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Peak Vault 1969851-bloody_claire
Name: Dylan Peaks
Country Affiliation: Wanderer
Race: Magician
Class: Magician [Strength]
Age + Birthdate: 25 (which is essentially 40) 1/1
Sexuality: Straight af
Personality: First and foremost, Dylan is clearly a psychopath. He is incredibly bold to say the least. With little sense of fear or even danger, and an abundance of self-confidence and assertiveness, it's easy to tell how he can manipulate people through sheer will. To compound the issue, he has a severe lack of empathy and ability to truly understand others, and is willing to do anything to get what he wants, in spite of social ethics, legal issues or retaliation.

Dylan believes violence is the ultimate way to solve conflict. In addition, he is curious about violence in terms of how people react in fear of it as well as in direct stimulation of pain. However, due to having to deal with his father, he had learned how to mask his intentions and pretend to understand about caring for others. He could outdo his father who had years of experience and growth over him.

Now Dylan takes his time when dealing with people, typically acting quite friendly as he discerns peoples values, to see if it's worth to befriend them or not, because in the end, all Dylan thinks about is what other people can do for him, instead of thinking about them as human beings with their own needs and desires.
Likes: Rough 'Hedonism'; There is a certain level of domination and submission like a battle of wills, however if his partner is too easy, he'll quickly lose interest.
Fighting; A common theme of Dylan's interest are conflict. Fighting is no different, he always tries to win, but he looks at fights as a bigger picture. If you aren't dead, the fight still isn't over, even if you have to run away and make peace for a bit.
Dislikes:Animals; He can't fake empathy or communicate with an animal. They typically sense his twisted ways and are uneasy around him, at the very least.
Slaves; He blames slaves for their lot in life. If they don't have the strength and willpower to escape their chains, they might as well remain slaves.
Aspirations: Dylan has two main objectives in his life. To rid the entire world of magicians, as he sees them to be weak-willed people. Gifted by the Rukh, but still unwilling to assert their power and truly dominate the world. Along with his incredible distaste for his father, he is very keen on getting rid of all magicians, in particular, those with white rukh. Due to these beliefs, he also believes he should come to control the world.
Phobias/fears: The only thing he fears in this world is his father. He had abused Dylan in every way imaginable. Physical, emotional, financially by forcing him to work and taking the little money Dylan earned for himself as well as sexually. Dylan had felt trapped by his father his whole life, even if he wasn't strong or particularly evil. Dylan has a mental roadblock that won't allow him to fight his father head on, simply hoping that they will never meet until his death.
Face-Claim: Claire Stanfield from Baccano!
Hair Color: Golden-red Copper
Eye Color: Red-Hazel
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 81 kg
Appearance: Dylan Peaks has golden-red copper hair, which he has slicked back with a part, a bit unruly with a strong jawline and dimples to create a prominent face. He also has a lean but powerful figure. His muscles across his whole body, chiseled and outlined.

To compliment his figure, if working he will typically be spotted in an elastic, black, skin-tight jumpsuit. If he's currently lounging, he likes to dress formally as if he were an aristocrat.

He carries himself with full of confidence and it shows in his posture, his manners of speaking as well as his body language.
Rukh Alignment: Black
Special Features: Scars.
History :
History: Dylan Peaks was born in the Great Plains to his mother. For the first few years of his birth, all he had was his mother. A loving woman, excited and happy to have a child of her own, someone to take care of. By the young age of four, Dylan's whole life had changed. A man came into their small hut in the middle of night, and after a loud impact and a shrill death scream from his mother. The man illuminated the room via the tip of his staff. Now there was his pulverized mother, a circle-shaped crushing her mid-section. Her bones and ribs crushed, blood splatter everywhere.

After that night, he never seen his home in the great plains again. The magician who revealed himself to be his father, Jacob, laid seed to the woman during a rape, and didn't care, but when he considered the idea of having a spawn, it called to him and he had decided to raise the child as his own, but not changing his name because he simply didn't care. Jacob took the boy to Balbaad and created accommodations, but things were far from great. Jacob took advantage of his son. It was a person he felt he could be himself around, regardless of Dylans feelings because at every level, Dylan had belong to him, especially with the mother gone.

Years of abuse, mental torture, physical pain, sexual abuse, neglect and other trauma had been beaten into the boy. No one could tell if the reason for Dylans own psychopathy was genetics or if it was merely a coping mechanism. Dylan had gotten wiser and stronger, allowing him to take advantage of other people, which slowly made his own life easier, but he still couldn't raise a hand or word to his father.

At the age of thirteen, Jacob had decided it was time to bring Dylan to his home of Magnostadt so he could pass into the academy as a third Kotor. As Dylan waited for his turn, he realized his father didn't feel so strong here and he respected the customs of Magnostadt. He saw that children who failed to pass the exam weren't allowed into the academy, that is when he formulated his plot.

