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Flubber [Job | Ariel]

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1 Flubber [Job | Ariel] on 01/03/17, 11:47 pm

Job Details:
Job Name: Magic Gone Wrong III
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Rewards: 200 XP/15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Magic Gone Wrong II
Job Overview: The magic students have been having a bit too much fun creating life constructs and are causing a commotion in the West side of the city. Take down the creatures and the teachers will reward you.

Enemy Name: Blubber x4
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: These 2m tall blobs deal C-tier blunt damage by jumping on people and move at 10m/s.
Rolling Blob – Using their weight as a weapon, the Blubbers roll in a chosen direction for 5 meters at 15 m/s, dealing C-tier damage to anything in its path.
Unsteady Footing – Jumping up and slamming its body weight down, Blubbers cause anyone in a 5 meter radius to stumble and fall.

Morning! The lure of the new day filled Reed with such potent energy that his body shot up in bed hours before he intended to wake up. He looked around, racing with surges of adrenaline he typically rarely felt. Perhaps today was a special day for this? He always hit such significant bursts of energy from time to time. He never knew what caused it, or why it happened, but he was grateful that he would get these brief moments of unadulterated...happiness. He showered, did an extensive morning routine of hygiene (a welcome addition as he had been running late for the past two weeks), and playing some music to set his mood for the day. He thought about his plans, about how the morning sun shone so perfectly into his room. He felt so inspired he decided would paint. He never really painted before but he felt so inspired that he grabbed a few brushes and set up shop at a table by the window. Perhaps it was the sun, or the fact that he woke up with an incalculable amount of energy, but what he accomplished was absolutely brilliant. It looked, objectively, like utter trash, but in Reed's sun-fueled, mildly-crazed fit of inspiration, it looked like a beautiful painting revered by every high-brow art critic in the land. He was so proud that he hung up this lovely painting in his room, pleased with himself. He did feel especially arrogant today...or was it confidence? Regardless, it was a welcome confidence he rarely had, so he was just running with it, at least for the time being. He was fully refreshed and ready to go, and what better way than to go out and spend it doing something productive. Reed darted out of the halls and wandered the academy trying to find his friend Ariel's friend room to drag him along to do this mission. He was filled with a zeal that oozed out from every pore in his body. There was a constant stimulation from the environment around him--it was one of those rare moments when Reed felt truly alive and at his creative best. He finally found what he thought was Ariel's room and banged on the door.

"Hey! Ariel! Hey! Wake up! I have a mission for us! Are you up!?" Reed banged on the door for a few more minutes before an unfamiliar, very disgruntled student slapped Reed across the voice and pointed to another door in the hallway, which Reed could only presume was Ariel's actual room. This time, Reed knocked politely on the door, though at a very rapid pace, asking for his friend to awaken.

"Ariel! I assume you're awake! If you're not in your room then I figure you're at Schwartz? Okay! If you're not in your room, don't say anything for five minutes? I'll count in foot taps!" Reed yelled, definitely waking up the entire corridor. Reed continued to tap his feet, tapping approximately fifty taps per minute as he waited for his friend to hopefully open the door. Unfortunately, Reed couldn't do this job all by himself, so he was really banking on the black magician's help. His freshly washed hair fell perfectly on his face, and in a mirror in the hallway, he caught a glimpse of his own perfection. He gave himself a sheepish smirk and winked at himself in the mirror while waiting. He did lose count of his taps, however, so restarted his tapping in hopes that maybe the extra time with give Ariel extra time to open the door and go with him to start the mission!

