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Senior Citizen Rally [w/ Tenma]

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1 Senior Citizen Rally [w/ Tenma] on 28/02/17, 11:40 pm

Job details:

Job Name: Dystopian Troubles
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 200 XP | 15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: The great nation of Kou has been torn apart by the civil war. Her citizens have had enough with the violence and despair. Starving and diseased, they began rising up against the very soldiers that once protected them. Will you decide to stop them or aid them in their revolt? *+3 influence to Yoshiro if you help the soldiers. +3 influence to Gao Yuan Zu if you help the people.*
Enemy Details:

Enemy Name: Kou Citizens (x10)
Rank: C-Tier
Needed damage to take down: C-Tier
Description: The distressed people of Kou whom are equipped with pitchforks, basic swords, and other household items. While they are weak, they can be overwhelming and fast.
Strike, Stab, Pummel ~ A citizen will retaliate against their target. They will use whatever weapon they have at their disposal to deal C tier damage.
Fight as One ~ The citizens will begin to attack their target all at once. Dealing C tier damage multiple times with their various weapons.

It's been a month since he visited the hospital and had that double impale happen alongside one another day after day. Times haven't been difficult, but many on the outside of comfort could contest a lot for how nobles act during these times. Letting go of previous thoughts old friends surfaced his eyes with the memories. It wasn't too long ago that he had been in Magnostadt and he missed the breeze on the farm, thinking back he truly misses it, but he knows he can't return or won't be able to return if he can't escape Ting's clutch. Thinking about betrayal Aseo, could feel the heat of her wrath coming down upon him these plans would need to be secretive about if every placed into motion. More importantly he may need to make friends of people who can be trusted and told such heavy information if every need to be told. Getting back to reality he needed to help himself to braiding, dressing, than going for his morning meal to top off leaving later to help control rallies. First thing first was getting his behind from the sheets of his silk covers and over into the mirror.

Gripping an pin and tangling his hands around the long strands of hair he begun to work. Running his hands smoothly through each strand, he gripped the entirety of his hair up into the air, then coiled it around on top of each other. Using one long pale tone-colored pin to stick through it keeping It afloat. A medium portion of the hair was left in which Aseo balled up to set in the middle of the coil part sticking the second pin through making it stand on his head as he got ready to move from the mirror and into the bathroom. The urge to have to use the restroom came over him as he released his bladder into whatever ( If they had for toilets ), back then. Feeling refreshed he used the watering spot? Using water he could control through magical purposes cleaning his hands than washing his face. Grabbing a toothbrush ( Or the item that would be on par to it ), to brush his teeth making his breath fresh enough to be in front of others even if battle was to come. Walking around the room pacing like he needed to figure out what to wear with little sweat dripping down the side of his jawline in a worry. Searching the whole room to locate his kimono, shuffling about with only the tight sleeveless armor. One leg in the air as he tugged to pull his sleeve like gloves on then finally locating his kimono tossing that over than posing like he accomplished something Aseo, making a lot of ruckus that some servants had to peer in and speak. " Young Master, are you fine? Your meal is awaiting in the dinner room, so once you finish here... um... please come right away. " the servant growing shy almost as Aseo, had a bandage he was wrapping around in his mouth like a kitten. Turning to face the closing door he finished what he was doing and wrapped up again else inside his room.

Heading into the hall of fine arts, trying to figure out which one is which artist and what the meaning is taking his time. Knowing his food could grow cold anymore as it seemed fine to walk, but being in the lifestyle of a noble seemed easy. He's starting to take the benefits for granted because it was just there for him to take. Teasing himself with a grin thinking about how he taken this for granted almost simulated at the moment when he came in front of the doors opening up to the dinner room.

The dining room had about three rows of five tables totaling in fifteen. This must've been the party or ball room they used because of the space it contain. It was glorious to see and clean to the point that even smudging his finger against one table the print didn't appear. Walking along the tables and betweens the rows, following the lead of one servant over to his seat next to the window. Bright sunshine breaking through the pane on down on where his platter sat down on silver dishes were actually here he thought. Steam coming the bottom of the sliver as the breakfast aroma filled the air. " Thank you for the food. I would say your name, but I don't know it sadly. " exactly if he knew the man's name he could properly thank him. Since he couldn't thank him proper he came up with this. " How about y'all eat this helping with me? If my mother came into the room, I'll get her attention from y'all. Please as my thanks. " having a large smile along his face. Some servants quickly shuffled out the room, about three stayed and sat. Two look old and probably retired from their work with gray and black whiskers along their chins and different clothing to differ. One of Aseo's left wore a straw hat like a monk, and grey robes holding a large hermit like cane. While the other the right had just regular Kouian citizen clothing with his hair done back to keep from falling to his eyes and a goatee. The last of the three was a ashen haired women, who seemed to be a guard that accompanied Aseo to the table once he entered the room, her armor shined with purple and lavender colors where metal wasn't.

