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1 JACKING FARID. NO HOMO [SOLO] on 03/03/17, 07:12 pm

Dylan was roaming the mountainside of Kou. He had studied the hearts and minds of the people of Kou, but now he had to study the home of Kou. Perhaps the civil war my descend into guerrilla warfare tactics and these mountains were a great place to do just that. However he managed to find something completely different. A human fainted, but it had seemed as if he had not been around civilization for some long time. His body was weary from the exposure to the elements. He had a tattoo across his chest, and he could see where a parasite had escaped from his body since the host was practically worthless at this point.

He had a few good items, even if he was unable to use them he could take them for sale or even keep them. A huge hammer was on his back, a rolled up flying carpet, much huang, and two journey books. He wasn't so fond of the bigger items but the journey books could be interesting and he would never pass up on the huang. As he searched the body... he found a shard of solomon... He jacked it and claimed it for himself.

Dylan kicked the body over.... then decided to c-town stomp his throat, he kept stomping and ramming his foot over his throat. As he coughed blood and eventually passed out, he spoke to himself. "Guess he's out of his misery now." Then he went on his way to continue his personal mission.

I already sold his hammer and carpet. Taking his left over huang, the two journey books and his shard of solomon.

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