Word Count: 606/1500


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2 Re: Flubber [Job | Ariel] on 06/03/17, 04:17 am




- [ Leo De Dei Montem De Dei ] -

[ magoi: 320 ]
[ stamina: 130 ]


As usual, he awoke before dawn. The sun had yet to even begin rising. Even so, his light eyes gleamed brightly. The moon's light bounced into the small window in his equally small room. He did not mind the tiny space. He appreciated it, actually. As a slave, he never had his own sleeping quarters to himself. All the slaves were shoved into one, small room far away from the main quarters. Obviously, most slaves withered away in the harsh living conditions. He remembered not a single window ever in the slave quarters. And since they never had the time to clean their own quarters, dirt gathered in tremendous amounts. But the only time they were in their sleeping quarters was at night when they were weary and exhausted. They -  or at least he - consequently, never noticed the progressing build up of dirt.

He lifted his upper body, against the weary feeling driving him down. He stared at the walls dazedly. Moments passed. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. He swayed. His eyes came to life. They flickered as if wondering, 'where was he?' He lifted his hands and gazed down at his wrists. He smiled ruefully, recalling the chains which once barred him from moving effectively. He remembered the marks the chains left behind. They had faded by now but the memory lingered. Even so, sometimes his mind would play tricks on him and he would see chains or dark marks on his wrists and ankles. In the back of his mind, he recognized the illusion. But in the moment, it caused a non-thinking panic. It disturbed him after the moment. He hated how his mind thought so hard about those times, it even created a simulation of his experiences.

He climbed out of his bed. That was another thing slaves were not provided with. That woman certainly spoiled him. He recalled the first time he slept on a bed as a little boy. He absolutely delighted in the luxury. The cover's measly warmth seemed like a blessing to him. Though he missed the warmth provided by his family, the blanket did well enough to substitute. He moved his hand across the sheets, remembering that feeling he had when he first encountered a bed. Confusion, wonder, then glee. Jumping on beds, he found, was fun. His eyes twinkled wistfully. His innocence conjured jealousy and anger. He found it unfair. Ridiculous. Upsetting. The summary of life, he supposed. He grimaced. Why was today he in such a remembering mood?

He swooped through his morning procedures swiftly, refusing to connect anything more with his childhood. He snatched the hair tie from his desk and tied his hair up quickly. He changed from his nightgown into his usual clothes. He hurriedly slipped into his only pair of shoes. On his way out, he pulled his coat over him and grabbed his hat. He sped through the hallways, in search for Schwartz. In all honesty, he did not think the young professor was actually awake. Which was why he sought out Schwartz's room. Yes, waking up people - especially before the sun had risen - was rude. However, he felt a strong urge to talk with Schwartz. He most definitely did not plan to chat for his own pleasure. Anything to do with Schwartz seemed like a miserable prospect to him. But he needed answers to his questions. Not from Schwartz, but from Reed.

Having already rudely barging into Schwartz's room before, he headed confidently to his destination. Not much to Ariel's surprise, the path to the secretive bastard's room winded through the halls in a confusing order of turns. Though Ariel's memory was sharp, it was not perfect. It took him a few trips down the wrong path before he finally found his way. At least he had traveled the path before or otherwise he would have been completely turned around. He rounded the corner to a single door. Without hesitation, he flung the door open. Just as he had expected, the old man had not risen yet. He glanced out the window. The sun still struggled to rise, it seemed. Speaking of struggling to rise... Ariel sighed. Obviously, Schwartz was not a morning person. How he managed to wake up so early yesterday could not even be comprehended by Ariel. Or perhaps he had just stayed up that late.

"Oy! Old man! Wake up already!" he snapped impatiently.

A sigh escaped almost unnoticeably from Schwartz. Not too surprising, Ariel caught the soft sound. For he shouted indignantly, "Don't you go pretending you're asleep! I know you're not!"

"Brat. Go away. Let me sleep."

Ariel glared disgustedly at the sleeping form. He pulled the sheets off and dropped them on the floor. Two eyes opened. They glared at the insolent 'brat' with a look promising a slow and painful death one of these days. Equally irritated eyes stared back at Schwartz's brown ones. For the second time that day, he sighed. Rather grudgingly, he pulled himself up into a sitting position.