Waving his hands in the air they all begun to eat the prepare breakfast meal. Aseo learning their names so he would later call upon them if ever needed to be. It seemed to him they could be used later in time keeping his eyes on them with each laughing moment he experienced as the meal came to an end. Leaving from the dining room he found himself entering the carriage about to head too one of those citizen rallies to see how they have became in the pasting days.


Word Count: 1,022/1,500
Magoi: 240/240


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2 Re: Senior Citizen Rally [w/ Tenma] on 01/03/17, 06:30 am

“Caine…” A sweet voice, calling a young boy by his name and gently shook his shoulder to wake him up. However the boy seemed didn’t notice and he kept shutting his eyes, seemed to enjoying whatever dream that he currently had at the moment because the owner of the voice noticed the small smile on the boy’s face. “What a sleepyhead… Noir, be a good sister and try to wake him up?” The woman gently pushed the little girl beside her, encouraging her to approach her brother that was still sleeping soundly under the tree. The golden eyed girl had a blush on her face, possibly due to the hot weather because it was just around the afternoon by the time they got there, but it looked like that she didn’t really mind and smiled sheepishly to her mother. “Why don’t we let him to sleep more, mother? Brother seems tired.” The girl asked her mother with an innocent gaze and cheerful voice as she slowly stepped closer to her brother and sit beside him.

The mother chuckled upon hearing that but would shake her head and pat her daughter’s head, “We need to get ready to greet your father, if your brother is not awake by the time he arrived, father might be upset.” Of course some of it was a lie, she simply said that to encourage the little girl to wake her brother up. But the little girl was buying it and with a panicked expression, she would pounce her brother and slapped his face “W-wake up stooped brodah!” Snots and tears began to decorating her face as she tried her hardest to wake her brother up. But she stopped when she felt the familiar hand petting her head, she looked up and she saw her brother smiling at her before pulling her into a loving hug before everything faded to black. The brother loved his sister so much, so much to the point he wished that time could stop so he wouldn’t lose her when it was time for them to die.

He thought he fell asleep again, because he heard the same sweet voice trying to wake him up. The small hands were sloppily shaking his body and with a smile, he woke up. Everything was pretty much the same, he was under the tree, sitting there as his sister was already on top of him, hugging him tightly. Their house was just several meters away from the tree and perhaps after he refreshed a little bit, three of them would walk together. However the peaceful feeling changed after he cupped his hands on the sister’s cheeks as he noticed her eyes were not golden like usual. It was more like a bloody red and that color gave him gave him a creep because it felt sinister and…somehow uncomfortable.

He carefully called his sister again and tried to stay calm, thinking that it might be just another dream. “Yes?” The little girl answered him back, but she was smiling so wide to the point it could split her face into two. Her small hands was different as well, her fingers had sharp claws and suddenly red tears flow from her eyes. “Khh!” The boy was surprised but he was clever enough to stay calm and he tried to look at his mom, wanting to know what was happening. But she was not the same as well, like her daughter, her eyes were red and her lips was giving him the same sinister smile. His throat felt like being grasped by something as he was unable to speak at all, the words just stuck there and couldn’t come out at all. He began to wonder about this, wishing the nightmare would end soon. He didn’t know what to do at all and he didn’t feel comfortable being near them, but suddenly his sister and his mother vanished. Their body shattered as the wind blew to them, turning them into countless red petals.

The black haired boy gulped but the moment he wanted to stand up and found out what was going on, suddenly the petal was back and whirling around. The whirl became bigger and it revealed a mirror, but the scene depicted in the mirror was something that the boy didn’t expect. There, stood a boy with his height, wearing his clothes but… the expression was the same as his little sister and his mother. His eyes were red, but he was crying blood and the boy in the mirror stared at him with a sinister smile. His feet suddenly brought him forward, stepping closer to the mirror and the moment he got close… suddenly the boy inside the mirror came out. Half of his body was out and he was using his hands to cup the cheeks of the other boy, the strength of the being inside the mirror was enormous and the boy couldn’t escape at all from the grasp. “Ugh, let go of me!” he struggled and touched the hands that now was on his neck, but as soon as he touched it, the hand melted into a red substance similar like blood. “No…escape…” The being said with a laugh, “THERE’S NO ESCAPE FROM YOUR FATE!” the laugh became louder and as the body and the face from the being of the mirror melted, the being said, “The beast… shall be released… don’t conceal it… LET THE BEAST TAINT THE WORLD WITH BLOOD!” and darkness fading in once again…

