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Dylan recruits for Gao Yuan Zu [Solo/Job/Event]

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Job Name:Making troops
Job Rank:D-tier
Job Location:Kou
Job Rewards: 50xp / 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites:-
Job Overview: To be able to gain more advantage in the upcoming civil war, Gao Yuan Zu thinks it is better to recruit more soldier. Help the emperor to strengthen his armies by recruiting 50 soldiers and you will be rewarded! *+1 influence to Gao Yuan Zu*

Dylan Peaks had gotten some experience in recruiting people to his causes, but now he would have to try to pass himself as someone else and he wouldn't be able to be seen recruiting for Yoshiro and Gao Yuan in the same turf, without easily being recognized as some sort of turncoat which would be horrible for his reputation.

It had seemed that most of the people of Kou had decided to support Gao Yuan, for exactly what he was studying, a cultural difference between Yoshiro's new rule and the way of life of Gao Yuang's traditional style was very easy for people to adapt to. They hated what Yoshiro had done to strip away the culture of war and slavery, two central pillars to their way of life.


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Dylan had spent several days researching the laws of the land and these laws went hand in hand with the cultural norms of Kou, which was to be expected. It seemed as if the tide was in Gao's favor as many people supported his cultural norms, to maintain slaves and to fight. It seemed as the general populace of Kou would side with him without much prompting.

The people that would side with Gao Yuan would be the normal population. People who have lived here for years, people who have prospered under Gao Yuan's rules and those with traditional values who would not stand to see Yoshiro who had killed his own family to get ahead in life.With these thoughts fresh in his mind, he could quite literally choose just about any location and start recruiting.



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Dylan had gotten himself informed about where people were holding rallies about the war. He had to reach the people who hadn't already decided to come of their own will. He would have to inspire even more people to rally for Gao Yuan. It was likely that most people who were willing to support Gao Yuan were already apart of his army, since they would follow that militant life style and be share the opinions of Gao Yuan much like a war hawk.

Dylan would simply show up in the most active centers of the Kou villages, and beckon people to come out an investigate what was going on. Once he had a chance to speak, he would lure them in like a siren with fear tactics.



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As he approached a main square full of average people, people who have had their family in the kou military for generations and generations, a few of the aristocrats and some farmers who were pretty much dependent on slave labor to maintain their wealth.

"How can we deny Gao's right to rule? Our parents and their parents have supported his authority for time and time again. He also is a provoker. He's only changing the status of slaves to steal wealth from those who have it and to spit on our tradition to prove to the world he has conquered the will of the Kou people. Rise against!"


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