"I know you don't come to me simply to talk. So what do you want?"

"It isn't what I want, it's what that kid - Reed, I believe is his name - wants."

"Why are you coming to me? Is it truly something your magnificence can not do yourself?"

"It requires your involvement." He sourly glared to the side.

"Do you mind elaborating?"

"He wants you to teach him."


"I know you don't - wait what? Seriously!?"

"Why are you so surprised? I'd like to know more about this kid whom you're willing to put a word in and who can actually work with you."

"What-! Why you!"

"Now go away! Let me sleep the rest of the night away!"

Since he had no other reason to stay awake, he decided he might rest his head. Out of kindness, he picked up the sheets and threw them on the bed. He grumbled an irritated 'goodnight' before slamming his way outside Schwartz's room.

Once he reached his room, settled in, and had just begun to drift into the realm of dreams... God, that kid could be loud when he wanted to be! He shut his eyes tight and placed a pillow over his head. Specifically, he covered up his ears, bothered by the tapping sound. The sound it created tore his ears apart. It was just... terrible! He stood it for about a few minutes before losing control of his temper. He rolled furiously out of his bed and shoved the door open. His foul mood promised a terrifying death. He hissed threats under his breath, but understanding Reed's purpose, he immediately turned towards the path to the entrance of the academy. A few students gravitated away from Ariel, recognizing they would be better off and uninjured if they stayed out of the black magician's way.


verbum comitem
[ mcxdi // ml ]
word count [ 1141 // 1500 ]


Planetary Aligner:

Name: Planetary Aligner
Tier: A
Type: Advanced Wand
Magic Type: Strength
Appearance: A 50 cm long, 15 cm wide wand. The design is that of a solitary, blue orb that looks like it's distorting gravitational waves in the shape of a spiral.

  • Planet Juggling - The user feeds magoi into the wand and says "orbit". The ground around the user then starts shifting and warping, eventually shaping into 4 spheres that vary in size between .5 meters and 1 meter. The spheres then orbit around the user at a leisurely pace. If the user decisively points the wand at a target, one or more of the spheres will fling itself towards that target up to 20 meters away. The number of spheres flung depends on the user's will. Each sphere is capable of dealing C-tier damage upon impact, even when orbiting the user. 10 magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.


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3 Re: Flubber [Job | Ariel] on 06/03/17, 06:47 pm

"Ariel! You're awake! Thank goodness, I was going to walk downt o Schwartz's office to see if you were there already because you didn't answer your door AND I feel like the people also living on this corridor would have stormed out and threatened to kill me because I was being a little loud BUT I am so glad that you're out AND--hey! Ariel! Where are you going? Are you going toward the next mission? I mean do you know where it is? We should be heading to the west side of the city where I believe these odd, bubbling creatures are roaming the streets AND--Ariel!--Ariel! If you keep walking away I can't talk efficiently!" Reed babbled, his mouth firing off information at rapid speed. He watched as students veered out of Ariel's way as the black magician stormed down the halls, clearing a path by just sheer intimidation and facial expressions alone. Reed offered a friendly nod or smile to people he passed, as if that was a way to assuage the students' worries about why his friend was in such a bad mood. There was a particular level of excitement Reed felt that he hadn't in a long time. Usually, he'd entered into one of these moods where the world would move at hyper speed and his body would adapt to keep up. Everything would stimulate him at once--the sun, the breeze, the sounds of people nearby--it was like being in a state of constant stimulation and the only thing to do was to experience it all. Ariel's gait was firm, polished, and precise as he weaved through the halls of the academy. Finally, Reed caught up to his companion and perhaps at least this time he could fill him in on the details of the mission.