*Gasp gasp* The black haired man had his eyes wide open and he could feel his body temperature rising because his heart was pumping the blood in his body in a fast pace. He stared at the ceiling with his golden and red eyes, wondering why he had that kind of nightmare. He slowly got up, maneuvering his body to sit up and he would scratch his head as he tried to clear his mind. It was probably obvious though, possibly the meeting with his long lost sister had caused him to have that kind of nightmare. But he could help but felt that the nightmare might be a premonition… or a warning from something that was residing inside him. The beast sounded fine to describe the other entity inside him and Tenma would bring his hand to touch his red eye, muttering ‘the beast’ to himself. The swordsman got up, trying to forget about the nightmare because he knew that it might affect his sanity and another way to help it was to do something else that could make him forget about it for a little bit.

Tao stopped by to see him several minutes after that and informed him about something that he wanted Tenma to investigate. The swordsman had dressed up though so the general wouldn’t be able to see the red eye that was hidden behind his eyepatch, but the moment Tao finished informing him about the mission, the swordsman started to prepare himself and head out to the appointed place. It seemed that there was a rumor about a chance of revolt in certain area of the city and Tenma was more than happy to accept the request. Stopping the citizens to prevent them to harm the soldier would be his mission if the rumor came true, but to know whether or not it was true, Tenma decided to head there as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, it seemed that the revolt was true. The moment he got there several soldiers who were guarding the village was on the ground, seemed to be beaten until they were unconscious. The swordsman sighed and decided to step into the village, noticing how quiet it was. He knew that when he gave the citizens enough range, he would be attacked but that didn’t really scare him. Tenma didn’t even unsheathed his Katana the moment he walked towards the village, wanting to show that he could be confident or even being labeled as an idiot depending on what the hiding citizens though when they saw him like  that. Finally, when Tenma just passed the entrance, around 10 people came out from their hiding and were pointing their weapons towards Tenma. The man stayed quiet but his lips was forming a smirk and he would keep walking to provoke the citizens.

“S-stay back!” One of the man said, he looked nervous but then the man just near from him said, “We are going to kill you if you keep walking!” He also went as far as pointing something that just caught Tenma’s eyes, seemed to be some soldier that was being hanged from the roof although perhaps they might still alive. “If you dare to fight us, the soldiers will be dead too!”

But Tenma ignored him and kept walking, still eager to provoke the citizen to finally lose it and attack him by using their “weapon”. Two of the men finally lose it and he was running towards Tenma, bringing their pitchfork and basic sword to defeat the swordsman. However the swordsman waited until they were in the close range to attack before he kneel down and unsheathed his Katana, skillfully using it to give a rather deep cuts on each men’s abdomen. He would then proceed to punch one of the man’s face and also kick the other man’s abdomen to bring them down. Eight more to go and he could still going for more until he heard a carriage coming over the town and grinned because he decided to run towards the entrance. The citizens who were alarmed decided to chase Tenma, but the swordsman stopped suddenly and made three of them fell while the other five couldn’t suddenly stop running and headed towards the carriage.

The swordsman would then pull one of the fallen men before using his fist to deliver a punch to his face before throwing him away and swing his leg towards the other man who was trying to get up right on his chin. He was pretty fast though as he managed to use his palm to deliver a blow towards the remaining fallen man right on his chest and made him unconscious.

WC: 1698/1500
Stamina/Magoi: 390/210


Name: Myou
Tier: B-Tier
Type: Katana
Material: Tamagahane, a rare steel used to create a super sharp katana. The Saya (sheat) is made of light wood.
Appearance: The sword’s appearance is like a common Japanese sword, the sheath is black colored and it has a silk-cord around it. The sword’s handle is 13 cm in length and the blade itself being 60 cm in length, it makes the total size of the sword become 73 cm. The width of the katana itself is 2.77 cm at the  hilt and 1.69 cm at the tip, the thickness of the katana is 0.65 cm.


Trait Name: Exceptional Strength
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Must be Human or a Magician with a secondary combat class.  
Trait Description: Through extensive training, the character has exceeded the traditional limits of strength for their race.
Trait Effect:The character can now bend steel and shatter iron with their bare hands and deal A-tier damage with their physical strength alone. This level is equal to a B-tier fanalis.