He was given a wand by the inspectors, and then he was blasted by a small magoi blast of strength, as to inspect the level of his borg. However, Dylan forcibly stopped his borg from appearing, twice in a row. This pain was nothing compared to that of the one inflicted by his own father. If he were unable to pass, he would be separated from this nightmare. However, this caused a kneejerk reaction from his father, who was certain to make him bring up his borg. And mid-cast, he was stopped by the other magicians who were stunned that he would treat a defenseless boy like that.

From there, they simply let Dylan roam the great plains with enough rations to make it to Balbaad. At least now he was free from his own nightmare. But now... he would share his way of life with the rest of the world.

Role-Play Sample: x

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  • Primary - Magician [D]
  • Secondary - Warrior


3 Trait Points
Rukh Vision

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D-tier Abilities

Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Supplementary
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Dylan must aim his fist at the object and chant 4 syllables.
Scaling: Strength (Damage)
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Magoi

    Dylan creates an extension of his grasp, that is manifested in strength magic. The fist is transparent but clearly distorts the vision through it. It can lift things up with up to D-tier strength moving them up to 10 meters. Any resistance breaks the grasp.

Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must hold his fist up, keeping the scythe off the floor, and chant 2 syllables. Must utilize his other hand to control the magic.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Magoi

    Dylan creates an image of the hand opposite of the one holding his scythe in strength magic. The hand is transparent but clearly distorts the vision through it. Each action the copied hand makes, is mirrored by the spell, capable of dealing D-tier damage.

Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Supplementary
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Dylan must point his scythe at his target(s), then chant 3 syllables.
Scaling: Amount of Targets (Hits)
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Magoi

    Dylan Peak points at his target with his scythe, able to do a swinging motion that points to all of his targets if casting upon multiple people. After chanting, all of his targets rise up 10m. Any actions will break the spell.

Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Defensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must hold the scythe parallel to the floor
Scaling: Length and width are increased by 2M every 10 magoi infused (AoE)
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Magoi

    Dylan creates a wall of strength magic 5M away from his scythe, parallel to it. The wall is transparent, but everything seen through it is distorted. The wall measure 3M long by 3M wide. It is capable of blocking up to D-tier damage.

C-tier Abilities

Tier: C
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Long Range
Requirements/Drawbacks: Dylan must raise his scythe above his head, perpendicular to the floor, then speak a 3 syllable chant. Then swing his scythe
Scaling: Hits
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20 Magoi

    After Dylan swings his scythe, a blast of magoi in the shape of his scythe's blade, shoots out in the same angle as the casting slash. They are transparent, but they distort the images seen through them. If more than one, they run parallel to each other, 1M apart. They travel up to 15M away. Each is capable of dealing C-tier damage.

B-tier Abilities

A-tier Abilities

Omega-tier Abilities

Beast Abilities

Djinn Related Abilities

Social Abilities

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Peak Vault SiFiu0w
Name: Holy Scripture
Tier: B
Type: Magic Tool
Magic Type: Holy ( Light + Life )
Appearance: A book measuring 8CM by 12CM by 2CM. The book has an extra fold to be used as cover. It has black straps and has many ornate depictions on it's cover, and comes with a single white feather. There are two magic circles, one on the inside and another on the outside of the front cover.

  • Recite the Verse - Speaking a Torran phrase on the inside cover and infusing magoi into the book, the user hears an angelic chorus until his next successful strike, the user healing equal to the damage dealt, up to B-tier. Must be able to speak Torran. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Peak Vault 1-140I0223124
Name: Desert Prophet
Tier: A
Type: Advanced Staff
Magic Type: Dehydration [Heat+Wind]
Appearance:  This magic staff is 152 centimeters in length the pole 132 centimeters and the ring 20 centimeter in length, being 5 centimeters in width. The staff is simply black with the dazzling gold on the top and bottom giving it a look of elegance.

  • Huja - The user creates a cyclone of dehydrating air 5m in height and 1m in width. The cyclone travels up to 40m, when it hits a target it explodes in size becoming 25m tall and 10m wide, sucking the water out of anything caught up in dealing A-tier dehydration damage. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Peak Vault 012a61cd3bbcfc6f9056a3f2fa2f1a96
Name: Prada
Tier: D
Material: Hickory / Iron
Appearance: A scythe with a nib. A curved hickory shaft, measuring 150cm with a handle of hickory in the center, measuring 15cm, and a curved blade of iron at the end, measuring 60cm.


Name: Journey Book to Zadi and Lilithia
Type: Notebooks
Magic Type: Communication [Light + Clairvoyance]
Appearance: A set of two leather-bound journals filled with pages.

  • The two notebooks are linked using a combination of Clairvoyance magic, which communicates the message from one book to the other, and Light magic, which gives the illusion of the other notebook receiving the message. Can be used to communicate over vast distances. Anything written in one book will “appear” in the other book.

*This does not take up any of your item/weapon slots

Shard of Solomon from Dylan Peak
Shard of Solomon from Farid Issah

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