"Whew! Finally, I caught up to you--ok! It looks like some students started whipping up life magic constructs in the west side of the city but there should only be four of them so I don't think it'll give us much trouble. I was thinking we could team up and go for them? I know you're super strong and all but I really think I can fare well in kicking their butt!" The academy exit loomed just ahead of them as the two boys edged closer to the entrance to the city. Seeing this as his opportunity to impress his magician friend--and be noticed by professor Schwartz--Reed took off ahead, giving Ariel a confident smirk as he ran into the west side of the city, his wand held firmly in his right hand.

Reed entered the west side of the city, scanning every nook and cranny for signs of the abominations. He hoped to hear some squelching or even weird, bubbling noises around the corner so he could jump out and launch a surprise attack on the enemy like some sort of high profile assassin. Instead, noticing where the bubblers were was far more simplistic, as two of them were huddled together in the middle of the west side, where Reed did not want to assume this was the case but it looked most probably the case that they were attempting to mate. A slight twinge of regret swept over Reed as he thought about eliminating the creatures, but the type of 'mating' these creatures were to do would be the equivalent of some asexual reproduction of themselves and cause more of the bubblers to wreak havoc on the city until it was OVERRUN with disgusting fluid. Reed wasn't quite strong enough to wipe out two at once, so he opted for a strategic approach. At just enough range away from the bubblers, they had yet to notice his presence. Reed began to wave his wand in the air, conducting the sound rukh to flutter and vibrate, creating a cacophony of noise around him, before pointing his wand at the bubbler with his back (?) facing toward Reed.

"Goodbye...Cadenza!" Reed chanted, and the burst of sound soared through the sky, piercing the bubbler through the center of its body, eradicating the beast and watching as guck and slime splattered all around it. The remaining bubbler looked upon Reed's face in horror and rolled away, the squelching sound of water against solid surface echoing around the town. Reed merely laughed and followed the beast, unimpressed with his horrendous ability to retreat from anything. Suddenly, the beast turned around and faced Reed, and then it became clear that the creature was only gaining distance in order to launch an attack back at Reed with exponentially more power. The blubber charged at Reed with impressive speed, zipping toward him like a powerful creature unknown to whatever the likes Reed has seen. Feeling no (little) fear, Reed held his ground, commanding the rukh around his wand to vibrate rapidly and take shape.

"Here goes nothing...Volante!" Reed's wand glowed green and extended in shape, like the might lance of a fabled dragoon. The blubber leapt from the ground and went to strike at Reed, coming into contact with Reed's borg and shattering the barrier, leaving no damage to Reed. Wasting no time in the scuffle, Reed charged forward at the life construct, and piercing through the center of its 'head' with his magical weapon, cleaving the creature in two. A flawless victory! Reed looked around for his companion, hoping Ariel was still making his way into the city.

"Oy! Ariel! I got one! Look at me! Did you see me? Definite improvement right? I've been practicing for the second Kodor exam! I think I might take it with flying colors!" He gloated, running back to where the west side met the entrance of the academy in hopes of meeting up with Ariel and taking out the remaining two blubbers himself as well. Understanding that the fight with the life constructs was not over, Reed had sustained his spear of sound, utilizing the full power of Volante in case any more enemies should appear before Ariel had the chance to meet him.

Word Count: 1667/500
Magoi: 210/260

Abilities Used:

Tier: C
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must wave wand/conduct the spell.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20

Reed uses his wand to conduct and manipulate the sound rukh around him, forming a 10cm missile of sound that fires off up to 15m away from him for C-tier damage.

Tier: C
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must hold wand vertically in front of him
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 | 10

Using the power of sound rukh, Reed manipulates the rukh around his wand to vibrate, making the rukh visible in the image of a war pike, extending his wand to 1m in length and 15cm in width, capable of dealing C tier damage. The spear may be held for two posts, unless it has dealt damage, which when it will deactivate.