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3 Re: Senior Citizen Rally [w/ Tenma] on 01/03/17, 09:06 am

The carriage moved along the cobbled road heading in the general direction of rally Aseo, dazed by the inside of the carriage looking at the multiple materials used to craft its interior. Intriguing as it is to examine the display tea was needed as none had been served or displayed for him. This could be a moment to learn a little about customs himself and experiment hopefully he doesn't get interrupted by anything. " Hmm, I suppose tea is a mixture of water and whatever ? Those herbs right here are. " eyes looking over the items as one thing was missing and it was the water. Arching his brow he knew the easy solution to that, gripping his cane whipping up water from the air placing it into the pot. " Hmmm. I feel like I'm missing something? How am I supposed to brew this, the water isn't hot... agh... " realizing that he took a fatal break on trying to make this basically putting the water to no use.

" Well this can't get any worse, than what's currently going on. I'll need someone to properly teach me as I want to learn. " jinxing it almost on queue with the carriage coming to a stop? Putting curiosity on his face peering from the window as thudding on the ground could be heard and large strides came hitting against the parked carriage. The tones of people hitting the carriage travelled through and ended with the door opening to see five men with sharp weapons looking scared and ready to strike from pure fear. Having his own wits and precarious position here he hopped back closing the door. Retrieving his cane and tapping the door with it provoking and helping start the beginning of his spell. Water beginning to leak from the floor boards as one men prodded open the door. Water filled the carriage up to Aseo, waist, his cloths stayed dry as it only moved around in a stirring motion. The door cracking open with a band he just laugh as he Scaled, and threw the rushing water towards the five men in their miserable way of trying to enter the carriage forceful. " How troublesome I only came to watch and examine, but the citizens have gotten out of hand. " he mumbled through his mouth as the bodies of the five floated down the receding wave of water unconscious and limb just floating.

Looking down the way his eyes meetings the swordsman. Aseo calmly walked his way over to him seeing in how many other unconscious or dead bodies laid around him. " Nice handy work. You must be a swordsman of the land? Or Just traveling here for work? Hahaha I forgot my manners. Aseo Asehi, at your services and by the looks of it, it seems like you helped out here today. " grinning and smiling looking at Tenma after giving his name with bad formal manners. Forgetting the small amount of teachings he been previously had during his down time.


Word Count: 1,531/1,500
Magoi: 220/220
Ability Used:

{Scaled -> C-Tier}
[center][b]Vandens Kolonėlė[/b][/center]
[b]Tier:[/b] D-Tier
[b]Class:[/b] Magician
[b]Type:[/b] Offensive
[b]Range:[/b] Medium
[b]Requirements/Drawbacks:[/b] Requires the user to tap his staff against the ground.
[b]Scaling:[/b] Damage
[b]Sustain:[/b] 0
[b]Cooldown:[/b] 1 Post
[b]Cost:[/b] 10 Magoi ; 5 Sustain
Using water magic, the user generated a column of spinning water . The water spirals around the caster like a whirlpool crashing toward the opponent from 5 meters away to deal D-Tier damage.[/list]


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4 Re: Senior Citizen Rally [w/ Tenma] on 07/03/17, 11:40 am

Tenma smirked when he saw the rest of the enemies were being beaten by someone from the carriage, amused by the way the man defeated the enemies. His smirk quickly became a smile when the man looked at him and he would raise him hand before waving to Aseo. It seemed that the man was someone who had Kou citizenship judging from his name sound and the carriage that he was in. If not, then Aseo might be someone from Kina because although there was a lot of citizens who had that kind of name here in Kou, the originality was still from Kina. Theory aside, the swordsman decided to play along and chit chat for a little bit, hoping to establish a bond with Aseo if he was willing to do it. “Mikazuki Tenma, pleased to meet you.” He bowed his head for a bit as he placed his left fist on his right chest before continuing, “You can say I am Kou’s swordsman and I was kind of doing a job from someone as well. Thank you for helping me with the job though, I appreciate it.”

He replied to Aseo’s grin with a brighter smile and didn’t bother to find out the meaning of his grin at all. The Katana that he wield was now being sheathed to its own respectable sheathe, of course before he put it back, Tenma already gave it a quick cleaning so the blood wouldn’t stain the sheathe. “So what kind of business that you are planning to do here?”


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5 Re: Senior Citizen Rally [w/ Tenma] on 07/03/17, 07:17 pm

Shaking Tenma's hand the sound of crushing and crushing made by his leather gloves went through the air. His crystal blue babies making contact on the golden gaze of the swordsman, smiling to acknowledge such an honorable person or rather the first person he has met. ' Mikazuki Tenma? ' name sounds foreign enough to even make him wonder how his parents came up with that name. Next couple of answer should be spoken carefully about as he can't uncover himself to anyone 'yet' or it could lead to his own death. Getting the compliment of thanks for helping in what seemed like an bad situation Aseo, gave the regular reply. " Welcome, I didn't mean to stop you from finishing your job. Just can't have citizens running rampant or soldiers turning against the people. " matching the same grin of Tenma, he sort of stiff and not relaxed at this point as his nerves with meeting new people can only Last so long.

