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Dylan recruits for Yoshiro [Solo/Job/Event]

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Job Name:Building a Force
Job Rank: D-tier
Job Location:Kou
Job Rewards:50xp / 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites:-
Job Overview:To be able to gain more advantage in the upcoming civil war, Emperor Yoshiro thinks it is better to recruit more soldier. Help the emperor to strengthen his armies by recruiting 50 soldiers and you will be rewarded! *+1 influence to Yoshiro*

Now that Dylan was a lot more familiar with Kou, such as the history and the heart of the matter around the civil war. The history of yoshiro and Gao Yuan wasn't a fresh wound, but it was most certainly interesting. If he could pin both of them and recruit more people to both sides, there would be less neutral participants spared, which means less forces in the country to oppose a new regime. It was quite a simple tactic, but the trick was actually getting the work done.

He had decided that it would be easier to try to recruit those who were leaning to Yoshiro because the demographics would be desperate for some saving grace especially considering the tides were turning in favor of Gao Yuan.


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Dylan was well aware that slavery would be abolished under Yoshiro's regime and there would be more peace. People who were anti-war and slaves would be the best people to target for this recruitment process. Any slaves with any will of their own would be compelled to fight, but those who didn't want to fight or war would clearly lose in a battle, since how could most of them challenge the regime change without being labeled hypocrites. Yoshiro no longer needed simply the support of the people, He also needed troops that were willing to fight for him.

The use of slaves was that they were already accustomed to following orders with much respect, meaning it would be easier to field and discipline them creating a much tighter fighting regime.



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Dylan would travel around the cities, figuring out where the slaves like to congregate when they weren't working. It turned out they didn't have much. They would hang in very desolate areas and around very inexpensive restaurants. You could tell the whole neighbor hood was relatively downtrodden, with no one nearby living at an acceptable quality of life. The whole area was a slum, and some slaves happened to just loiter around here. They were miserable but this area was a sort of respite for them despite the circumstances. They would be eating their food, flirting among each other or even lazing about. Things they can't do most of their day, or even most of their life.

Dylan would come prepared, he had prepared a speech and a way to lure them to him as to maintain their cooperation as he would orate to them.



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Dylan would bring an enormous tray of Kou cuisine. Not top notch stuff but definitely stuff that they weren't accustomed. Flavorful plates that would show them what they were missing in life, the basics.

Then he would go on about the life of a slave, to be down trodden and taken advantage of, deprived of the basics of living life. And if they were to side with Yoshiro, they too would be able to relax and afford such luxuries such as these and afford to have some time off, and improve their lot in life.

Of the hundreds of people there, and several meetings he had done throughout the day around numerous spots, he had gotten about 50 people to join, now he would simply refer them to the recruiters to get them  part of the working staff.



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