acxa


" Its that time again. For this war I need to expand my range of abilities. " walking across his floor to the window bringing down to close it. " I need something to heal wounds besides minor flesh marks. I could try to use Aoife, as a example she created things found from the earth like Life. I may need silence in my room for planning. Wonder if the birds will show me the way for this. " walking back across his room taking off his kimono revealing his under garments. A basic black sleeves shirt, and his white trousers. He didn't exactly know how he was going to learn about cancellation of sound, but anything involving the earth he could treat with just some water, a shovel, and soil to fertilize it.  " Time to ask them to bring me a pot and seed. I can understand it better if I mature the seed by infusing Magoi into it engaging its growth over time. " saying what he thinking out loud. Going over to the door and tapping it bringing the wood to life making it speak the rhyme. Notifying the servant on the outside of the room by the tapping that Aseo needed them. " How may I assist? " a soft spoken lady, fair skin with a bun type of hair styled. She was young and resemble Aoife, in height and physique. " I would if you brought me an Flower Pot, Watermelon Seed, and one drum stick? Not food drum stick, one for rhymes and tapping please. " he simply requested in a polite tone. " I'll make quick haste, Master Aseo. " he turned on her hills moving down the hall in search for the items requested.

Moments Later. . .

Siting at his desk an seven inch drum stick resting in his palm while an empty flower pot, soil, and watermelon seeds sat on the surface of the table. What to do now was his question, how would he do it more exactly. Rubbing his chin in a stumped facial expression. " Infuse Magoi into the seed, or just pump it in raw naturally? Wish someone was here who could tell him how this works, but than I couldn't test my own methods. " gathering enough soil in his hand placing it into the flower pot. Using his index finger poking one hole in the center of the flower pot. Picking up and placing one watermelon seed in the middle he'd cover up the soil. Mustering up little Magoi transferring the golden glow from his palm doen to the seed resting inside the flower pot. " Life is every essences, so I should try once I can at least sensing other life may it be in the room or outside. " feeling the Magoi surround the seed underneath the soil using that as his focus point. Moving away from the table, Aseo held the drum stick between his index and middle finger, pressing down on the wood making it flip through his hand twirling to the floor. The whooshing of the stick audible, and a slightly visible wave came from the end of the stick. " I wonder what that means, it looked like the water magic I have... I can't explain it. " The drum stick hitting the ground as he spoke, and little waves of sound came off where the noise was being emitted as he tried to get a clearer look at what was produced. He wondered how this all worked out together, picking the drum stick up going to his bed. Beginning his training for the next couple of days to better master or get an novice point of view over life and sound magic? Laying down placing the drum stick on his night stand. The Magoi around the seed pouring throughout it as Aseo, could feel the seed as it own connecting to the life. Closing his eyes he could feel the connection better, but he dosed off.

Next Day. . .

Slipping out his bed created an large ruckus. Hitting the ground with an thud, his eyes open as he saw the rhymes flowing out then disappearing. It was for a brief second, but he could make it out. It resembled water, but more translucent. " What if I could turn the sound, into vibration? More like Resonance. Never mind never mind, I don't know until I expriment. " thinking up his own sense of learning sound magic. Dismissing the sound thought, he closed his eyes to sense the Magoi still flowing through the seed weaving its own life into it, imagery is what magic about? So he thought to bring forth an flower even though the seed was watermelon seed. Pouring Magoi into the seed he felt the shell crack, but the image was hard to make out as it didn't spout further leaving only the stem to grow and spread through the soil. That could've been aspect. Should take a couple of weeks to fully spout the flower or fruit. It could possibly help with Sound magic. " right now the best he could do is see the wave, and bring out seeds roots after pouring magoi into the seed for a while.

Weeks. . .

For the next couple of weeks to the possible month Aseo focus was to figuring out how to control the sound and command the life. Expanding his Magoi out like a bat attempting to sense life listening to the rukh that helps him channels the rukh throughout the room attempting to feel everything living, but it just didn't happen. The ring he expanded dropped before even leaving arms links. Anyways he moved on to attempting to produce an singular popping noise. Placing an wooden stool in the center of his room, and snapping his finger awaiting for an Sound wave to pop around the edge of the wood. A small push against the wood with a little dent making it move slightly as he just sighed. Seeing how it's better then previous attempts he had with Sound magic. " Seems almost the same the past weeks, but Ill keep trying. My control on life seem easier then that of sound even know I can see the wave now. " reassuring himself knowing if his time and patience is going to pay off. Aseo, going over to the flower pot as it has grown in the past weeks regularly having magoi poured into it and still not being fully controlled the way he wanted to, but with the stem rising up he felt he could do it. Touching the stem Aseo , felt the Magoi he been pouring into. Imagining that he spourted the watermelon into existence, the stem seemed to grow as he felt every inch through his arm as a half developed watermelon fruit came to be. " Wasn't what I expect! But I did it finally! " he jumped in joy. Moving the not-fully developed watermelon that now lump off he side of the flower pot. With this he knew he could slow himself down with his practice even though he knew he needed more touching up on Sound/Life magic. Time had slipped from him and night had came, taking that into hand with this victory Aseo retired early to his bed. A large smile along his face as he begun to lay in his bed.


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