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Yoshiro is a Weakling [ Solo Job ]

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1 Yoshiro is a Weakling [ Solo Job ] on 01/03/17, 12:24 am

Job Name: Infantry!
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 100 XP | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview:
Both Emperor Yoshiro and Gao Yuan Zu have been actively recruiting soldiers to their respective sides. You hear of the recruitment process and decide to join one of the sides, however you must first go through some basic training before you are ready to face the enemy! Report to the Guard Captain of your chosen side to start your training and before part of the Infantry! *+2 influence to the side you choose to join*

Enemy Name: Footsoldiers x4
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description:These men hardly look like seasoned warriors, in fact they seem to be fresh off the farm! They hold their wooden swords in a sloppy stance as they face you in mock combat!
Slash ~ using the wooden training sword the footsoldier slashes at you aggressively, dealing D rank damage.
Defend ~ the footsoldier uses the small makeshift shield to block your attack!

Anyone who knew Aquila half as much as they thought they did might be surprised that this cheerful, confident, and brazen young woman would join forces with Yoshiro. It seemed more reasonable to think she would prefer Gao over his son. It seemed even more reasonable to think she would join neither, being a neutral watching the chaos with glee. And even if she did assume a side, joining its army was an absolute not happening sort of situation. How could free-spirited, wild, crazy, Aquila become a soldier? Anyone who knew Aquila half as much as they thought they did knew she liked to do things her own way. No way in hell she'd ever consort to the uniform standards soldiers applied to themselves. It just was not possible. It had to be a joke!

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But it was not a joke. Unfortunately. Or, not unfortunately now, while she had yet to join the army. When she did, it would be unfortunate for whoever would act as her authorities. Aquila was a difficult little subordinate. Mainly because humility was not a trait she had. And, well, she sort of considered the whole entire humanity her subordinates. Certainly, they could not just go around and boss her. After all, the world should be bowing down to her right now. She was its rightful queen. Not that everyone agreed with her, but that could only be expected of stupid servants. It just meant she had to prove that she rightfully owned the throne over the entire world. And yes, she would have fun proving it. Lots and lots of fun.

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She decided she would first infiltrate the ranks of Yoshiro. She would turn his army into a chaotic mess. Well, not at first. At first she would help his pitiful army rid Gao. With Yoshiro's father dead - he had better really be dead, for real, this time - she would turn soldier upon soldier and uproot Yoshiro's army. At the same time, she would gather her own set of followers. She would cultivate her own army. Carefully, of course. When Yoshiro's army was rendered useless, she would call her followers to her side and take over the capitol of Kou from inside. They wouldn't even know what hit them, too busy arguing and being stupid. Oh the fun she'd have! Oh yeah, she would have so much fun.~

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She strutted confidently right into Yoshiro's army's camp. She even had the audacity to just barge into the Guard Captain's tent. She did not consider it audacity really. Audacity would be if they refused her. She had every right dammit to barge in. Hell, she was their queen! They had no choice! She was the born ruler of the world! Of course she could just barge in like it was nothing. The Guard Captain would disagree - and he did - but eh, she didn't give a damn. Actually, she was pretty tempted to beat him up right and take his position. But it would be suspicious so she restrained herself. Surprise, surprise, she could restrain herself. She could, she just never did.

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"Eh!? You want to join Yoshiro's forces!?" The Guard Captain stared at her in amazement. He wondered who this woman was. Strutting like she owned the place! How dare she! This woman did not seem like the fighting type. Rather, she seemed like the type who just wanted to flirt and get some boys. But Yoshiro needed all the help they could get... But the army also did not need some slutty foreigner! But what if she could truly help fight? What if she really did want to help Yoshiro's cause... In that case, she could do stuff women were supposed to do! Like, like, cook! And, you know, clean! Alright, that was settled then. He would employ her as a cook and a cleaner and that sort. The camp certainly needed those sort of people...

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"Well, we do need a cook and a cleaner around the camp- Gah!"

He dodged rather dramatically as a punch came his way. He shivered visibly under Aquila's angry gaze. He smiled fearfully.

"No wonder Yoshiro's cause is so... Unpopular. He has a doofus for Guard Captain. Listen up and I'll try to put this into words an uneducated little shit like you could understand. I. Am. Not. Your. Cook. Or. Cleaner. I. Will. Fight. Surely that was clear enough even for someone like you to understand, right?" She hissed.

"Of course! I understand perfectly well!"

"Good. Now, I will join your ranks and you will stop. Being. A. Sexist. Ass."

"I get it! I get it!"

"Okay~ Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to show everyone else: I'm serious."

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"So, um, you want to join our troops, miss?"

"That's right!"

"Ha ha ha! That's the funniest joke I've ever heard. Alright. But you'll have to go through some basic training first. Come here, boys! Let's show the pretty lady some hospitality, eh?"

"Funniest... Joke? You think... I'm joking, mister asshole? Don't be stupid. Or confident. You won't last a moment against me... Come on now, I want to see how hard this 'training' is."

"Tch, I hate women like you."

"Excuse me?"

"Thinking they rule the world..."

"I do."

"Heh, women like you need to remember their place!"

"Men like you need to die~"

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"Don't be so confident!" Swish. A sword came at her from behind. Aquila twirled around and... Chop! She brought her blade down upon the wooden sword. The wooden sword broke, rendering it useless. She grinned devilishly. "I do hope you know how to use your fists properly," she purred.

She brought her back leg forward, simultaneously twisting her foot and hips to one side. Her back leg naturally flung to the soldier's side, hitting him hard. He collapsed. She laughed. "Oh man, you guys are just newbs trying to pick on other people whom you think are... weak. That's pitiful, you know? You attacked from behind... Don't you know that's a very... unhonorable move? Aren't you cows all about honor and tradition?"

"Did... You just call us cows? Damn you, disrespectful bitch!"

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The man who spoke came charging at Aquila from behind. She smirked. Just as his sword could land a blow on her, she spun around his path and behind him. She plunged her dagger into his back. "Sorry, I can't help myself when you're so..." She yanked her dagger out of his back, and in the process, pushed him down. "Easy to tip~"

She was not prepared for another soldier to fly at her. This time, her reaction time was too slow. The aggressive slash his her face, creating a bruise.

"Resistance? Against me? Alright! You'll be a wonderful example!" She laughed heartily. She flew at him. Quickly, he brought his makeshift shield out. That was okay. She just rammed her body into him, and as he tried to regain his balance with Aquila leaning on him, she jabbed at his side. She was not done. He grabbed onto her in a mad attempt to keep his balance. As a result, she kicked his knees. Hard. He fell, the pain in his knees overwhelming. "Stupid," she whispered, "I'll make an example out of you."

She yanked his head up forcefully and brought her dagger down. He yelled, frantically trying to cover his injured, left eye. "That's good enough for now~" she chirped, before throwing him down.

"Okay! Whose next?"

No one made a move for a moment. Then one soldier came at her. He aimed for her head. At the last moment, she moved slightly out of the way. Slightly to the side of the soldier now, she immediately brought her legs up and kicked him in the ribs. No one else felt like fighting her after that.

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