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First Peak [D to C Magician]

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1 First Peak [D to C Magician] on 03/03/17, 10:29 pm

Dylan was humiliated by a young, platinum blonde female. He would never live down yesterday, but it would remain as fuel in his mind that would inspire him to train past his current limits. He vaguely knew what he would have to do to improve his abilty as a magician. It was the same way he had instructed the soldier Jingyi on utilizing the magic tool, but several times more detailed.

Dylan gathered his scythe and found himself a secluded location to experiment with the rukh to learn his life magic to fix his wrist, which would help him in the future in his future endeavors. He was fond of the idea of life magic, it would fit perfectly tly with his repertoire, support for his offensive and defensive strength magic.

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2 Re: First Peak [D to C Magician] on 04/03/17, 09:11 pm

Dylan was eager to fix his hand finally, but it would take him some time to learn a new type of magic, but it would take some time. And his hand would slowly be healing as the time passed on. Dylan found himself a quiet location at the base of the jade mountains for some privacy. Spending the time to advance oneself was always best done in solitude. He was sure to compete his training within these next few days. For the first day he would simply take his time and start casting with Prada, his scythe. His eyes would see the rukh flutter about them in their black hues, gathering about until they formed the strength magic he was accustomed to.

He unleashed a trio of reaper slashes into the mountain wall, leaving some evidence of his spell. He took a deep breath, and slowly trained his strength magic as he slowly recalled the exact details of his own body as he channeled rukh into spells.

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3 Re: First Peak [D to C Magician] on 04/03/17, 09:31 pm

Dylan had decided to sleep in the wilderness to save time between travelling back to the cities of kou and then having to travel back the mountains. Dylan was super stoked to get some use out of his hand again. Now that Dylan was in his seclusion again, with his uninjured arm, he would lift Prada way up into the high, the blade of his sickle would glimmer in the sunlight. Then he would smash his blade like a hammer straight into the ground, this time trying to use life magic.


Dylan smacked his lips, with a bit of anger. He typically thought of himself as a natural but this had seemed to be taking a bit more work and focus. Such harsh actions to call life rukh was probably the wrong way to handle it. He would have to coax the life rukh with different methods. He took a few deep breathes to soothe his body before continuing his training.



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4 Re: First Peak [D to C Magician] on 04/03/17, 11:41 pm

Dylan would raise his Prada into the sky, mimicking his most recent action. However, instead of the brutish hammering motions, he simply brought his magic stave straight down, slamming the butt into the floor, then crossing Prada past the opposite side of his body, and lifting it in an arc, with the sickle of his weapon tracing the path of the weapon as if it were the tail of a comet.

Finally, he could see the life rukh, coming to heed his call. Now he would bless his own hand with their essence, his bones slowly beginning to be mended, and the bruise and swelling around his wrist began to cede. He would recall the woman who had done this to him and planned his revenge slowly.


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5 Re: First Peak [D to C Magician] on 05/03/17, 11:24 am

He had decided that this level of control and manipulation over the life rukh was insufficient for him to prosper, but he was there. He would continue to train to improve his reserves of magoi by continuous casting of his strength spells. On occasion, he would take his time to heal his wrist further by calling to the rukh with an intricate motion of his scythe. They life rukh would fill his arm and then concentrate upon his wrist, restoring its use.

With the use of his hand restored, it would make the rest of his training go smoother. Without the aggravation of the pain in his hand, he could cast his whole array of spells. This sort of training would continue for the rest of the week as he perfected his magoi reserves, finally feeling stronger.

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