" I don't know if business is the correct term, more like a over the shoulder look into the political situation for an meeting. I was on my way, but as you know. " pointing behind and roaming his gaze around indicating the bodies on the ground of some death, and most alive citizens. " I was hopeful planning to get a better understand in my Noble Position. Anyway Mikazuki-San? What has brought you here for this glamorous conversation. "


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6 Re: Senior Citizen Rally [w/ Tenma] on 10/03/17, 11:07 am

Tenma gave the man a chuckle and shook his head, “No, no. Thank you for your assistance really, I really meant it.” He would add a smile right after he finished his words, but it was unknown to Asehi himself that the swordsman was secretly amused because of him. The one eyed man noticed that the magician was stiff, possibly because he was not comfortable meeting other people. Clearly, if what he said about his role as a noble, he should have done a better training to control his own expression when he met new people. But that was not his place to say that, he knew it so the one eyed man stayed quiet and listened tentatively to what Asehi wanted to say.

“Nothing really, I personally think it is good to make new friend. Especially when you don’t mind to have a conversation with me.” When he saw Asehi was roaming his gaze around, Tenma noticed that he had not taken care of the body yet but he could notice some soldier approached the area. “Ahh, they come to clean the mess that we made it seems.” Tenma said in a joking tone and watched as the soldiers began to drag the bodies away.


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7 Re: Senior Citizen Rally [w/ Tenma] on 11/03/17, 11:42 am

He was simply humbled to be thanked by Tenma, even though he was a stranger nevertheless. It seemed both of them had friendly attitudes in this situation of new  acquaintances. Honestly this still felt uncomfortable, but Aseo had to get over that for himself. Crossing his arms and squeezing his biceps as they were squishy. " To tell you honestly, your the first person I've ever spoken too. I'm glad that I have though. " Aseo's noticed Tenma gazed peered over his shoulder just like his own gaze earlier seeing guards drag away the bodies. Further down he Line he saw the carriage men hopping into his seat and waving over to Aseo." Mikazuki-San, are you just a swordsman by chance, or something more? I'm in need of a teacher, if we're ever to become closer friends. " testing the waters to see if he could find a teacher.


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8 Re: Senior Citizen Rally [w/ Tenma] on 12/03/17, 12:24 am

The swordsman’s lips formed a smile and he touched the hilt of his Katana, caressing it a little bit. It was pretty amusing to see a lot of strangers asked him to be their teacher although in Diana’s case it was him who offered the lesson. He wondered what people saw in him but he decided to answer Asehi’s question first. “I choose the path of swords, but I took a liking to some unorthodox weapons as well.” A faint laugh escaped his lips and he tilted his head, smirking towards the noble man. “Is it that hard to find a teacher for a noble like yourself? Growing up as a noble in this kind of country would make your parents provide you one or am I wrong?” He said it playfully while his smirk was still attached to his lips. Depends on his answer, Tenma would decide whether or not he would agree to train him.


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9 Re: Senior Citizen Rally [w/ Tenma] on 12/03/17, 01:32 am

Arms crossed. He was amused for the moment, but wasn't sure what about. He knew askingbthe man to be his teacher wasn't his end goal and somehow it got there. Aseo felt chills from cold air rocking against his neck hairs. Chill bumps rising along his skin, but his focus were met with Tenma's. " Unorthodox weapons? Never heard of those. having slight discomfort in what the unorthodox part in the weapons meant. But his next response was straight forward. " Growing up here would have be nice. Doesn't beat anything else I know. But... it can't replace what I know. I'm adopted so training with the sword isn't going to happen soon. " uncrossing his arms.


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10 Re: Senior Citizen Rally [w/ Tenma] on 12/03/17, 03:14 am

"Like a nunchaku, twin crescent blade, or something like that." Tenma smiled as he explained to the man, liking the attitude that the man had so far. He always liked someone that had a good attitude but not because he was good person, it was more like something that he prefer if someone wanted to be his pupil. "I like using small weapons as well, like throwing knives and needles. Perfect weapon if you want to attack someone secretly." The black haired man would then gave Asehi a brighter smile before agreeing to be his teacher, but Ilah knew that smile was not genuine like the mask that he always wore when he met other people. "What kind of things that you want me to teach? I am not capable to do everything but perhaps one of my expertise could be useful."


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