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4 Re: Flubber [Job | Ariel] on 09/03/17, 11:02 am


Usually, he would have countered with a witty remark. He did not this time. It was not like he was in a particularly kind mood - actually, the opposite was true - and if Reed had not taken off so quickly, he would have gouged Reed's overly cheerfulness with a salty reply. As things went, he never even had the chance to do so. He swore someday the energetic green magician would die of his own stupidity. He would probably delve straight into shark infested waters someday, not even bothering to look before he jumped. Then he would either drown or be eaten by a shark and that would be the end of Reed Harper. Considering how fool-hardedly Reed acted, always jumping into the burning kettle, and how he came out mostly unscathed Ariel would never understand, it would be a mircile in itself if Reed managed to live to thirty. He gave Reed a year or two before he jumped down a bottomless pit of trouble, never to be seen again.

He, in his great and wonderful mood, stood by. He hoped to himself Reed would get himself killed. If the brat did survive, he would gladly kill Reed himself. He was not cruel. He would not kill Reed literally. Rather, he would shoot him with a barrage of angry words. Although, the pen - words - was said to be sharper than the edge of a sword. So perhaps lectures were crueler than death. Even so, Ariel was not cruel per say, but he was in a cruel mood. So perhaps a long, winding lecture concerning something called the application of common sense and self-preservation would fit Ariel's mood anyway. He impatiently stared out into the horizon. He felt boredom, that tiresome feeling of not doing anything, creeping up on him. He hoped Reed would hurry back soon. He would find it troublesome if he had to go after Reed because the green magician had disappeared for too long.

Much to his annoyance, Reed merely came rushing back, just as bouncy as ever. Oh yeah, and with his weird magic sword thing too. He chatted relentlessly. He jumped around cheerfully. Basically, he did everything that in any normal mood, Ariel would tolerate. But he was not in a normal mood. Rather, in a truly miserable mood. He placed a hand on Reed's shoulder to keep the hyper magician from moving around too much. He stared directly at Reed, hoping Reed would interpret the message in Ariel's annoyed and angry eyes. Just in case otherwise, he opened his mouth to start off ranting.

"What the hell!? Oh yes, I'm sure you'll pass the 2nd Kodor if you manage to live that long! What the hell screams smart about rushing into a stupid battle you've got the odds of a winning!? Someday you're going to get yourself killed because you just rush and don't even think about the consequences-!" His eyes drifted to the side and suddenly, he stopped snapping at Reed. He moved his had with his wand past Reed, staring at two, weird, glob-like creatures. "Orbit," he whispered, careful to not startle the strange, green things. He could only assume those creatures were their targets. In succession, two balls of strength magic flung speedily towards the creatures.

Pause. He glanced back at Reed. "We really need to take care of those four brats," he grumbled.

Magoi: 300
Stamina: 155


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5 Re: Flubber [Job | Ariel] on 09/03/17, 04:43 pm

Reed was taken aback by the black magician's lecture. The audacity! Before Reed could whip around with his own lecture, Ariel whipped out two black orbs toward the remaining two globs, disintegrating the beasts in quick and easy fashion. Such power--Ariel was a formidable magician indeed.

"You can't contain someone's joy and creative process when they're in a mood like mine! It's like everything is so vibrant today--everything is so alive! I truly felt like the sun was brighter, the sky was more blue, the ground was...more can't not rush into the fray and explore the world for what it is! And that includes taking risks!" Reed explained, getting his piece in. Seeing as though only two of the blobs remain, he felt it should be Ariel's plan to dispose of the creatures.

"So, um, do you have a plan for what you're doing later? If you're not doing anything, we could always...hang out?" Reed was still quite animated, but he muted his excitement just a little bit so as to not seem to opposite Ariel's mood today. It was rare that Reed was up but he never liked being down, so he understood that sometimes people need a little solidarity when they're down. Still, Reed was touched that Ariel cared so much for his well-being, even if the black magician did have an odd way of showing it. He smiled at his companion and held out his hand forward, as if to usher Ariel to take the lead in walking to wherever.

"After you! That is of course if you'd like to do something? Perhaps another job?"

Word Count: 1500+/1500


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